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Street Jiu-Jitsu vs. Sport Jiu-Jitsu

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Q. Thank you for your honesty about this. Having worked as a security contractor for many years I first began BJJ in 2010 and I’m still a white belt because I’ve been in and out of schools teaching the sport aspect. I finally found your combatives program and that’s what I’ve been looking for, for the past 12 years.
HBGeoff (9/4/2022 3:35 PM)
A. There are clearly three paths: self-defense, sport, and a hybrid approach. We've found few schools that focus exclusively on self-defense applications, so you've come to the right place.
Gracie University 1
Q. I’ve been training Gracie Combative for a month so I’m still very new. In the future after I earn my belt to spar, will we continue to work on feigning punches and the punch block series in sparring? Or does sparring become more like sport BJJ?
jessemartinez (9/4/2022 8:34 AM)
A. We always relate the techniques to street applicability (punch safety) throughout the Master Cycle. Whenever a technique is mostly sport we highlight its limitations.
Gracie University 1
Q. My older brother trains at a Sport BJJ gym but embodies the Gracie philosophy and uses street defense techniques, like the feigned punches, etc. A training partner recently accused him of being "disrespectful" when he feigned punches while rolling. This training partner has said he "doesn't care about self-defense" and only wants to train for Sport BJJ. Should my brother avoid training with him or try to enlighten him?
L.E.D. (2/11/2022 2:33 PM)
A. It depends on whether or not the partner is receptive to the idea. If not, then your brother shouldn't waste his time nor waste the other person's time. It's all good training, but if the objectives differ then you're not helping each other.
Gracie University 1
Q. So for street/self defense Focus mainly on the Combatives?
TedSteel (10/24/2021 9:32 PM)
A. It's always our primary focus, but we explore sport variations to present a more complete perspective on the art.
Gracie University 1
Q. I understand being aware of sport only techniques, but I’m concerned about working sport only techniques into my muscle memory, because I wouldn’t want them to accidentally come out in a street fight. I would feel more comfortable only using street applicable techniques, even when rolling with my jiu-jitsu peers on the mat. Is my concern reasonable? Is my solution a good one?
Adam Boccaccio (5/6/2021 9:11 AM)
A. Yes and yes.
Gracie University 1
Q. Been working on the Combatives and recently attended a bjj tournament with my combatives partner. A question arose if you do want to compete but stay with the G.U. Combatives program, what banner/school do you enter under?
uscgboatie (11/10/2019 4:45 PM)
A. It's up to you.
Gracie University 1
Q. I refer to "sport BJJ" as jiu-jogo. I don't think sport jiu-jitsu is actually jiu-jitsu in the same way that judo is not jujutsu. Do you think making the distinction with a new term would be disrespectful or viewed as an condescending epithet? Both have value, but the conflation isn't beneficial. I like "jiu-jogo". I think it's catchy and doesn't disturb the acronym BJJ. What do you think about it, or the adoption of some other label that would differentiate Gracie self defense jiu-jitsu from Brazilian sport jiu-jitsu? Thank you for creating all the amazing video media on the website, dvd's, and youtube!
Ei8hty SiX (5/10/2019 4:44 AM)
A. It would clarify for some and confuse others.
Q. I love the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu philosophy of self defense first and foremost, however there are no GJJ gyms near me (there is a Relson Gracie Academy about 45 minutes away, however). There is a pretty legit “sport” BJJ gym 6 minutes down the road from me, the workouts are intense, and the price is phenomenal. So my question is, if my main goal is self defense, but the only BJJ schools in my area are sport oriented, would it be better just to train at the sport school as opposed to training nothing at all?
Persaliano (12/6/2018 8:33 PM)
A. Relson Gracie schools focus heavily on the self defense aspects of Jiu-Jitsu!
Q. Great video and explanation between the two. If GJJ's base for street fighting defense is the 36 Combative techniques, what does a proper Gracie black belt have at their level with regards to street applicability beyond the blue belt? In other words, if someone spent 10 yrs focusing on the 36 techniques and mastered them instead of moving beyond, and potentially into sport techniques, wouldn't that person be better in a street environment than a black belt? The concern is that higher belts = more techniques and they focus on sport... therefore less effective overall in a street fight... Thoughts? Thanks!
Lincolnite (11/14/2018 4:34 PM)
A. They would be amazing for sure. But, there are over one hundred more, purely street self defense techniques, to be found in the Master Cycle. Our focus is always on street self defense, especially at the Black Belt level!
Q. If sports jujitsu doesn't do great in street fight, how would self defence jujitsu fare in a sporting aspect? If 2 equally sized opponents, both new blue belts, one sport and the other combatives were to roll for 10 minutes, with no rules, who would have the advantage?
Edoyle18 (11/14/2018 4:21 AM)
A. My money is on the person who has trained for that particular environment and rule set, or lack there of.
Q. Thank you so much for teaching this way. I have seen multiple students get hurt in tournament schools. This actually solidifies my home here.
