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Q. Thank you to Ryron and Rener for being so detail oriented and specific for all of the various ways we learn jiu jitsu! I recently read, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and it has definitely improved my absorption rate for jiu jitsu as well as life, in general. I hope they might help others as well. 1. Impeccable word 2. Take nothing personal 3. Make no assumptions 4. Always do your best. Enjoying the journey of perhaps 10k taps instead of 20k 🙏
Larry O'Day (3/5/2023 2:24 PM)
A. Thank you for the feedback!
Gracie University 1
Q. I love this egoless philosophy you are teaching. Along these lines, would it be a good idea to ask your training partner to explain the technique they caught you with? Maybe they would let you practice it with them too, so you could learn it from them? Thank you.
mwilson (10/25/2022 8:50 PM)
A. Yes!
Gracie University 1
Q. I came to this lesson looking for the Gracie diet. If possible, could you add a class about it or perhaps post a link where it might already be on the internet?
LiamDavid (6/16/2022 9:43 AM)
A. You can find a lot of information about the diet on the internet and buy Rorion Gracie's book on Amazon:
Gracie University 1
Q. Great instruction all the way around so far. I do have a question. Can you become a Gracie instructor without going through the CTC program? I am interested in training to become a Gracie instructor without running a CTC and opening a Gracie Garage or teach the curriculum within an already existing school of a another martial art? Please advise and thank you for what you're doing.
Jasonh42 (5/29/2021 2:54 PM)
A. You must complete the Instructor Certification Program, but you are not required to open a CTC.
Gracie University 1
Q. I think there is one more thing to point out! Since I'm really new to Jiu jitsu and already have seen some improvements, a can contribute a little. As a white belt and usually overwhelmed by sparring someone more experienced sometimes going full speed, just relax. The feeling of being overwhelmed will drop as you get used to the discomfort of some positions and you build your defenses up. From there it will open more opportunities for you to clear your mind and be more aware of your partners movements to learn a full lesson.
Lucas Pedro (9/22/2019 11:54 AM)
A. Thanks for the feedback!
Q. I whole-heartedly agree with this mindset and I'd love to cultivate it! However, I go to a dojo where everyone is wonderful and supportive BUT, at the end of the day, have winning-based mindsets. When sparring, if you win you are congratulated and if you lose you are 'consoled.' It's really hard not to have an ego in this sort of environment. Any thoughts on what to do?
Hassan Marei (9/20/2019 4:40 AM)
A. You already have the right mindset! Try to always keep in mind YOUR definition of winning!
Q. I’m a 6’ 00” athletic built what size would be a good place to start ? I’m about 225 -238
Graeson “The Greece” (2/8/2019 7:09 AM)
A. If you are referring to what size gi to get, please re-post in the "Gracie Store" forum, so we can help you more efficiently, thanks.
Q. Awesome video, there's nothing i enjoy more than getting my partner into an awkward position for both of us and finding out how he deals with it, tapping is just the indicator of a lesson learned. There is no winners or losers in training, only students, were all learning and there's always more to learn.
Edoyle18 (11/13/2018 9:32 AM)
A. Agreed! Thanks for the feedback!
Q. Eu gostaria só de deixar um agradecimento pelos ensinamentos passados de forma tão didática e desenvolvendo não só as habilidades técnicas do indivíduo como também seu controle emocional, caráter e saúde. Obrigado por universalizar todo esse conhecimento de gerações através da internet. OSS
Tiago Vendramini (9/27/2016 6:04 PM)
A. É nosso prazer! Obrigado pelo apoio!
Q. Which were the two questions Ryron's grandfather did for him that made him get the black belt ?
Tolentino (4/8/2016 8:00 AM)
A. It wasn't 2 questions, but rather 2 suggestions. Stop trying to win and just don't lose!
Q. A cada dia fico mais apaixonado por esse esporte ! Hugs from Brazil!
Tolentino (4/7/2016 12:23 PM)
A. Bem vindo ao nosso mundo! Welcome to our world!
Gracie University 1
Q. Love this video
Buffalo Bill (12/23/2015 5:27 PM)
A. Thanks for the support!
Q. What is the size of the stability ball that Rener gracie used this video of his?
Jonny bones (12/4/2014 4:18 AM)
A. Use one that is approximately the height of your knees.
Q. Wow. This was incredibly eye opening. I am totally the person who gets upset when I get tapped out. Sometimes people will explain to me afterwards what i did wrong, but i wont even be listening cause im dwelling on losing in my head! how silly! this may take some mental discipline but im gonna try leave my ego out of it and learn something after every roll.
Beau03 (8/20/2014 9:50 PM)
A. There is no losing in Jiu-Jitsu, only winning and learning!
Q. Awesome stuff!
LINCSakuraDojo (7/21/2013 3:28 PM)
A. Thanks for the support!
Q. Wow! Deep concepts here that you can apply on the mat and in life. It's for this concept in itself that I fell in love with Jiu Jitsu. Thanks for the inspiration guys and keep this videos coming!
Kobra (12/18/2012 9:00 PM)
A. Respect!
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