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Every Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Center (CTC) is given an exclusive territory in which to operate. If you own a martial arts school, and you are interested in making the school an official CTC, you may qualify to reserve the territory for 12 months while you complete the Instructor Certification Program (ICP).

Review the map and list below to confirm that there is no CTC nor a Reserved Territory within five (5) miles of your existing martial arts school.

  • The red pin represents Gracie University Headquarters.
  • The green pins represent official Certified Training Centers.
  • The yellow pins represent reserved territories by prospective CTCs.

If you believe your territory is available, submit the free Territory Reservation Inquiry so we can learn more about your school and confirm the territory availability before you commit to the program.

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CaliforniaUnited StatesHeadquarters
CaliforniaUnited StatesOfficial Academy
DelawareUnited StatesLevel 4
AlbertaCanadaLevel 4
IllinoisUnited StatesLevel 4
ColoradoUnited StatesLevel 4
GeorgiaUnited StatesLevel 4
VictoriaAustraliaLevel 4
 South AfricaLevel 4
FloridaUnited StatesLevel 4
IndianaUnited StatesLevel 4
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 4
KentuckyUnited StatesLevel 4
WisconsinUnited StatesLevel 4
KansasUnited StatesLevel 4
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 4
 Korea, (South) Republic ofLevel 4
VictoriaAustraliaLevel 4
OklahomaUnited StatesLevel 4
FloridaUnited StatesLevel 4
IndianaUnited StatesLevel 4
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 4
British ColumbiaCanadaLevel 4
 United KingdomLevel 4
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 4
GeorgiaUnited StatesLevel 4
OntarioCanadaLevel 4
FloridaUnited StatesLevel 4
 United KingdomLevel 4 (New)
OhioUnited StatesLevel 4 (New)
 IcelandLevel 4 (New)
IllinoisUnited StatesLevel 4 (New)
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 4 (New)
HawaiiUnited StatesLevel 4 (New)
New YorkUnited StatesLevel 4 (New)
UtahUnited StatesLevel 4 (New)
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 3
South CarolinaUnited StatesLevel 3
HawaiiUnited StatesLevel 3
British ColumbiaCanadaLevel 3
 United KingdomLevel 3
MinnesotaUnited StatesLevel 3
West VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 3
WisconsinUnited StatesLevel 3
MarylandUnited StatesLevel 3
MontanaUnited StatesLevel 3
 ItalyLevel 3
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 3
North CarolinaUnited StatesLevel 3
 GuatemalaLevel 3
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 3
 SwedenLevel 3
MississippiUnited StatesLevel 3
 PhilippinesLevel 3
New HampshireUnited StatesLevel 3
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 3
 JapanLevel 3
PennsylvaniaUnited StatesLevel 3
ShandongChinaLevel 3
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 3
OntarioCanadaLevel 3
ArizonaUnited StatesLevel 3
VictoriaAustraliaLevel 3
OntarioCanadaLevel 3
ManitobaCanadaLevel 3
FloridaUnited StatesLevel 3
ConnecticutUnited StatesLevel 3
GeorgiaUnited StatesLevel 3
IowaUnited StatesLevel 3
 GermanyLevel 3
 United KingdomLevel 3
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 3
WashingtonUnited StatesLevel 3
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 3
KansasUnited StatesLevel 3
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 3
New YorkUnited StatesLevel 3
New JerseyUnited StatesLevel 3
 United KingdomLevel 3
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 3 (New)
ArizonaUnited StatesLevel 3 (New)
MississippiUnited StatesLevel 3 (New)
IndianaUnited StatesLevel 3 (New)
VictoriaAustraliaLevel 3 (New)
MarylandUnited StatesLevel 2
AlabamaUnited StatesLevel 2
ArizonaUnited StatesLevel 2
MarylandUnited StatesLevel 2
GeorgiaUnited StatesLevel 2
IdahoUnited StatesLevel 2
OregonUnited StatesLevel 2
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 2
ArkansasUnited StatesLevel 2
OregonUnited StatesLevel 2
MichiganUnited StatesLevel 2
North DakotaUnited StatesLevel 2
TexasUnited StatesLevel 2
UtahUnited StatesLevel 2
 SingaporeLevel 2
 FranceLevel 2
  • Once you submit your inquiry (step 1), we review it.
  • Once we review your inquiry and confirm the territory availability, you will be granted access to a detailed information page with the terms and conditions of becoming a CTC as well as the fees associated with the process.
  • If the terms are satisfactory to you, you will have the opportunity to apply for the Instructor Certification Program (ICP) and pre-pay the tuition of $1600 (steps 2 and 3), and by doing so, you will officially reserve your territory for 12 months while you complete all four phases of the ICP.
  • As a special bonus for pre-paying the ICP tuition, you will be granted free online access to the two mandatory curriculums of study, Gracie Combatives and Gracie Bullyproof, so you can start learning them (step 4). Normally, these programs must be purchased separate from the ICP tuition.
  • The ICP consists of four phases (Click here to learn more). Once you're familiar with the programs and have demonstrated extreme proficiency in the Gracie Combatives program by passing the Gracie Combatives Test with a score of 95 or higher (Phase 1), we will unlock the 60-day online ICP course.
  • After you successfully complete the online ICP course within 60 days (Phase 2), you will be invited to California for the Live Evaluation at Headquarters (Phase 3). If you excel during the Live Evaluation and successfully complete it, you will have the option to begin operating your school as a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Center! (Phase 4).

Live Evaluation January 2020

The Gracie University Instructor Certification Program (ICP) is broken down into multiple phases (Gracie Combatives mastery, Online Instructor Training, etc.) the most important of which is the Live Evaluation that takes place at Gracie University Headquarters in Torrance, CA. The next available Live Evaluation will take place January 23, 24, and 25, 2020.

If you are interested in attending the scheduled Live Evaluation, you must pass the Gracie Combatives test (within the last six months), with a score of 95 or greater before July 15 and complete enrollment (by finalizing application part B no later than September 15). Here are the most important dates to be aware of.

July 15 - Gracie Combatives Test Deadline
The last day for you to upload your videos to demonstrate your Gracie Combatives proficiency is July 15. If you pass with a score of 95 or greater, you will need to submit the ICP Online Inquiry immediately thereafter. If you do not score 95 or greater, you will not be eligible to attend the ICP Live Evaluation scheduled for January 2020, and you will have to wait until the next Live Evaluation.

September 1 - Application Submission Deadline (Part A)
Once your inquiry has been approved, you will need to submit Application Part A by September 1 at the latest. Once a background check has been conducted, and your application is cleared, you will immediately have to submit Part B.

September 15 - Application Submission Deadline (Part B)
Once your Application Part A has been approved, you will need to pay the remaining tuition to get access to the Online Instructor Course by September 15 at the latest. Once you do that you will be given full access to the 52 Online ICP Videos and corresponding literature.

60 DAYS FROM GAINING ACCESS - Teaching Proficiency Videos (TPVs) Submission Deadline Upon getting access to the 52 online videos, you have 60 days to learn the material and submit/upload the five Teaching Proficiency Videos to demonstrate your knowledge of the most important teaching skills learned in the Online ICP Course. All videos must be submitted within 60 days of getting access, or by November 15th, whichever deadline comes first.

January 23, 24, and 25, 2020 - Live Evaluation at Headquarters
Assuming you pass the TPV test on time, you will be invited to Gracie University Headquarters for a Live Evaluation with the Gracies. Passing the Live Evaluation qualifies you to establish a Certified Training Center and begin teaching Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

To learn more about the Gracie University Instructor Certification Program, explore the tabs at the top of the page.