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The Striking Truth

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Q. Would you say what was said here applies only to Gracie Combatives/to beginners, or to Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as a whole? I'm asking because I've been doing research on the differences between classic Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and modern day sports-BJJ. Some say that Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is not just grappling and ground fighting, but a complete fighting system containing all aspects of fighting, including both striking and grappling, ground- and stand up fighting. There is also this video by the Valente Brothers which I found fascinating on "Striking and Jiu-Jistu": watch?v=Pl85JLAcQts. Would you say you agree with them or is your interpretation of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu different?
Markus07 (8/20/2023 2:00 PM)
A. Our jiu-jitsu definitely involves striking, but it's primarily used to enable the use of grappling techniques to end the fight. The reason is that effective striking involves speed, weight, and timing that are not only more difficult to master than our selection of grappling techniques, but also less likely to be effective against a larger, stronger, or more athletic attacker. Still, there's no denying that the grandmaster was fond of striking and it's incorporated in our system, even though we don't emphasize its use.
Gracie University 1
Q. When and how do you strike the balance between attacking and counterattacking? In other words is Gracie jujitsu only eat to be defensive? if so, in what sense/context?
RolandNgijol (6/25/2023 12:59 PM)
A. As a rule, we don't strike first. However, that doesn't mean you have to absorb a strike or even wait for the physical attempt to strike you. The mere threat of being attacked can warrant a pre-emptive physical response. Your actions are still deemed defensive given the nature and context of the threat.
Gracie University 1
Q. I grew up doing kung fu for self defense, it's mostly striking, but plenty of grappling and ground work. I have also worked in security and mental health where I had to detain people without hurting them. I'm really liking the combatives program, but I think striking is just as valuable as grappling. I also hear that all fights end up on the ground, but they also start with strikes. In my personal experience, about half of the fights ended on the ground, and only when there was one opponent. I've been in situations where there were three opponents that were bigger than me. If you learn a good striking style size should matter just as much as it does in Jiu Jitsu. When dealing with multiple opponents how would you keep yourself safe from the others if you're tied up trying to control one person? I've been able to knock people out who try to get me to the ground, dealing with multiple opponents is really the same as dealing with one opponent, then moving on while keeping the opponent between you and their friends. I saw this in the comments and would expect more from a style that claims to be the best. Q. You guys are awesome! But will GJJ work in a multiple opponent situation? Ive heard that it will be taught in the black belt stage but is there a tip to counter multiple opponents? andrewasle (4/16/2011 8:20 AM) A. It is our belief that no martial art effectively deals with multiple attackers! GracieUniversity8 The only way to get better at doing something, is to practice, try having multiple black belts try to submit you. I'm sure you will be able to develop strategies or techniques to use against multiple attackers. Part of my black belt test was to fight multiple black belts at once, it is not easy. But when I was a black belt testing others, I learned, it's not so easy to fight one person with two friends, you tend to get in each others way. I mean no disrespect, I am enjoying the combatives program and think it is a very good style. But it seems like everyone thinks their way is the best and everyone has a reason why.
Angus Gray (6/1/2022 1:31 PM)
A. Thanks for the input. We acknowledge the value of striking skills, especially when confronted by multiple attackers. Running is also a great skill. :)
Gracie University 1
Q. Where is the GJJ strike training lessons used to manage opponent´s distances in a street figth?
Marcus Avichai (5/21/2020 11:59 AM)
A. Gracie Combatives Lessons 7, 15, 17, and 30.
Gracie University 1
Q. While strikes as a means to "acquire positional advantages and understanding how to close distances safely" are clearly a distinctive part of GJJ, can GJJ strikes also aide in "creating distance" when approached by multiple opponents?
Paredão  (7/16/2018 10:44 PM)
A. Absolutely!
Q. Correct me if I'm wrong. Gjj strikes are used as a method to close the distance or create distance. The clinch strikes are used once your in control of a position and the same applies to when you go to the ground.this is why fight sim against skilled and unskilled is so good.
mjames199120 (4/17/2017 3:06 PM)
A. Other than the stomping kick (pisao) used to close the distance, we really more on timing and angles to get in. You got the second part right.
Gracie University 1
Q. I have previously trained in other striking martial arts that are opposite mindset of GJJ. I do not want to enter into any fight and avoid confrontation. I am currently having conflicting training flaws. How do I focus on GJJ and do I avoid all other training I have previously recieved?
PJMorgan1904 (12/6/2016 6:23 PM)
A. In jiu-jitsu, striking has a place in fighting, but only for two purposes: as means to acquire positional advantages, and understanding how to close distances safely. You can focus on GJJ by simply taking in the philosophy that accompanies each lesson.
