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Q. My son and I just started Gracie Combatives at a CTC/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Sayville ,NY . I'm a 70 year old male and my son is 28....we're hooked! We have a great instructor in Bruce Porcelli/Purple Belt. The online access to the lessons is so helpful. Keep up the great work.
FrankJ132 (11/9/2019 1:47 PM)
A. Welcome to the family! Bruce is the man, you are in good hands!
Q. Is there an updated intro class? I remember just rener doing an updated intro since the changes were made. Where is it?
Hopeman20 (11/6/2019 11:52 PM)
A. Not yet...
Q. Hello GC, Just started the course but I am in dire need of mats do you ship to FPO/AE? Thank you
Jmillen1893 (11/3/2019 11:09 AM)
A. We are sorry, we are unable to ship our mats FPO/AE.
Q. Is it possible to get s as warmup routine that you recommend?
KeithBushaw (10/26/2019 10:11 AM)
A. Start with some general stretching and reviewing previously learned moves, in a nice and relaxed manner. Modify from there.
Q. Who did the analysis to pick the 36 techniques out of over 1000, and how did they, and when did they? Where did they get that data?
RollingVegas (10/16/2019 7:11 PM)
A. Great question! These 36 techniques have been used in real street fights more often, and more effectively, than all the other techniques combined! This knowledge was accumulated from the over 300 challenge matches involving Gracie family members, covering a span of nearly 90 years, in the US and Brazil.
Q. or should anything thats comfortable work?
Jack2002 (10/3/2019 5:44 PM)
A. Yes.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. would it be ok to train in shorts?
Jack2002 (10/3/2019 5:35 PM)
A. Yes.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. I'm hereby not asking anything but making a statement. Thank all you guys behind Gracie University. I've made so far two questions, and even though they were kind of lame when revisiting them, having this freedom to ask with quick, objective and cordial response really, really helps. You behind the keyboard certainly makes a world of difference, my special thanks to you! This makes a connection from digital to actual tutoring. 'Cause of you I've made the decision to buy each program, one by one, starting as soon as the month ends. Hoping the currency for Brazil gets better! =) See ya
Lucas Pedro (9/21/2019 1:29 AM)
A. Thank you for the kind words, that's why we're here! Enjoy the journey!
Q. Hello, guys! I'm very excited about this program. What really hooked me is that I want the confidence from knowing that street level self defense. Nearby my home I only have one little school of Jiu-Jitsu that I've started training for about 2 months and I've got one question that comes from a little fear of disrespecting my professor. Even though my professor is great and my peers also, and I've been learning a lot, I'm Hoping to get more of those self-defense here as opposed to the more sportier take over there. And still, I've been missing some sort of educational structure such as progress monitoring, those do's and don'ts on each position for awareness and the different takes regarding opponents oversize. That said, my teacher's values are against two instructors (even if one of them is just for improving and not for gradation, said by him). There so my confidence level is low for buying the program 'cause i'm worried if I'll be able to find a training partner nearby, aside from my jiu-jitsu school, or if I'll be able to encourage my spouse to train with me. So the question is: Should I buy anyway? If yes, what should or would be appropriate to tell my teacher when he notice that I've been training outside as well? Another question would be: There are any advice for gaining interest from my wife into jiu-jitsu? She's more on the smaller, weaker, gentler side and she usually avoids any contact that isn't affection wise. (note: She doesn't speak english, so I can't show her Rener and Eve's videos to encourage).
Lucas Pedro (9/19/2019 9:26 AM)
A. Only you can make that decision. Most Jiu-Jitsu instructors don't have a problem with their students cross training and learning from other sources. Check out the Women Empowered program for your wife!
Q. Very awesome! Been wanting to do this for a while. Trained jiu Jitsu for a couple months, got busy and just put it down. Excited to get back into this :)
Jacob.ellefson (9/7/2019 9:26 PM)
A. Welcome!
Gracie Academy 1
Q. I live in mexico and where i live there is no active jiu jitsu center recognized and im interested in rolling till the belt turns black how can i do this with this program and it would be of great interest in learning with gracie acadamy.
perrito (9/4/2019 2:42 PM)
A. Find a trusted training partner, log onto this site and make it happen!
Q. I am from Bolivia and in my city there is no Gracie school, I train with Nova Uniao. I am happy to be part of Nova Uniao for my classmates and teachers, but I have an interest in Gracie Jiujitsu for his philosophy and the way of seeing things. I want to buy the courses online and take the exams with the Gracie Academy. Does taking virtual exams interfere with the grades and / or assessment of my other school? How could I share the Gracie philosophy without leaving my other school?
Fabho (8/30/2019 3:41 PM)
A. You will find that they compliment each other very well! Share with your trusted training partners!
Q. I signed up over a year ago but never received the handbook that Rener is describing in the intro video. Due to my disability I would greatly benefit from having one (I have to “train” from bed often and it is difficult for me to watch videos). Is there a way you could mail me a copy of the handbook? I am currently living in Charlotte NC. I can send you my address. Thank you.
