Women Empowered 2.0 - Pink Belt Qualification Course


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Q. Hello I just purchased this course and I would like to watch it but it appears as if I havent bought it yet
qqqasd1 (2/13/2019 4:21 PM)
A. Make sure that you have redeemed your access code for the course. If you login and click the "Access Codes" link located in the top right you will see a button that says "manage access codes". Once on that page you can redeem your access code and the course will be added to your online library. Alternatively you can enter the access code that you received on your email receipt into the text field from the same "Access Codes" link. If you have any trouble redeeming your access code feel free to email support2@gracieuniversity.com and they will be able to assist you further.
Gracie University Support
Q. Where can I download the handbook and training schedule from for WE 2.0? I purchased the lessons.
Pinnace (2/1/2019 12:27 AM)
A. It is now available in the "Files" section of your "My Dashboard".
Gracie University Support
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