Q. How about avoiding biting and dirty techniques as many boxers and street fighters use?
Juzz (6/2/2016 6:12 PM)
A. We address these things.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hello im a new student of the combatives. My question is until I develop in this art could a beginner gjj combative student defend against a blue belt bjj ?sport student?
Tony40 (1/3/2015 2:40 PM)
A. No, it's a completely different focus. Once you have developed your street reflexes with the Combatives techniques, we will teach you more sport focused moves and put you back on a level playing field with the other sport practitioners.
Q. Gjj artists seem to have trouble when facing muay thai fighters. It's hard to find fights between those two arts in their pure form. Have the Gracies done many challenge matches against muay thai fighters? And how much success has gjj had overall in such matches?
alexander7793 (4/18/2013 11:40 PM)
A. Please re-post your question in the "History" forum, thanks.
Q. In the video "The Striking Truth" you talked about how Gjj is a complete martial art, therefore learning a striking art is not necessary for street defense. However in the video "how to defeat multiple opponent you said in so many words that one's experience in a striking art might be beneficial while trying to stay on your feet. I believe that gjj is the most effective martial art out there. But would you say that learning a striking art would give you a better chance of success in a multiple attackers situation if one was already well trained in gjj?
alexander7793 (3/27/2013 11:47 AM)
A. It definitely can't hurt.
Q. I am small...only about 126 pounds...but i have cut weight because of jiujitsu and wrestling...but i am curious...if YOU are the "giant" and you are larger than your opponent, would explosiveness be okay?
Chopsticks (2/7/2013 6:56 AM)
A. If you're big enough to call the shots, you can choose whatever you want. But if you invest in your explosiveness, you'd better hope your opponent doesn't know jiu-jitsu.
Q. I mean no disrespect, but as a karate teacher, I must say that stating "your opponent can hit you when you can hit him" is kind of like if I said, "your opponent will try to arm bar you while your trying to arm bar him" as a way to state jiu jitsu as bei
Red Death (4/14/2012 2:40 PM)
A. It's completely different. We're talking about distance management and punch safety. The many karate teachers who are also CTC leaders can explain this to you.
Gracie University 1
Q. What about groin shots or eye gouges and dirty fighting on the street, and what if he has a friend that's going to stomp on your head?
Agent Jimenez (11/26/2011 12:16 PM)
A. These two questions have been addressed previously. Please use the forum search feature to find your answers.
Q. This is truth strikes tend not to be energy efficient. I noticed several critics saying it is dangerous to go to the ground, but I feel with my small size, flexibility and strength this art was made for me. Helio has given a gift to a person like me, stre
lilsamson (10/21/2011 3:35 AM)
A. Agreed! Respect.
Q. I am 14 years old and I am been bullied by two guys. Ironically one is my size and my weight and the other is smaller than me. However they like to bully in a more psicological and social way so getting the situation physical is not that easy. I had my chance some monthos ago before i began to learn gjj and I won the fight against the guy my size. Now both of them began to bully again and I am have trained in gracie combatives up to kimura armlock, about 16 classes. i dont know if using verbal jiu jitsu would be a good idea since the school would get me into trouble for "asking him to fight" and both would get the same consequences. Obviously i can't get the smaller guy because that would be to act as a coward and someone would stand for him. So how can I get them to stop?
graciehelicopter (7/13/2011 4:19 PM)
A. Please review the Rules of Engagement. First, avoid fighting at all costs. Secondly, use verbal Jiu-Jitsu. Remember, you aren't inviting him to fight you, you are asking him IF HE WANTS TO fight you. There is a difference. Defending yourself is not the action of a coward, regardless of their size.
Q. You guys are awesome! But will GJJ work in a multiple opponent situation? Ive heard that it will be taught in the black belt stage but is there a tip to counter multiple opponents?
andrewasle (4/16/2011 8:20 AM)
A. It is our belief that no martial art effectively deals with multiple attackers!
Q. what about defense against weapons
ray650 (12/15/2010 7:17 PM)
A. Stay tuned for those in the Master Cycle!
Q. hey are there any girls like kyra gracie thats good in jiu jitsu? or have a black belt
Happyfeet (12/5/2010 7:41 PM)
A. Yes, there are a few!
Q. Hello, my name is Ausberto. I would like to purchase the combatives dvds, but being non-computer savy I can't figure out how to do it on your site. I see where the on-line course is. Where do I go to buy dvds? Could you help me? Thank you.
goopy (10/29/2010 10:53 PM)
A. Click on the "store" link at the top of this page for info on how to purchase the DVD's!
Q. whats better brazillian jiu jitsu or graice or is it the same thing
k1ng43 (9/7/2010 9:30 PM)
A. It all came from the same place - the Gracie's!
Q. i was pinned to the mat on my back. my opponent was on top facing me with his left knee in my right shoulder and his right knee in my left shoulder how do i escape
qist (1/20/2010 12:09 PM)
A. Wiggle your body north (you may have to bump and bridge a few times to disrupt their balance) and then go for a Trap and Roll (lesson #1) or an Elbow Escape (lesson #12) as the situation dictates.
