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Q. I'm 36 and have just discovered completely new approach in martial arts and self defense. Congratulation for everything you do in education, especially for kids in "Bullyproof" program. I'm planning to start online "Gracie Combatives - Beginner Program" this spring when my younger brother come home from studies, so we can practice together. Kindest regards from Montenegro, wish you all the best...
dalibor82 (1/12/2019 3:06 AM)
A. Awesome, welcome to the family!!
Q. Tienen una versión en español
Fitostereo (12/26/2018 6:55 PM)
A. Lo siento, no en este momento.
Q. hello all . there is a chat in the lesson with other participants , would it be ok to ask if anybody is close to where we live would they like to practice ? of is that not allowed ? Thank you
UNCLE HUERO (12/26/2018 5:38 PM)
A. Sure!
Q. hi I live in Dubai and i wanted to know what to do if i dont have a gracie garage near me and my brothers dont want to train with me
Rayyan (12/24/2018 7:13 AM)
A. Consider opening a Gracie Garage of your own!
Q. I tried to find the location I train at but it was not listed. Does that mean the location is not part of the Gracie University?
Nlaw (12/12/2018 9:38 PM)
A. Correct.
Q. how much does this course cost
DSEX (11/30/2018 1:21 AM)
A. It depends. You can purchase the entire Gracie Combatives course, or you can purchase individual lessons as you go. Please click on the "CURRICULUM" tab at the top of this page. From the drop down menu, select "Programs". All the information is there.
Q. Can you lose weight doing this cladd
Asiri69 (11/28/2018 2:21 PM)
A. Absolutely! Although that is not the main objective, many people trim down once they begin the journey!
Q. Is Gracie Combatives the only requirement for blue belt? Are the blue stripe classes for purple belt?
YeshuaElohim (11/27/2018 3:16 PM)
A. Graduating from the Gracie Combatives program is the requirement for earning your Combatives Belt. The Blue Belt stripe courses are geared towards earning your Purple Belt!
Q. Hi I found a Gracie garage near me but i havent gotten a response after sending a couple emails. I was just wondering what the the fees for attending a gracie garage??
Bear76 (11/23/2018 4:17 PM)
A. The beauty of Gracie Garages are that they are 100% FREE!
Q. I'm new to BJJ, and there are no certified training centers near me, but there are other BJJ gyms around that I've done trial lessons at. What should I be looking for in a gym? How intense should the lessons be? As in warm-ups or sparring or just physical taxation. Thanks!
InsipidLemon (11/12/2018 7:46 PM)
A. Check out this video, Rener and Ryron break it all down for you!
Q. Hello everybody, I joined the university site today. I'm 45 years old ( I hope that I'm not too old to start practicing ) and from Serbia - Belgrade. My question is - is there any certified Gracie jiu jitsu schools here in Belgrade ? I know that there is Gracie Barra school in here but as I have heard they are more like - sport oriented ? I would really like to start practicing the original version which is more self defense oriented as I've understood ? ( Sorry about my english, clearly it is not my first language ) . Thank you for your time and answers !
Th3 Cat (11/8/2018 4:59 PM)
A. Welcome to the family! Please click on the "LOCATIONS" tab at the top of this page. All of our Certified Training Centers are listed there. If the school near you isn't right for you, grab a few friends and start your journey here! Enjoy the journey!
Q. i do not have a partner but i have my daughter who is 12 and has trained ju jit su with me before. can i use her as my training partner
ShawnBeazzy (11/7/2018 9:20 AM)
A. Absolutely, best partner ever!
Q. Trying to get the dvd for this whole course if u could email me If not available or free will carfuly go through the steps and courses online as I am wishing to only progress in this as I get older
Woe Don (11/7/2018 12:07 AM)
A. Please follow this link:
Q. hi, I'm an instructor in Japanese jujitsu a nd just started the combatives course, alongside the bullyproof program with my kids, this is brilliant course
Edoyle18 (11/6/2018 4:03 PM)
A. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!
Q. hola tengo una pregunta, quisiera ser instructor, llevo 1 año y medio entrenando jiu jitsu brasileño quisiera ser parte de sus cursos para aumentar mi conocimiento pero es complicado entender como empezar ¿podrian ayudarme?
gogoplataunder (11/6/2018 2:00 PM)
A. Por favor siga este enlace:
Q. How long is it recommended to spend on each lesson not including watching the actual video? Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m guessing about an hour, but more or less if it’s a harder or easier technique? Thanks
Locky97 (10/30/2018 9:47 AM)
A. It's different for everyone. You have the right idea. An hour should be a good starting point, you can adjust from there.
Q. Hi! At what age do you teach submissions to children?
Jimmy Andersson (10/25/2018 3:40 AM)
A. Usually in the Jr. Grapplers program, starting around 9 or 10. It really depends on their maturity level.
Q. We dont have mats nor the space for them what should we do?
theredpanda (10/23/2018 4:09 PM)
A. Improvise, adapt, overcome. Try a grassy park, the beach, be creative.
Q. I work out at an academy I'm happy with but feel other sourses or lessons would be helpful. Is this recommended?
Ottley (10/22/2018 11:08 PM)
A. Knowledge is gold! The more you know, the better you are!
Q. If I purchase the VIP family plan, I can train at any CTC center when they off classes also?
Rgar510 (10/17/2018 10:04 PM)
A. Please re-post your question in the "Membership Questions" forum, so we may help you more efficiently, thank you!
Q. How do I use the Gracie roller balls?
Weepy (10/14/2018 9:54 PM)
A. You can put your foot on them on the ground, or you can roll them with your hands where needed. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube!
