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Q. For base can you use one hand to get up and one hand in front to protect against strikes? Aka technical stand
SPWEBB (3/7/2024 10:51 AM)
A. Yes.
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Q. What's the difference between bottom mount and guard?
keiwaves (3/6/2024 11:33 PM)
A. In both positions, you are on your back. In bottom mount, the BG is north of your thighs/hips and astride your torso. In guard, the BG is south of your thighs/hips. If your feet are crossed behind the BG's back, you're in closed guard. If not, then you're in open guard.
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Q. I have Gracie combatives 1.0 and watch it on the Gracie University, I got this after having the old DVDs. Should I upgrade to the 2.0? I am doing this now with a few others that have never done any Jiu Jitsu.
The Wrecking Ball (2/29/2024 1:05 PM)
A. Upgrade. It's worth the investment.
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Q. This Is Really Awesome!
SuperHawk (2/14/2024 3:07 PM)
A. Thank you!
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Q. Classic... Legs spread wide..."Nice to meet you, lets fight" ....hilarious!
DPAR (2/12/2024 9:48 AM)
A. Keeping it playful!
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Q. Assuming I manage to successfully present all the techniques of the course in a live test - does that then correspond to the same requirements that you have for awarding a blue belt?
Seaflowfight (2/11/2024 8:45 PM)
A. We're looking for comfort in the major positions. That will require learning additional techniques in the Master Cycle and gaining experience under the pressure of sparring and drilling with increased resistance.
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Q. How / Where does someone access the training schedule ?
motofellow (2/10/2024 11:07 AM)
A. You can access the Gracie Combatives 2.0 Official Handbook and the Gracie Combatives 2.0 Recommended Training Schedule from the "My Files" tab on the "My Dashboard" page.
Gracie University Support
Q. If I am teaching the GC 2.0 to a group, does each person get to test for the belt upon completion even though it's just a group training off of the one program? Also, is the belt awarded upon a successful test a official blue belt?
Micah The Machete  (2/8/2024 6:10 PM)
A. Each person who tests must be registered individually with Gracie University. Passing the Gracie Combatives test earns the Gracie Combatives belt. You must live test to earn a blue belt.
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Q. What is the standart recommended times a slice in a lesson should be drilled? 4-10 times?
PropositionDirk (2/8/2024 5:07 PM)
A. Drill the move as many times as you can fit into your allocated training time, but at least 2-3 times to confirm the movement sequence. More is better. Eventually, you want to be able to execute the move reflexively (without thinking).
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Q. Currently joined a dojo learning Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and loving it. We do a bit of grappling with strikes and some BJJ too. Heard so much about the combative course and am stoked you have released the 2.0. Had to jump on. Looking forward to learning techniques to add to my roll.
tommo1968 (2/8/2024 4:58 AM)
A. You'll love it!
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Q. I have combatives 1 am I going to have access to combatives 2 automatically?
Hsyankee (2/7/2024 7:20 PM)
A. If you're a subscriber, yes.
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Q. I have an official GJJ mat but need another one to meet the 100 sq ft Gracie Garage requirement. Do you anticipate selling the mats again?
Prepper (2/5/2024 11:30 PM)
A. It's unlikely. Don't wait for it. Buy a comparable mat and start the journey.
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Q. In Combatives 1.0 it was said you can get up in base with 1 hand on the ground. In 2.0 there is only 2 hands. Is it safe to assume that 2 hands on the ground only is recommended now?
Tim2015 (2/2/2024 2:10 PM)
A. Both variations are legitimate. The two hand variation is usually for "jump base" in which you need to create more space between you and the BG.
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Q. If I understand correctly, every class has to be done twice before I can move on to RDC (reflex development)? so if I attend the same class twice in one day, does this count twice for the technique and the attendance side (stripe count) of the card?
Nieves1 (1/16/2024 8:17 AM)
A. Yes.
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Q. I got my Combatives belt online learning 1.0. I only got a 92% and want to try one more time for 95% or higher. I joined a CTC and after I get my blue belt hopefully in about 2 more months.(7 months into Master Cycle) I will submit GC 2.0 to qualify for ICP. My question is, should I lead my Gracie Garage crew through 1.0 since that’s what they have on their online subscription still (not CTC members yet)or can I share 2.0 that I have through my CTC membership video access?
