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Q. Can I let the kids check out every game on lvl 1 and pick the ones they like best?
O_Eisenbarth (3/22/2024 3:21 AM)
A. Do whatever it takes to ensure the kids are having fun. That's the only rule.
Gracie University 1
Q. when we start to fill the journal? is it from gracie games or Jr. Combatives? Love from Indonesia :)
uisunu (10/11/2023 10:03 PM)
A. You can use it as you see fit. You'll base the content on that being taught to the child. So, the very young will likely be focused on Gracie Games while the older student will be practicing Jr. Combatives.
Gracie University 1
Q. Do you have a pdf of the card to print out to track progress? Thanks.
Shadowfall (8/21/2023 10:22 AM)
A. We don't, but it wouldn't be difficult to make your own.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi, my son is 3 yrs old. Which lessons would be appropriate at this age? Thank you! Ricardo Mccarthy
Ricardo The Mission (1/1/2023 2:14 PM)
A. Start with the Grace Games and just play.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi my daughter is in black belt club and is wondering where to find the rear naked choke. Thank you!
Ashley White (9/26/2022 9:56 AM)
A. Gracie Combatives, Lesson 5.
Gracie University 1
Q. At what age can I let them try to be each others "Bully"?
Hsyankee (4/21/2022 6:32 PM)
A. That's your call, but don't be in a hurry as it can easily get of out control and you'll lose the fun factor for at least one of them.
Gracie University 1
Q. I think the parent prep course alone has made me a better parent, and because of it has allowed me to have a closer relationship with my children through the games, and combatives jr. Thank You. How can I spread the word?
Hsyankee (3/27/2022 8:31 AM)
A. Share the website with your friends or give them a subscription as a gift.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi- I just started Gracie Games with my 6 year old daughter. Only did 1 far, so good....she loves it. I am curious if I should have her start logging these games (lessons) in a journal for belt progress....or do we wait until Jr Combatives to start the belt tracking? I don't want to rush through and do too much, too fast. But if it is appropriate to start logging with the Gracie Games, I would love to get her started. She has been doing Taekwondo for about a year, and I see how excited she gets with her sticker chart and progressing towards her next belt.
jbbarbuto (1/1/2022 10:29 AM)
A. We don't check the logs, so do whatever it takes to keep her motivated without putting on any pressure.
Gracie University 1
Q. My kids are very close in age (girl 3.5y.o. and boy 4.5y.o.) and I wonder when (what age) I could eventually let them practice with each other....? I am kind of terrified of it.... they could realize that they can kinda do it on other kids in school, or on each other at home when i'm not around....and there are some many ways that can go very wrong..... I guess that I also wonder if that would be as fun as with daddy....who tries his best to make things both safe and entertaining.... Thanks in advance.
djspatule (9/10/2021 6:34 AM)
A. It's best to keep them with parents at this stage as the critical concepts of "safe and entertaining" are beyond their grasp. In fact, it's likely they'll quickly turn the games into competition and fighting!
Gracie University 1
Q. What do you use to strip the belts?
JesseBaez (8/11/2021 11:57 AM)
A. White cloth tape is best.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi, I've been practicing with my daughter (3yo) and son (4yo) for 2 months now but my son is less and less excited about it. I suspect that he is starting to realize that we are actually "learning" something and not just innocently "playing". I really am careful always to leave a choice ("do you guys wanna play board game, jiu-jitsu or playmobiles?") and when they chose BJJ, expect nothing and only praise even though I still have to "explain" a bit (how else can you get to the snake bite or BullDozer from nothing with a 3yo and 4yo?). But when I start with "what do you wanna do, crazy legs, crazy horse, spider hands, etc. ?" and we chose a technique to start with, he quickly gets bored and tries to find the limits, wants to invent his own techniques and rules and gets a little out of control. Do you have advice on how to keep this fun for them ?
djspatule (6/19/2021 10:23 AM)
A. At those ages, let them invent their own techniques and get out of control. As long as they're playing, you're winning.
Gracie University 1
Q. Does the gracie games come with any of the subscriptions? I did not see them on the checklist for the various curriculums for different levels of memberships
Jkb1024 (4/6/2021 12:47 PM)
A. Yes, the Bullyproof subscription.
Gracie University 1
Q. Is there guidance anywhere on the site for appropriate warm-up and stretching routines? Did I miss it?
zwells (11/4/2020 1:03 PM)
A. Use animal walks for warm-ups.
Gracie University 1
Q. I have twin boys age 3.5. I am severely disabled, so my brother-in-law may help training them once a week. Their mother may also but she does not like rough play, so maybe not. The boys like to play rough with each other, which I permit and encourage within reason, mommy gets more nervous though. At this age should we discourage them from Gracie Games between themselves or would it be safe with certain parameters? What do you recommend?
