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Egoless Sparring

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Q. Y'all should have a download option. I am going on a road trip and would love to listen and watch the philosophy video on the road.
LaineyVS (12/19/2018 11:46 AM)
A. Great idea!
Q. Have you considered establishing principles of a GJJ growth mindset for all of your students, affiliates, and instructors? #beyourownteacher
Paredão  (7/16/2018 11:45 PM)
A. Yes, and we plug those in virtually every class we teach!
Q. There are a couple people I roll with that are 200+ lbs very athletic and strong but somewhat new to the jiujitsu world. While rolling i'm constantly saying as a reminder "less power" to ensure they're using technique and leverage over there strength but it doesn't stick. Is there any other way you would encourage less power during rolling or is it more of a time thing. (will they calm down over time the more they practice jiujitsu)
kstewart (1/27/2016 11:33 AM)
A. Nothing beats experience!
Q. How often do you begin sparring on the feet at Gracie academy? What is the best way to begin sparring on a daily basis? Watching old videos of Rickson sparring with students they always seem to begin on their knees. These days, most schools seem to begin with one person sitting and the other kneeling/standing. I'm interested to know how you guys do it.
scottgrieve (4/14/2015 6:38 AM)
A. In sparring, we regularly start from all positions. It is generally safer for beginners to start kneeling, to they can avoid potential injuries from throws and falls.
Q. Man you guys speak the truth! before I joined Gracie university I joined at least 3 BJJ schools and all three never taught me street jiu jitsu. I was taught sport first which is cool but I wanted self defense for the street first and everytime I rolled I always got beat up, couldn't apply the movies I learned and egos started to show. I don't want to say I got scared to roll but I didn't enjoy rolling or sparring with the classmates. Why do instructors allow this to happen? Or teach sport first? Are they taught wrong?
JRdaKid93 (12/31/2014 12:25 AM)
A. Ego. Some instructors just don't know any better.
Q. I completely agree with this concept. Too many beginners are sparring right after starting BJJ, and are hurting each other, building an ego based on who they tap out, and building a false sense of ability based on their natural physical attributes and abilities, and never being close to using good technique. MMA has perpetuated this attitude, and corrodes true humility.
Brownie663 (2/5/2014 6:03 AM)
A. Well said, we couldn't agree more!
Q. From an Army combatives standpoint, where students spar day 1, it turns into a circus of injuries and a lot of flexing egos. Not to mention the stress on the instructor. Adopting the keep it playful method of sparring is huge. But it takes time to sink in
Teewinot (1/25/2014 3:31 PM)
A. The Army adopted a different philosophy for training the techniques.
Gracie University 1
Q. can u practice all the gracie combatives with a grappling dummy? i know sparring/practicing with alive person is better but will it help with the refelxes when u dont have anyone
Chad330 (6/30/2013 10:53 AM)
A. It's better than nothing for most, but not all moves (like takedowns).
Gracie University 1
Q. Do you differentiate between "rolling" and "sparring"? I'm about 7 classes into GJJ and I've been rolling with people since the second day. Training with upper belts tends to be good, but some (even purple belts) feel the need to show me how bad I am. W
Wade (4/14/2012 11:00 PM)
A. At the Gracie Academy, we do not allow our students to spar (roll) until they have passed the Gracie Combatives course and earned their blue belts. In our experience, student develop more solid street reflexes and superior technique if they focus initially on mastering the move with a cooperative partner.
Gracie University 1
Q. I certainly agree! I started training in BJJ at a local gym. After about 10 months I was sparring and with that uncontrolled skilled spar ended up breaking 2 ribs. Not cool. Love your philosophy and happy I found GU.
DAB (3/5/2012 8:10 AM)
A. Amen.
Gracie University 1
Q. Being a 28 yr. practitioner of DanZan Ryu JuJitsu I have to say that I am very impressed by the Gracie Philosophy. I really like the lack of ego in your approach to spreading the Grand Masters art. You are very right about how some schools just feed their
SoRyuKan (1/17/2012 9:09 AM)
A. Thanks for the support!
Q. I agree that "full-contact" sparring can be dangerous during the first months of training, especially if you're trying to prove something. At a BJJ school I joined two years ago, sparring starts from day one. I found that it was very interesting to see
Cappy333 (12/28/2011 10:06 PM)
A. It's fact, it's the norm. We've found that it is not the fastest way to master the art and can create bad habits when building your all important foundation.
Gracie University 1
Q. The gracie philosophy dvd should be included with combatives. As I go through these series of discussions i realize the importance of viewing this before anything else.
DeMond (12/16/2011 10:08 AM)
A. Good idea.
Gracie University 1
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