Ads427 (8/4/2019 2:00 PM)
A. Please click on the "MY DASHBOARD" tab at the top right of this page. From there, choose "My Content" from the drop down menu. Then select the "My Files" tab. The first item there should be the 'Gracie Combatives Belt Qualification Handbook' file, which you can download and print.
Q. So I am new and I am really tight with poor lower body flexibility. While I am working on Yoga and other techniques, can you recommend some of the best stretching techniques to get loose fast.
tall knuckles (8/1/2019 9:45 AM)
A. Any general stretching will help. That's the beauty of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, you don't have to be flexible to learn and practice it!
Q. How do I apply all of this when my instructor is teaching his class to us? Maybe outside of class time?
LoganBurton93 (7/29/2019 10:03 PM)
A. Yup.
Q. In the process of joining the CTC Osaka right now, and had my first lesson today. I know I a few years away, but looking at the curriculum, I noticed that after BBS4 there aren't any more courses. When will you be releasing the PBS1-PBS4 courses? Many thanks
WadaTai (7/19/2019 7:11 AM)
A. Don't worry, by the time you are ready, we'll be ready for you!
Q. Specific to Rener and Ryron, how do they condition themselves? What drills and exercises would they recommend for endurance when rolling.
Bluen0se (7/15/2019 4:48 PM)
A. Lots of Jiu-Jitsu! Best exercise for endurance when rolling is relaxing, mentally and physically!
Q. I see that women empowered now has a new updated 2.0 version. I read somewhere that they intend to update the combatives program as well. Any truth to the rumor? If so, when can we expect to see Combatives 2.0, and should I wait for it to be released before starting the program?
bristol19 (6/17/2019 6:50 AM)
A. Don't wait! Combatives 2.0 will likely preserve all of the GC foundational techniques, but refine them based on our experience teaching through Gracie University.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. I just started BJJ couple weeks ago, at a close convenient location from home. It is an affiliated Carlson Gracie Academy, which I sense is more oriented for sport JJ from what I've learnt from Gracie University and online. Any tips or things not to do to get confused with learning Gracie Compatives and continuing with training at the gym? Would you advise me practising Gracie Combatives with a partner at my gym or is there a professional courtesy not to bring outside systems into another gym? Training system is awesome and I'm just thrown into the deep end, but I feel even in the BJJ fundamentals, all ranks participate, and there really hasn't been a structured basics to start for new beginners? any advice? this is the prime reason for me to start Gracie Combatives get a good foundation to combine the practical sparring and drills at my gym. thanks for your feedback (sorry it was a bunch:))!!
IanBillingham (6/15/2019 11:39 AM)
A. Be careful and tap early!
Q. Hello, I've just bought lesson 5 using Paypal but I can't access it, is there a time delay before I can? Or have I gone wrong somewhere?
Plod (6/13/2019 1:54 AM)
A. Make sure you have redeemed the access code that was provided on the purchase confirmation page or displayed on the email receipt. You can redeem your access code from the "manage access codes" page. Once you redeem your access code you will have access to your content. If you have any further questions feel free to email
Gracie University Support
Q. I want to learn Gracie jiu-jitsu but I don't have a certified training center and a Gracie garage near me so what should I do?
joey444555 (6/9/2019 8:32 AM)
A. That's exactly why this site exists! Find a training partner, start with lesson 1, and make it happen!
Q. Can people learn Gracie jiu-jitsu if they re underweight, extremely weak or anorexic?
joey444555 (5/28/2019 5:39 AM)
A. Absolutely, some of the techniques may need to be modified slightly.
Q. How long should I consider as each lesson. I'm in the gym 2 to 3 hours a day...not all on 1 lesson.. Can I consider an hour per lesson...can I consoder that 3 lessons a day if I do an hour on each lesson? Or should I be cutting back my gym time?
HudWolf (5/6/2019 9:47 PM)
A. An hour per lesson is a good bench mark.
Q. can I buy the course on amazon
fractalzen (4/29/2019 5:13 PM)
A. Buy it here!
Q. Hello. Lesson 1 discussed indicator mastery. Is there an actual lesson dedicated to this?
Aaron_S (4/22/2019 9:22 PM)
A. Every lesson discusses indicators! The more you practice, the better you will become!
Q. Is there a place I can go to find tips for training with or teaching a blind person? A lot is obvious about what must be done but I wondered if there was any advice out there. I’ve been teaching my friends so I’d have someone to train with, and I have found another person who is very interested, but is completely blind.
Temple Guardian (4/18/2019 5:21 PM)
A. Unfortunately, not at the moment. It can be super challenging, but very rewarding! Go for it and please keep us posted!
Q. Thank You guys. Will be training online with you so I don't miss any fundamentals as well as at VictoryMMA in San Diego, CA with Dean Lister and Jocko Willink and the crew. Excited!