John Stucki (7/13/2020 8:36 PM)
A. It's usually better to have an adult in the mix at this age so that you can control and direct the play.
Gracie University 1
Q. How does one decide on how long a lesson should be?
RobOO1 (4/22/2020 3:17 PM)
A. Depending on the age of your child, this could be anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Don't push too much. A little less is better they should leave the table a little hungry.
Q. My son is 4 and will be turning 5 in late June and we sat through an all-ages class today at our local CTC. Generally speaking, how much time should I dedicate on each game and each level? Should I run through each level 1 game all the way through and then move onto level 2? Or should I stick to one game at a time? As a Combatives student, I'd love for this to be something that my son and I can share and bond with, but I don't want to force him to like it. I want him to fall in love with this journey as much as I have all on his own, but only spending 5 minutes a day on one lesson, I think, would get old or stale. I say 5 minutes because that's how long spiderkid generally takes for us.
GeekGuyBJJ (3/1/2020 12:40 AM)
A. Usually, focusing on one Game at a time is best, for starters. But every child is different. Experiment and see what works best for both of you. The key is making sure your son "leaves the table hungry"! Enjoy!
Q. Any plans for Gracie games part 2?
Alianza77 (10/30/2019 6:57 PM)
A. Not at the moment.
Q. Hi, I am really interested to learn and apply with my kids. I watched the parent preparation video but I still had several questions. Should I still watch the Intro with my about to be 3-yr old? Should we watch all videos together before trying each or should I watch first then show him what to do? Are we supposed to play a different game every day?
daxjan (9/18/2019 5:37 PM)
A. Watch the intro yourself. Watch all the other videos with your child! Change up the Games to keep it fresh, interesting and fun!
Q. Is there a way to purchase the whole program st once stead of one lesson at a time ?
Hazzard32210 (8/9/2019 7:39 AM)
A. You can purchase the full course either from the store page (, or by going to Curriculum>All Courses>Learn More.
Gracie University Support
Q. It's my 30th birthday soon (end of August) It would be a great gift if the Purple Belt series was released around then! :D "Coming out soon!" Is the answer but I want to thank you for the best online collection of Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu! :D
AdamBJJ (8/2/2019 4:34 AM)
A. Happy Birthday! Thank you for the feedback!
Q. Will you please clarify something for me.... When moving through the Gracie Games, does the child do the first game, all 3 levels, masters it (regardless of how many lessons this takes), then move on to the next game? Or do you do all the games, then work on mastery?
MelHart (7/27/2019 6:35 PM)
A. Correct, one Game at a time. Keep cycling through them. Mastery takes some time.
Q. I love the gracie games and so do my kids. However my older children, one being 13 and one being 11 are comprehending and advancing at a much highwr rate. They're addicted. Should i continue with just the basics in the bullyproof program or can I began my 13 year old and 11 year old on the combatives or junior combatives programs? And how should I work their stripes and rankings? Still 20 lessons I assume?
HudWolf (5/5/2019 7:59 PM)
A. Start them in the Combatives for sure! Yes, the stripe promotion is still the same.
Q. Do the children watch all videos with the parents?
Jisabell (2/27/2019 3:29 PM)
A. That's what we strongly recommend!
Q. Two questions. 1, should I be listening to the videos with my son and then playing them? 2. My son is 5 years old and goes to a jiu jitsu school (Spiker Monkey Class), I think it would be confusing if I gave him a stripe and but he didn't wear it to his jiu jitsu class. Should I skip the intro class and letting him know about the 20 class/1 stripe system?
JoeNavy (1/17/2019 5:56 PM)
A. 1) Yes! 2) You are correct, don't worry about the stripes for now.
Q. Thanks for such a great program! My kids are going back through the Gracie Games a second time. They are loving them and really growing in confidence. Are there any warm-up exercises or drills you recommend or do we just jump right in?
matthmarston (12/21/2018 8:48 AM)
A. Just jump right in nice and slow at first.
Q. This isn't a question, but how old is Roran and Renon now?
Jason Gregory (11/26/2018 9:02 PM)
A. They are in their early twenties and late teens respectively.
Q. Are the Gracie Games available in CD's?
Tommy Irish (11/23/2018 10:52 AM)
A. Yes, the Gracie Games are available on DVD, follow this link:
Q. Please explain how I can access my Daughters lessons, thank you
Warriorzone (7/28/2018 1:59 AM)
A. From your account, click on the "MY DASHBOARD" tab in the top right corner of the page. From there, select "My Lessons" from the drop down menu. All of your daughter's lessons should be listed there.
