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Jiu-Jitsu Over 40 (5 Rules to Roll Till 95)

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Q. Thanks so much for this. I wish that everyone who started JJ understood and applied these rules. I trained in the late 90’s and early 2000’s at a Gracie Gym in Philadelphia associated with Royce. I was 38-41 at the time. I loved my gym but after getting my blue belt was getting hurt more often because many times my instructor would use me as an “example” (140lb 40-year old woman) when brand new young guys off the street would come in and he would have me spar with them. I could submit them but it took awhile and I felt it was dangerous. I’m in the military and was transferred and was out of JJ for 20 years because I couldn’t find a gym with the right atmosphere for me to learn more. Now at 60, I have recently started training again at a local gym which is very sport focused but I have been applying your rules without knowing I was. I am very particular about who I roll with. I focus on surviving and energy conversation. Even though I don’t “win” many times when I spar, I’m happy when it takes my opponent a long time and they are more winded than I am after 5 or 10 minutes. And I am using your videos and am going to go through the Women Empowered course with some women at work and will hopefully go through the Combatives after that.
DonnaC (9/7/2019 11:35 AM)
A. Congratulations! You're a poster child for GJJ.
Gracie University 1
Q. I was born and raised in the last 3 GJJ now GU academies so always being exposed to 3,4 and 5, prepared me for 1 and 2. Now 52, 1 is great to acknowledge from one of our legends and 2 has finally happened. Great respect for the “Boyd belts” and now having to “pass the guard” is a great experience, thank goodness 3,4,5 is always discussed and part of our overall philosophy because honestly, I am not sure I would’ve handled #2 the way I did, which was sheer happiness and pride for the young gun! Seen this video several times but it certainly means more now. Onward.
Garrick (4/16/2019 11:43 AM)
A. Thank you for your feedback!
Q. Waiting for that technique!!!! Chirp chirp …….still waiting.....awesome and thank you, I'm 45 years old and began my Jiu Jitsu journey in the summer of 2018. My instructor is in his late 50's and loves sharing his passion for the sport. I listen to the young guys in my class complain about aches and pains and they say it gets worse as they get closer to 35 years old, WOW!! I'm heading to my first Reflex Development class this week and it feels like these young bucks have a bullseye on my seriously send me the link for that technique!!!!!! I also read the Gracie Diet book and have adjusted my diet to eliminate pork products and I now consume Coconut water on training days, what a great source of energy. Enjoy your week and God Bless.
The Accountant (11/27/2018 9:02 AM)
A. Amazing, keep enjoying your journey!
Q. I'm 55. Have had dislocated shoulder and partially ruptured ACL (but otherwise quite fit) The local gym is a more sports oriented Gracie Barra. I'm not sure it's wise to start bjj! What do you think?
Afuera (11/5/2018 3:32 PM)
A. Each school is different. Talk with the head instructor there. We strongly encourage you to find a CTC near you!
Q. You guys are my heroes. I can't express how you've made a difference in my life. When talking about passing the "guard" in JJ it's confusing. When I was instructing in the military I used to call it passing the "torch". I think its a commonly used expression for letting a newer person take over the mission. IDk Just a thought. All possible respect gentlemen.
JonnyB (11/4/2018 11:05 AM)
A. Thank you for the feedback!
Q. Shared with the Martial Arts Instructor community. Thank you so much for this video.
SkrockiJ (8/11/2018 2:47 AM)
A. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!
Q. Not a question but want to validate that at age 43 and having trained in Silat, Muay Thai and Shotokan Karate, starting BJJ at my age as a newbie is probably the most difficult challenge I have faced in my Martial Arts Journey. In Karate I can practice Kihon and Kata on my own, with muay thai I can practice my striking techniques on the bag on my own. Im finding the learning progress is much slower for me in BJJ being limited to training at my club only. I understand why we train 5 days a week in our gym now but my family and other committments only allows me to train maybe once or twice a week. I was in a crossroad on whether it was worth continuing BJJ but this has helped me decide to continue. If anything BJJ is the best all body work out out of all the martial arts ive experienced and a lot of fun rolling, even though I get my arse kicked by all the young bucks. Thankyou.
Hoolly Doolly (7/11/2018 12:34 PM)
A. Jiu-Jitsu for life!
Q. I am an international instructor (5 dan) TKW ITF & Wing Chun Instructor, 37 years in MA, and I must say that this is absolutely something every serious student and teacher of MA should listen to. Excellent!!
Geko21 (3/18/2018 12:25 PM)
A. Agreed!
Q. I'm 57, studied and taught Karate, TKD and Hapkido for 30 years...wish you guys were around as teachers when I was starting out. Awesome attitude! Awesome outlook!
RobertY (10/6/2017 12:22 PM)
A. Thanks for the feedback!
Q. This is a lesson that everyone who trains in any martial art should listen to.
Casty (3/4/2017 8:03 PM)
A. Agreed. Thank you for the endorsement.
Gracie University 1
Q. What was the last. Technique that you guys were going to show quickly that he would use to submit the biggest baddest guys?
Juzz (6/2/2016 6:05 PM)
A. That's top secret. We could tell you, but then we'd have to submit you! :-)
Q. I know you guys aren't going out of your way to attract super athletic guys who are really explosive but if you get super strong, big, fast athletes who start adopting these principles you guys teach, they would be unstoppable.
Vash1202 (12/25/2015 7:12 PM)
A. Yes, but a good defense goes a long way against someone with physical superiority and equal technical skill.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi Guys!!! There is a mind reflection to be made at the end of that video, right? the learning is ridden in the whole lesson and not in a unique technique, that is correct? By the way!!! thanks a lot!
Laurenti (12/18/2015 4:22 PM)
A. The "mindset minute" is a parting thought on the overall lesson.
Gracie University 1
Q. Love the part at the end with Ryron talking about jiu-jitsu being survival and not tapping people out. This really keeps the ego in check. I totally get it. Great stuff! Thanks guys
Greenpaulo (1/20/2015 4:14 PM)
A. Thanks for the support!
Q. I really enjoy this clip!! Thank you for sharing!! :)
Poppe (1/14/2015 3:21 PM)
A. You're welcome!
Q. Vez interested in this post as I'm 48, physically in good shape, though maybe not as supple as i once was truth be told. I started BJJ six months ago and am loving it. In fact addicted might be more accurate. I've just started using GU to supplement my all too infrequent visits to my local academy which is also unfortunately more sport based. Keep in touch and tell me how you're going, I'm sure we'll soon be able to teach these young impetuous pups a thing or two. Sorry not really a question just a show of support.
LondonScar (12/29/2014 12:34 PM)
A. Amazing!!! Enjoy the journey, and Keep It Playful!
Q. Hi, I'm 55 years old. I'm in really good condition. I have enjoyed a lifetime of physical fitness, sports school wrestling, hiking, bicycling etc. no drink no smoke, no drugs at all, legal and illegal. I have ZERO BJJ experience. Would it be realistically possible to one day earn a black belt, if I start now?
vez (10/31/2014 8:50 PM)
A. Absolutely! In fact, it has already been done! Enjoy the journey!
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