Louis Downey (11/10/2023 10:58 AM)
A. You can share 2.0. It's not significantly different.
Gracie University 1
Q. To be clear, you HAVE to use BOTH hands. Because at one point I thought I heard one or two hands.
wcjiujitsuguy (9/30/2023 11:50 PM)
A. Please clarify the technique you're referring to with this question.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi! I have a question regarding testing for belts. I currently train regularly at a Gracie CTC and understand that there are criteria before I can qualify to test for my Gracie Combative belt before I can perform Master Cycle training. However, once I acquire my Gracie Combative belt, are there testing criteria for blue, purple, brown, and black belts? Do we test for those higher belts as well? Can you please let me know? Thank you for your time.
bdnguyenBJJ (9/4/2023 9:37 PM)
A. The criteria are not as specific for tests for the blue and above tests. We provide our evaluators with guidelines, but leave the detailed evaluation to them. They are all experienced black belts who are ahead of the pack in their knowledge of the Gracie University curriculum.
Gracie University 1
Q. Just into week 3 here in Seguin Texas all I can express is thank you for this awesome update and its further explanations . looking forward to learning this though at 67 YO I want to learn and share this with others in the future. Andy R Seguin Texas
Andy Rivera (8/16/2023 1:20 PM)
A. Welcome to the journey!
Gracie University 1
Q. I love the new 2.0 curriculum! I trained 4 years ago and was about to test for my Combatives belt. I recently moved back near a there a place that summarizes the main differences between 1.0 and 2.0? Which specific techniques are new/ have been modified? Thanks for such an incredible program!
sbarrett (8/5/2023 6:03 AM)
A. We don't have sheet that shows the differences, but you can rest assured that they're minor. The biggest changes are the addition of bonus slices, street tips, and overall improvement in presentation and production quality.
Gracie University 1
Q. Great intro for 2.0 and reboot from the original 1.0! 😀👍🥋
Phil-SC (7/4/2023 2:35 PM)
A. Thanks! We worked hard to deliver an overdue update.
Gracie University 1
Q. Thank you for this. I just watched this intro twice. Now I am ready to started lesson One! Life happened and I stopped attending my CTC months ago. I lost EVERY material thing i owned in a hurricane Ian back in September, which led to a long string of other challenges. I am SO excited to get back to class and start over ( I am by far the oldest student in our local CTC). Our Head Instructor and my classmates were Extremely supportive in helping me get through this!!!!! We have a GREAT instructor Team, AND this revamped "2.0" sounds like it's going to be even more clear and practical than the lessons already were. Thank you so much Guys!!! I'm pumped!
gracieorlando15 (5/21/2023 9:12 PM)
A. We look forward to the your test upload!
Gracie University 1
Q. I may have missed it, but I don’t think there is any instruction on tapping as the signal to your partner to end a submission attempt, or the importance of doing so early.
MikeGraves (5/14/2023 12:13 AM)
A. You'll find it reinforced throughout the course in individual lessons.
Gracie University 1
Q. This is so exciting!!!! I've been wanting to add solo drills to my training outside of class. This is epic. Thank you guys!!!
L.E.D. (4/5/2023 9:47 PM)
A. Thanks!
Gracie University 1
Q. Thank you for your incredible work! I have my Combatives but I'll willingly go through the entire set again (several times). Any tips for someone who's been out of training for over a year and still unable to attend a class at present?
DharmeshD (3/18/2023 7:44 PM)
A. Keep studying the videos...they are gold!
Gracie University 1
Q. No question. Just wanted to say I’m sooo excited for the re-vamped videos. Currently a 3 stripe white belt training in grace combatives at a local CTC in Tulsa, OK. I’ve been watching the 32 principles and I really connect with principle based learning. So I’m beyond stoked to see the 32 principles now incorporated into EACH slice! My retention with be four or five fold now. Thank you Gracie!
2Wheels4Life (3/16/2023 8:56 PM)
A. You're welcome. We're pretty excited, too.
Gracie University 1
Q. I love the Bonus Slice addition. However, there's not enough time to teach all the material (Standing Technique, Standing Bonus Slice, Ground Technique, Ground Bonus Slice, Drilling - Standing & Ground) in a one hour class, and still have time for drilling. Would you ever consider teaching only one technique, instead of two, in a one hour session in the future?
Drte (3/13/2023 1:56 PM)
A. Don't teach the bonus slices in group classes. They're designed to incentivize home study and whet appetites for the Master Cycle.
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