Q. hi
iloiloben (1/20/2010 12:26 AM)
A. Hello!
Q. can i buy combatives dvds in region 2 so i can watch in england
wychbury (1/13/2010 1:53 PM)
A. They are only available in region 1 for now. Consider buying a region 1 DVD player.
Q. Where on the internet can i c the Royce Gracie vs Matt Hughes fight
Hellraiser (12/18/2009 12:49 AM)
A. Try YouTube.
Q. Sorry for all the questions im new to jiu jitsu and I just want to make sure I choose the right school. I thank you guys for all your help.
Ceasar Gracie (12/9/2009 10:40 PM)
A. You are welcome, we are here for you!
Ceasar Gracie (12/8/2009 7:46 PM)
A. That was the whole point in creating the UFC!
Ceasar Gracie (12/8/2009 7:44 PM)
A. This topic has already been addressed.
Q. These philosphy lessons are fantastic. I'm eating this up! So thankful to have these resources...thank you!
A.D.Bowell (12/2/2009 7:17 PM)
A. You are welcome! Glad you like them.
Q. what is your opinion on vital point attacks such as used in F.A.S.T Defense ground fighting as compared to ground grappling?thanxokish02
kungfu man (10/24/2009 11:10 AM)
A. Striking vital points requires great skill to hit with pinpoint accuracy and sufficient force to have the desired effect. It also relies on the availability of the target and the bad guy's vulnerability. We feel that there are simply too many variables in this approach. We prefer to rely on the simple, proven, strategy and techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
Gracie University 1
Q. Can you guys open a Gracies Academy in my town, El Centro, Because I already go to a BJJ academy with Joe Morales, Blackbelt but i forgot his degree, but he is a good teacher.
BJJSal (10/4/2009 9:59 PM)
A. We have our hands quite full with this online university and our own academy. Consider opening up a Gracie Garage and make it happen on your own! Details can be found on this site.
Rener Gracie
Q. is there any martial art gyms that teach gracie jiu jitsu or brazilian jiu jitsu in Texas?
TapouT or get Broken (9/13/2009 9:06 PM)
A. Use the search feature under the "students and schools" section of this site to find out.
Rener Gracie
Q. do kids wear headgear?
skaterchase (8/28/2009 12:11 AM)
A. No. But they can if they want to.
Q. When do you anticipate the Master Cycle to be ready & accessable for the public?
Mike Diesel (8/20/2009 4:08 PM)
A. This question has been answered in the General Forum.
Rener Gracie
Q. Once promoted to blue belt will the master cycle be available to me in the cirriculum sections for purchase?
Austin Z (8/16/2009 7:31 PM)
A. Yes.
Rener Gracie
Q. When in close why not thorugh some elbows ? I like what im seeing in your ground skills
SRM (8/16/2009 2:10 AM)
A. Once you master the ground game, strikes are almost unnecessary. Imagine being able to dominate your opponent without strikes...once you can do that, you can really make an impression on your opponent, since he knows you're taking it EASY on him!
Rener Gracie
Q. so what does 1 do after blue belt if there is no schools around the area, and want to further their training
locktite (7/27/2009 10:49 PM)
A. The Master Cycle! It's almost ready for prime time.
Gracie University 1
Q. also would like to know does this university honor the other gracie belts , like the belts of the royce gracie academy
locktite (7/25/2009 2:36 PM)
A. We recognize all rank, but consider it "unverified" as we have no way of knowing which techniques you've learned and to what standard they were taught.
Gracie University 1
Q. do the gracies have a dvd to go from white belt to blck beck
locktite (7/25/2009 2:27 PM)
A. No.
Rener Gracie
Q. if someone tries to take you down, do you sprawl or resist or do you let them because your so comfortable on you back/ the ground?
ThaiJitsu (6/30/2009 7:30 AM)
A. That all depends on how well you think your opponent's takedown will work. If you think it best to resist early because you can stop it, then that would be a good option. If you know you have no choice but to go to the ground, resisting a little while you prepare a defense is probably another good option. Either way, priority one is to try to get on top, but failing that, we try to pull guard.
Rener Gracie
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