Q. My daughter's games are paid for.. Why does it say I have to pay for them.. What am I doing wrong??
Fal (5/30/2018 6:56 PM)
A. Please email [email protected] letting them know how you purchased the lessons (whether within or within and if you purchased the lessons within either Gracie Kids or Gracie University, then please provide them with the email address linked to the order, so they can help look into rectifying this for you.
Gracie Support Team
Q. I introduced my 9yr-old daughter to the games last night and to no surprise she did not want to stop playing them. We played seven different games by night's end and she watched all 10 of the videos. Knowing her, she will maintain this level of interest as long as I continue to follow your teaching advice. I'm torn between whether I should give her more than one credit. We played for no less than 2-3 hours and she spent another hour or more watching the videos. Your opinion?
rymax (5/22/2018 7:38 PM)
A. 1 credit per session is the norm. Do what you feel is best. Be careful she doesn't get burned out!
Q. Is each game considers a lesson? So I would just go through the games two times and the student gets a stripe?
Tumaz04 (3/31/2018 4:01 AM)
A. Each practice session is considered a lesson, regardless of what you cover.
Q. I love you guys. This program is beautiful and brilliant. If only all children could be taught and loved in this way. It would transform our world. Respect.
Hipnotizador (9/22/2017 3:34 PM)
A. Agreed! Thank you for the feedback!
Q. Hey Guys, I am planning to buy this course for my 5 year old son, but I don't have any martial arts experience. I wanted to know if you guys think about a parent with no martial arts or GJJ experience teaching their kid this course. Thanks in advance
MMuneeb (12/11/2016 4:20 PM)
A. Absolutely, go for it! Be sure and watch the Parent Preparation video, lots of great stuff there!
Q. How do I get the stripes and the belt?
luka jiu jitsu (10/11/2015 5:27 PM)
A. Please click on the "testing center" tab, at the top of this page, for all the details.
Q. HI, My boys are 9 and 11, do I need to get them to complete all of the games for 80 classes? As I'm sure that they will pick this up quickly and may get bored of the games?
NewBee (9/4/2015 10:17 AM)
A. As soon as they are comfortable and confident with the Gracie Games, jump right into the Jr. Combatives!
Q. Hi, My son and daughter don't have very good English. Can they recite the rules of engagement in Spanish when they do their belt test?
chikitin (6/3/2015 1:08 AM)
A. Yes, no problem. We look forward to seeing them in action!
Q. I'm a little confused about the order of the games. The video says to master all three levels of a game before moving on to the next one. However, I've seen posts here that seem to say that I should be doing a different game every class. I think a different game every class would work well for my son, his attention span is very short. Are there any drawbacks to doing that?
Redguy (4/13/2015 3:26 PM)
A. You are correct. Play a different game each class, practicing all 3 levels in that one session.
Q. How do I mirror my iPad to my Smart Tv? My iPad will not allow Mericast like my TV uses. Also my TV is not Adobe Flash compatible to allow me to watch the Gracie games online on my TV. Do I have to either buy an Android device that accepts Mericast or buy an Apple TV box and an AirServer Ap for my iPad? We are so excited to get started with our kids but are having trouble figuring this out. Any ideas are welcome.
Zellis (3/28/2015 7:12 PM)
A. Please re-post your question in the "Help/Tech Support" and we will be happy to try and assist you, thanks.
Q. Tonight, my son did part 1 ('Spider hands') of the 3-part 'spider kids' lesson. Should I record his completing one lesson only after he completes all 3 parts of the first Gracie game (1. spider hands, 2 spider swim 3. crazy combo)?
Anil (12/23/2014 9:06 PM)
A. Give him credit for a lesson after each time you "Play Jiu-Jitsu" together. This can be anywhere from 15-45 minutes.
Q. I notice that there are 10 games. There are stripes awarded every 20 classes. Do you give them 1 game at a time til they learn it or do you go through the 10 games 2 times for a total of 20 classes for it to count towards their stripe?
martialdisciple1 (9/16/2014 7:29 PM)
A. Keep cycling through the Games, one after the other.
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