Women Empowered Instructor Certification Program

In the past, in order for someone to be considered for instructor certification in the Women Empowered program, they had to own or operate a professional martial arts school. We have since realized that in order for this program to reach women everywhere, we had to eliminate this entry barrier. Women Empowered was redesigned from the ground up with this objective in mind, such that any person who successfully completes the curriculum and achieves a score of 95 or higher on the Pink Belt Test will be invited to participate in the Women Empowered Instructor Certification Program (WE ICP). Those who graduate from the WE ICP will be certified and authorized to teach Women Empowered anywhere in the world, for profit, or not! Our goal is to have certified instructors in every city around the world so that Women Empowered is being offered in every fitness studio, college campus, church, military base and beyond. There are women all over the world who haven't yet found jiu-jitsu, and with your help, jiu-jitsu will find them!

The Women Empowered ICP is set to launch Fall of 2019. Here is a brief summary of the path to instructor certification:

Step 1 - Earn Your Pink Belt: Once you complete the Women Empowered program and score 95 or higher on the Pink Belt Test, you'll be eligible to apply for the WE ICP. If you have previously tested in the original WE curriculum, you will need to re-submit your test according to new testing guidelines. If you would like to be notified once the WE ICP application process is live, please click here.

Step 2 - Complete the Online ICP: Once your application gets accepted, and you pass the background check, you will commence a 60-day online course (to be published Fall 2019), comprised of comprehensive literature and video tutorials, that will introduce you to all the essential teaching methodologies of the Women Empowered program. At the end of the online ICP, you'll need to pass a written test as well as upload five Teaching Proficiency Videos (TPVs) demonstrating your proficiency in the essential teaching skills.

Step 3 - Pass the Live Evaluation: Successful graduates of the online ICP will be invited to participate in the Live Evaluation at Gracie University Headquarters in Torrance, California. If you pass the Live Evaluation, you'll be listed on GracieUniversity.com as a Women Empowered Certified Instructor, and you'll be authorized to teach the program in your community, for profit or not.

Once the WE ICP process is live, there will be more information regarding pricing, application requirements, and deadlines.

To receive updates regarding the release of the WE ICP, please click here. In the meantime, get back to training and master all 63 techniques!