Q. Hi! All right with you? I would like to know if it is a problem to do this course without a training partner with only a training dummy?
fabiogarciajj (10/4/2018 2:15 AM)
A. You MUST HAVE A LIVE TRAINING PARTNER to build the proper reflexes!
Q. My wife and I want to train together, is that acceptable? She will get her own account or we may do family as we have two daughters
G.J. (9/23/2018 7:04 PM)
A. Perfect. Enjoy the journey!
Q. I wish this was a mandatory way of training.
SkrockiJ (9/8/2018 1:02 PM)
A. It should be!
Q. I have a blood clotting disorder and I am a little overweight, will that make it harder to do the techniques?
ambie (9/4/2018 9:28 PM)
A. Probably, but it will also help you to improve your health!
Q. I teach Kali and I bought the course. One of my students is going to do the program with me as my training partner. As we both learn and train together, will he be able to also test later?
budo1026 (8/30/2018 9:13 AM)
A. Of course! He will need to set up his own account for the video submission process.
Q. I’m just wondering about if I need to get fit first I’m 6 ft tall and 220 pounds mostly fat 23 years old but I really am interested in learning would my size be a problem.
S23 (8/23/2018 11:24 PM)
A. NO! Just start training and you will be amazed at the results! It will change your life!
Q. are there any warm-up instructions in the beginning of each lesson dvd, like jumping jacks, running in place etc. ?
MJGALANTE (8/17/2018 1:49 PM)
A. You can do whatever you want. We suggest reviewing previously learned techniques in a slow and deliberate manner, as a warm-up.
Q. I live in long beach, and its too expensive to train at any schools nearby. Does the Torrance location ever have open mats where i could stop by practice some of the things i learn on here?
Vickrubin21 (8/13/2018 1:30 AM)
A. No open mats at GU. Consider starting a Gracie Garage!
Q. Hello, is there a link where I can access all of workbook pages of the lessons at one time? Are they only available by clinking separately? Just would like to find a quicker pdf booklet... thank you for your time.
Esmiret (8/9/2018 11:08 PM)
A. Yes, they are available in the Gracie Store!
Q. I am training with my 6 year old son who is also a rather new member of a bjj class. we are looking for good ways to train skills with our obvious size and weight difference.
jasper/jacob (8/5/2018 10:48 AM)
A. Check out the Gracie Games at!!!
Q. I just signed up today, and I didn't know which location is closest so I picked home training for time being. Although I would like to train at a gracie facility , can I change my place of training? I am uber driver and I heard they offer one month free.
Bali1024 (7/29/2018 12:00 PM)
A. Yes, you can update your profile information at any time! FREE training for the month of August! Do it, you won't regret it!
Q. I am 50, if I train with my 11 year old son, do I need to pay for him as well?
Davey47 (7/27/2018 6:05 AM)
A. Share the lessons, but you will each need to create your own (free) account for the video submission process.
Q. Is there also a app to Gracie University?
Danyo (7/25/2018 6:53 PM)
A. Check out!
Q. How far can you go with Gracie university is there a limit on what belt you can obtain or can you get your black belt with just training online with Gracie university?
Shane Jacobs  (7/25/2018 1:21 AM)
A. All the way to Black Belt!!
Q. Question is a little off topic but, I’m going to attend the seminar in Seattle coming up in September. And I read after completing a number of lessons online you can stripe yourself (white belt). After completing the number of lessons, it would be an honor to get my first stripe by one of the Gracie brothers. If not I totally understand, regardless I’ll see you soon! Thank you!
Coolrunnings  (7/11/2018 12:50 PM)
A. Most likely not. Ryron and Rener could do an all-day seminar just for stripes! Thanks for your understanding, stay the course!
Q. I have taken a lot of this in the army combative program. I am level 2. I'm not saying im to good for the beginner stuff and I'm very far from being a "badass". I was just wondering if my classes count for anything. I'm willing to send y'all my dd214 to show you I've been trained a little.
Chad80 (7/10/2018 12:00 PM)
A. Your classes may not count, but your experience absolutely does! You will learn many new details throughout this curriculum!
Q. I just started BJJ this week, and have completed two lessons. It is not a "Gracie Certified Gym, but it has a great reputation for my are. I live in a rural community in ohio and drive 40 minutes to make it to this gym. Is it smart to supplement my real life Jiu Jitsu classes with Gracie University's Beginner Program?
Lee Westwood (6/28/2018 8:14 PM)
A. Great idea! Enjoy the journey!
Q. Could I train as a men also with a woman effectively?
wheely22 (6/22/2018 11:34 AM)
A. Absolutely, thousands are doing it already!
Q. I have this nagging internal question/concern. I am 61 YO man. Ive been lifting weights in the gym and getting in rather good shape. Ive had several spinal surgeries where 4 discs were removed and spine fused. As a result my legs are like rubber from my calves to my feet. No feeling,support,or stregnth in my ankles. Are there modified techniques or classes specific to “disabled” people?
Afganja (6/21/2018 12:39 PM)
A. Most, if not all of the techniques, can be modified to accommodate various conditions and circumstances. Do what you can with what you have!
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