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Our grandfather’s vision was to create the most effective self-defense system on the planet, and our father's goal was to share it with people all over the world. Thanks to global internet availability, and the development of a revolutionary interactive online learning system, their dreams have come true, and the Gracie legacy will live on forever!

For the first time ever, all the techniques from white to black belt will be available online in the exact order and lesson format that you would experience in private lessons at the Gracie University. Through a revolutionary Video Evaluation Process, we will be able to monitor your progress, evaluate your skills, and provide you with invaluable feedback to help you prepare for official belt tests from anywhere in the world!

To get started on one of the most incredible, and rewarding, journeys of your life, watch our Guided Tour, and then check out our home-study training programs. To make sure we provide exactly what you're looking for, you'll have five full days to try any program before you decide if you want to sign up. To see some cool sample videos and learn more about starting your free trial, click here!

Ryron & Rener Gracie
Head Instructors - Gracie University

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Ryron and Rener Gracie
Gracie Media
UFC From All Angles
Ryron and Rener Gracie discuss the origins of the UFC and the evolution of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu into the worldwide phenomenon it is today. Check it out here!
UFC 101: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
The Gracie brothers dissect the core principles and techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Check it out here!
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BBS4 Chapter 6 Now Available for All Students!
BBS4 Chapter 7 Now Available for Subscribers
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Guided Tour
To get the most out of the University, start with the official guided tour.
From Gracie Combatives® to the Master Cycle™, access the entire Gracie Jiu-Jitsu® curriculum online and learn from home...
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Learn the techniques and upload your Belt Qualification Videos to qualify for official Gracie Jiu-Jitsu belt promotions from home...
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Search our database for dedicated students, Gracie Garages, and Accredited Schools in
your community...
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Having difficulty with a technique? Submit your questions and have them answered by Gracie University instructors...
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If you have the discipline, the passion and a blue belt, you may be eligible to teach Gracie Combatives and Gracie Bullyproof!
The Curriculum more...
Gracie Combatives
(GC Belt Qualification Course)
Master Cycle: Level 1
(Purple Belt Qualification Course)
Master Cycle: Level 2
(Brown Belt Qualification Course)
Master Cycle: Level 3
(Black Belt Qualification Course)
Free Lessons and Samples:
Gracie Combatives Intro Class
Gracie Combatives Lesson 1
Reflex Development Drill™ Sample:
Straight Armlock
Fight Simulation Drill™ Sample:
Kimura Armlock
Top 10 Benefits of Gracie University more..    
Although there is no perfect substitute for the hands-on instruction one receives from a reputable instructor at a Certified Training Center, Gracie University was created to serve as the best alternative for those who don't have access to a high-quality jiu-jitsu school. Here are some of the key elements that make Gracie University the most effective distance learning program:
1.   Complete Curriculum: For the first time ever, Gracie University has organized all the techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu into a logical, clearly defined, systematic curriculum from white to black belt, all of which will eventually be available to you through Gracie University.
2.   Total Control: When you learn online at Gracie University, you can go through the curriculum at your own speed, and you have total control over your training schedule.
3.   Pure Techniques: The quality of instruction varies from one jiu-jitsu academy to the next. Through Gracie University you can be sure that you are receiving instruction with the highest regard for the founding principles of street applicability, energy efficiency, and natural body movements.
Testimonials more..    
I just checked out the new Gracie University Mobile Functionality on my smartphone. It is awesome! This will make it so much easier for me to watch the videos at my Gracie Garage, there is no wifi but the 3G connection works perfectly! The way set up the lessons and the multiple buffer options for slow or fast connections is great, since it allows us to load the lessons while we practice so that we are never waiting for the data! Another huge step forward for Gracie University and Distance Education as a whole!
- Kevin Murray
   Pemberton, BC, Canada
“Hi guys! Congrats on such a well developed site! I and a friend have recently purchased the Gracie Combatives and are on our way to learn the principles of GJJ. I am director of a school for children with special needs, throughout my career modifying curriculum and devising programs for kids has been my number one goal. I am dazzled by the way Ryron and Rener have managed to make such instructional lessons with high pedagogical standards. You may find it interesting to know that I often use Combatives video clips to demonstrate to my teaching staff how a good task analysis of a complex skill should look like. Well done guys!”
- Ali Khakpoor
   Bangkok, Thailand
“My friend and I started the lessons a couple of weeks ago and nedless to say we're hooked. We have some BJJ experince but never had the chance to experience such detailed instruction from anyone, it's like taking a private class indeed. Unfortunately there's nothing close to GJJ here in Puerto Rico, the schools are mostly sports or tournament oriented, I hope we can count with a Gracie Academy down here in the future. Today my 4 year old daughter and us "played" Jiu Jitsu for a bit and before putting her to sleep, out of the blue, she told me how much she enjoyed it. That really made my day. So "Thank You" for sharing your art, your passion and your lifestyle with the rest of us, it's really having a possitive impact in my life and familly. Hope to see you and train with you guys in the near future.”
- Jose Gutierrez
   Puerto Rico
“I've recently purchased and have been working through the Gracie Combatives. Incredible content. I've been to other BJJ schools and have also done MA for 15 years. These are the best instruction I've ever rec'd. period. Even in person instruction at other schools don't compare. And once you get the techniques down, they are so easy to do. I'm impressed at not only the quality of instruction, but that the techniques take very minimal effort to perform. For someone like myself who has a tremendous amt of arthritis at such a young age, 38, these lessons and techniques seem like a Godsend. It seems that every minute or so of watching and practicing I'm saying out loud "this stuff is genius!!" Thank you and your grandfather.”
- Rick Lehman
   Iowa, U.S.
“I’ve done over two dozen seminars with some of the most accomplished martial artists in the world. The attention to detail and the passion for teaching are what make Ryron and Rener the best instructors I’ve ever come across.”
- Isaac Harris
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Upcoming Gracie Seminars
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Seminars (All Belt Levels)
6/16/2018 - Rorion Gracie - Milano, Italy
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7/23/2018 - Summer Camp - Torrance, CA
Gracie Survival Tactics (Law Enforcement Only)
7/9/2018 - Rener Gracie - Norfolk, Virginia
8/13/2018 - Rener Gracie - Arlington, Texas
8/27/2018 - Rener Gracie - Ft. Benning, Georgia
9/17/2018 - Rener Gracie - Torrance, California
10/15/2018 - Rener Gracie - Livingston County, Michigan
10/22/2018 - Rener Gracie - Louisville, Kentucky
11/5/2018 - Rener Gracie - Arlington , Texas
11/26/2018 - Rener Gracie - London, Ohio
12/3/2018 - Rener Gracie - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
12/17/2018 - Rener Gracie - Orlando/Kissimmee, Florida
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