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Q. Hi, I paid monthly (started yesterday) and my son is going to be my training partner. I saw that we can share the cost and train together, but saw in one of your answers in this forum that he'll need to pay an "combatives exam fee". So does that mean we both can grade for the combatives belt when we're ready, and there's an "exam fee" for the grading that we both have to pay sometime ? That's a little unclear to me. Please clarify how this works ? Question 2: We have had about 6 months of BJJ training before Covid, and are already somewhat proficient in many of the 36 techniques, although we'll obviously go through it in the course, and make sure we do it like you teach it. So it's possible that we'll progress much faster than 12 months. When we feel we're ready, be it in 4 or 6 months, can we take the combatives grading ? What is the process to apply to do that, or to send in videos for review ? Thanks for the assistance :) Have mountains of respect for you guys, and have been watching your videos on youtube for ages. Also love T-City! Such a pity he could not get that triangle locked in in last weeks fight, but I guess sweat plays a big factor too. regards, Henk
Henk007 (10/4/2021 1:26 AM)
A. 1. Yes. The GC test fee is separate from your subscription and is paid when you upload your test. 2. Test when you're ready, but don't underestimate the need for attention to detail. We grade on your ability to demonstrate the technique as taught in the course. We explain the testing process under the Testing tab. Thanks! We look forward to seeing your tests!
Gracie University 1
Q. I started 3 months ago at a certified Gracie training center and had free access to watch the Gracie Combatives lesons. Now, I only have access to the first 4 combatives lessons. What happened to the combative lessons and where did it go to? Please advise, as I am still practicing the Combative lessons in class and want to review them at home.
Oneman (9/25/2021 6:58 PM)
A. If you're still at the CTC, your head instructor can grant access to the lessons.
Gracie University 1
Q. I am a 65 years old healthy female, not athletic. Am I too old to learn new tricks? Are there older women in the program who can offer their thoughts and experiences ?
C.Lorhan (9/20/2021 6:57 PM)
A. You can definitely do this. We have many students in their 60s and beyond.
Gracie University 1
Q. Firstly, thank you for this incredible resource! My question is, can I train the standing and ground techniques concurrently, or is it necessary to follow the course in order?
Jim Bremner (9/18/2021 4:45 PM)
A. We designed the curriculum for linear learning, but we train both standing and ground techniques concurrently at our certified training centers.
Gracie University 1
Q. I am looking for the curriculum that takes me from white to blue where is thus or is blue awarded after combative?
Scuba Gerry (8/22/2021 6:05 PM)
A. Blue is awarded after a live test by a certified evaluator.
Gracie University 1
Q. I want to fight in MMA but i have no experience. Is BJJ the best to learn first?
Brito21 (8/3/2021 11:15 PM)
A. Yes.
Gracie University 1
Q. Dear Gracie University. I've bought the DVD box in the past. Do I have to pay for the online combatives? Kind regrards, Philippe
Philippe VR (8/1/2021 7:13 AM)
A. Yes, because the online course provides additional material and services beyond that in the DVDs.
Gracie University 1
Q. it there a warm video before we can do before a lessons
ACES DEFENSE (7/30/2021 4:40 PM)
A. No. We review lessons to warm up.
Gracie University 1
Q. I am a little hesitant because i am obese. Also, i do suffer some pain in the legs and lower back because of the length diffirences of my legs. What do you advice me to do? Thank you. Forgive my english. Not my first language.
Furgenbjj83 (7/30/2021 10:44 AM)
A. You'll never know until you try. For many people who carry excess weight, the increase in activity you'll experience through this training improves your health.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hey! Would 22 be to late to start training for the sports side of Jiu Jitsu? Such as MMA and high level grappling tournaments?
Ultrashot (7/26/2021 11:00 AM)
A. Too many variables to give you a definitive answer - fitness level, aptitude, previous experience in other fighting sports - but, you'll never know if you don't try.
Gracie University 1
Q. I feel Combatives needs an upgrade, and new version, after more than 10 years of feedback on the forum. Dont get me wrong the course is amazing. I would gladly pay for a new revamped version that addresses the recurring questions on tbe forum, and also addresses things missing such as counters to body slams, the modern ways of finishing the guillotine, