Blue Belt Stripe 1: Chapter 1: Mount

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Chapter 1 of the Blue Belt Stripe 1 Course features nine lessons which are broken down into four sections: Mount Controls, Mount Escapes, Mount Submission Counters and Mount Submissions. It is essential that you complete the lessons in the prescribed sequence or else you will have difficulty executing the Rapid Mastery Drills and the Focus Sparring Exercises featured at the end of each lesson. Once you complete all nine lessons, it is highly recommended that you start over and cycle through them at least two more times before moving on to the next chapter. To get total access to this chapter and all other Gracie University courses, including bonus Gracie Breakdowns and Narrated Sparring Videos, click here to start your 5-day Free Trial!

Chapter Lessons (10)

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Master Cycle Intro Class

In this short intro, Ryron and Rener discuss everything you need to know, do, and have in order to get the most out of the Master Cycle. Watch this first, and then get ready for Lesson 1 - Superho...

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Lesson 1: Super Hooks (Ch1.1: Mount Controls)

The white belt mount control tactics minimized space. Super Hooks will totally eliminate space and make you a master of the mount.

Lesson 2: High Mount (Ch1.1: Mount Controls)

If the opponent tries to get out with the Elbow Escape, you will need this sequence of high mount strategies to retain control.

Lesson 3: Surprise Rolls (Ch1.2: Mount Escapes)

In this lesson, you will learn three highly effective Trap and Roll transitions that you can use to surprise your opponent after they neutralize your initial Elbow Escape attempt.

Lesson 4: Surprise Elbows (Ch1.2: Mount Escapes)

Now, you will learn the best transitions to the Elbow Escape when your opponent neutralizes the Trap and Roll.

Lesson 5: Americana Armlock (Ch1.3: Mount Submission Counters)

Although the most effective Americana Armlock counter is to avoid letting your arm get pinned to the ground, it is very likely that, one day, a stronger opponent will catch you by surprise. When th...

Lesson 6: Straight Armlock (Ch1.3: Mount Submission Counters)

If you accidentally extend one or both arms during a panicked escape attempt and your opponent spins for the armlock, you can use these Straight Armlock counters as a last line of defense.

Lesson 7: Twisting Arm Control (Ch1.3: Mount Submission Counters)

In this lesson, we will discuss three counters to the Twisting Arm Control. By knowing the counters, you will not only become a much harder target for your opponent, but your effectiveness in catc...

Lesson 8: Neck-hug Sequence (Ch1.4: Mount Submissions)

The power of the Neck-hug Sequence comes from the presentation of multiple simultaneous threats. If they counter one technique, then they open the door for another. Either you win, or they lose!

Lesson 9: Cross Choke Sequence (Ch1.4: Mount Submissions)

First, we will discuss the most effective cross choke variations. Then, we will teach you how to use them in combination and, most importantly, how to avoid losing the position once you latch on to...