Jon Fortenberry (4/15/2019 7:48 PM)
A. Awesome, enjoy the journey!
Q. This is so cool thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn the beautiful art of BJJ all the way from Australia.
Mo3y4R (4/10/2019 10:14 AM)
A. Welcome to the family, enjoy!
Q. HI! I have lumbalgia (minor pain in the back) do you recommend me to do jiu jitsu? Best regards!
agus (4/2/2019 11:37 AM)
A. That's a great conversation to have your doctor. We have many students, and instructors, in similar situations.
Q. How old do you have to be to start the combative course. My son is 12 yrs and we would like to take the course together as partners. Is this possible? Also do we both have to pay the course fee? Simon
2dog (2/26/2019 4:58 PM)
A. You are both good to go! Your son won't be eligible to test for his Combatives Belt until he is 14 no problem! Share the lessons, but you will each need your own, individual account, for the video test submission process.
Q. As a 63 yr old total beginner and in watching the intro class videos, one of my concerns is with warming up before a class. Granted, I'm a bit out of shape, and want to avoid as many injuries as I can. You mentioned that one should review what one has done in slow movement fashions. The problem with me is that I want to warm-up, so as to prevent possible injuries and muscle strains, but you offer nothing in regards to warming up total beginners like me. What exercises should I be doing to effectively warm up? This might also be a good intro video opportunity as well... Thanks, you both are awesome teachers and I've enjoyed watching your videos.
Fr. Tom (2/15/2019 1:49 AM)
A. Pretty much anything involving movement is going to help you warm up. There are thousands of videos available online. Develop and fine tune a system that works best for you.
Q. Best teachers n the game wish ilived so cal
Joefree (2/14/2019 10:28 AM)
A. Thanks for the feedback!
Q. This is legit guys been drillin combatirives w my son 5 to 6 days a week about 7 months went to a tenth planet last night started off 8 n o got twisting arm to armbar took back 2 times rear naked couple americanas seriously got tired and a big guy looked like giant boby builder and he said he been doing it a long tme had like 80 lbson me
Joefree (2/14/2019 10:27 AM)
A. Nice. Thanks for the feedback!
Q. Hi, I often travel on business and would like to use the opportunity when I'm sitting in a plane or train to watch my lessons. Can I get my videos on DVD or is there a way to download them?
Armin Armani (2/13/2019 4:35 PM)
A. The Gracie Combatives DVDs are available for purchase in the Gracie Store!
Q. Hi, I am from Germany and don't have a certified training center / garage or antyhing nearby (rural region) I do have some space to set up a training room in my barn, so I could do the solo learning part and maybe I can motivate a training partner (if not, I have to convince my wife ) ) How far could I advance in the course / belt system if I do most of the lessons by solo learning and then testing in the next training centre aviable - which is about a 3 hour drive away I was learning judo for the good of 10 years so I know solo learning combat sports is difficult, and I just wanted to know how far the online training course could take me! Thanks in advance! :)
Krellshand (2/3/2019 9:50 AM)
A. Solo drilling has its place, but you need a live partner to develop the correct reflexes!
Q. how do i become a certified gracie garage?
Dirty dozen side gua (1/27/2019 8:19 PM)
A. Please click on the "LOCATIONS" tab at the top of this page. Then click on the "Start a Gracie Garage" link from the drop down menu. All the info is there, make it happen!
Q. does this free training come with a free gi and belt and mat time? I was just wondering because im considering changing schools from combat -do to your school and they were my sponsors when i was 15-18 years old im 34 years old now i have recived a green belt from that school ,also do i have to start all over i was going to recive me black belt from that school just before i left that school
Dirty dozen side gua (1/27/2019 8:17 PM)
A. The first 3 lessons, and some other introductory videos, are free. The rest, including a gi and belt, are available for purchase. Check out the Gracie Store!
Q. There are no school around me that are qualified in your program, I would like to add your curriculum to my school. However I am not a big fan of solo video learning. What is your advise? I am currently a ranked Taekwondo instructor with a strong program, but find in necessary to supplement our self defense with techniques for when the fight goes beyond a controled standing confrontation
RobertV (1/27/2019 3:12 PM)
A. Find a training partner, and dive in! It's amazing, trust us!
Q. My wife and I have decided to start this new journey into the art of BJJ! We are really excited to undertake this new discipline and learn everything we can. Thank you, Gracie University!
corbinsmith897 (1/26/2019 2:37 PM)
A. Amazing! Welcome to the family, enjoy your journey!
Q. I'm 36 and have just discovered completely new approach in martial arts and self defense. Congratulation for everything you do in education, especially for kids in "Bullyproof" program. I'm planning to start online "Gracie Combatives - Beginner Program" this spring when my younger brother come home from studies, so we can practice together. Kindest regards from Montenegro, wish you all the best...
dalibor82 (1/12/2019 3:06 AM)
A. Awesome, welcome to the family!!
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