SkrockiJ (8/11/2018 12:05 AM)
A. 100%! Thank you for your support!
Q. If my goal is to learn self defense will Sport Jiu Jitsu teach me techniques that would confuse me with what I have been learning through Gracie University? I don’t have any CTCs in my area, so I was trying out a school to have training partners, but it seems very sport/competition centered. Should I just focus on one instead of doing both, or is having a training partner more important?
maysek10 (7/10/2018 9:04 PM)
A. Yes! Having a safe, like minded, dedicated training partner is #1!
Q. This is exactly the reason why i joined GJJ University. the piramyd theroy, i have been opened minded before i even found out about GJJ, but my problem was i would always walk out of class unsatisfied(with one exeption). Now knowing there is a foundation in which i can improve apon. it truly makes all the difference in my world. thanks gracie brothers!! :D
Mr.Green (4/30/2017 3:58 AM)
A. You're welcome!
Gracie University 1
Q. Gracie Combatives certainly adheres to the first founding principle of street applicability. However is this same principle followed when teaching techniques in the successive Master Cycle classes or are the Master Cycle classes more sport oriented? Thank you both for structuring a course with a logical easy to comprehend progression of techniques that emphasize self defense. This is exactly what myself as a beginner have been searching for. Keep up the fantastic work!
EricinKC (2/9/2017 9:46 PM)
A. Although we do cover most, if not all, of the sportive moves, it's always with the understanding that many of them are not applicable, and can even be dangerous, in a real street fight. Learning these techniques helps to increase our awareness and understanding of the participles of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
Q. Can I say the 'street switch on' is just considering punches?
rigitano (5/14/2016 6:58 PM)
A. No, it also includes knees, kicks, foot stomps, bites, eye-gouges, grabbing fingers, etc. Street switch = anything goes.
Gracie University 1
Q. My question is if i decided not to do the sport bjj part but just the self defense bjj could i defend my self against an mma person that knows mma bjj? Or would i need to learn the bjj vs bjj sport aspect and if so why?
Tony40 (6/6/2015 7:21 PM)
A. Yes, check out Brian "T-City" Ortega's fight from Saturday night's Fight Night! It was an amazing display of Gracie Combatives!
Q. I have a question unlike your school why do other bjj schools only train againt bjj vs bjj first ? My statement is I do the combatives and i came from jkd and there is no way that we were training jkd vs jkd. for any Martial arts you suppose to defend against the striker first. The 1st and 2nd generation Gracie trained against all styles what happened to these bjj gyms Of this generation because to me no one fresh from the street has the understanding coming to a bjj gym to shakehands and grap collars and uniforms.
Tony40 (5/20/2015 9:24 PM)
A. They train BJJ vs. BJJ because of the sport mindset.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hello I wanted to know with me training in Gracie combatives which belt level could I defend against a sport bjj practioner?
Tony40 (3/4/2015 7:19 PM)
A. Generally, once you have completed the BBS2 course, you will be able to hold your own the BJJ practitioners.
Q. Can we say that Gracie Jiu-jitsu is a style of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? There is another non Gracie style in BJJ by the late Oswalda Fadda which specialises in footlocks but is less known than the Gracies.
Sanuk (8/18/2014 3:30 AM)
A. They are one and the same.
Q. Just thinking about gjj vs bjj, you guys talk about energy efficientcy and not being defeated while allowing your opponent to defeat himself would you say that a less experienced gjj practitioner might stand a fair chance against a bjj practitioner due to the fact the bjj practitioner would be concerned with movement from one position? to the next leaving him/herself open to submissions at the same time potentially burning their energy. Thoughts?
MattDuncan (1/10/2013 2:00 PM)
A. Correct.
Q. In Street Jiu-Jitsu, Should I take down the enemy or not?
Juergen Roi (1/3/2013 7:48 AM)
A. Most of the time, closing the distance and achieving the clinch is your best option. It's usually followed by a takedown, but you may be able to finish the fight standing.
Gracie University 1
Q. Is there anything outside of combatives that you would recommend for street jiu-jitsu/self defence?
Lachey (10/4/2012 9:27 PM)
A. Yes, BBS1, BBS2, get the idea!
Q. Thank you, guys, again!!!
Dmitri (9/22/2012 2:18 PM)
A. Our pleasure!
Q. what do you do when your training is 100% designated to grabbing your collar when i am in his guard?
Mac0302 (8/29/2012 6:42 PM)
A. Let the first hand in, no big deal. It's the second hand that kills you! Stay tuned for BBS2!
Q. I have a 1 year contract with an affiliate "sport jiu-jitsu" school, but I am not very happy with their curriculum compared to Gracie Academy. What should I do from here? I would like to focus solely on Gracie Combatives, but they have my debit card for automatic billing. Im stuck guys :(
Xrayy (8/17/2012 12:34 PM)
A. They may have an early cancellation fee, inquire at the front desk.
Q. Genius! Genius! Genius! Thank you for having this mindset. It is so rare for an instructor of an art to say this. Thank you!
drrickstudwell (8/4/2012 10:37 AM)
A. Thanks for the support!
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