Gracie Bullyproof Sample Test Videos

The First Family
On July 13, 2010, Aidan (7) , Brennan (8), and Conner Walker (12) became the first students to pass the Gracie Bullyproof white-yellow belt test via the Video Evaluation Process. Guided by their patient father, Doug, the Walker Brothers had been training every day for nearly 6 months using the Gracie Bulllyproof DVDs as their guide, and by the time we launched all three brothers had earned their four stripes and were eager to test for their first belt promotion. We have decided to include their tests here for your viewing so that you see how their performances differ based on their ages. Also pay close attention to the changing level of resistance provided by the father for each child. As instructed, Doug challenges Conner, the eldest son, much more than he does the younger two. Most importantly, you can tell that the kids are having fun, and that shows that Doug has done a great job following the Gracie Teaching Methodologies outlined in the Parent Preparation Course. Click on the links below to view the white-yellow belt tests for each of the Walker Brothers and we look forward to seeing your son or daughter in action!

Connor Walker - Age 12 - White-yellow Belt Test

Brennan Walker - Age 8 - White-yellow Belt Test

Aidan Walker - Age 7 - White-yellow Belt Test

A Dedicated 10-Year Old
Jacob began training with his father, Robert, on February 23, 2010. In early July he submitted his video belt test and became one of the first kids to earn his white-yellow belt through Jacob is an experienced kick-boxing student and one of the things he likes most about the Gracie Bullyproof training is that it has given him the ability to neutralize bullies without relying on violent punches and kicks. Click on the link below to watch Jacob's belt test, and, as a 10-year old student, pay close attention to how many of the Jr. Combatives techniques he successfully incorporated into his Bully Battle.

Jacob - Age 10 - White-yellow Belt Test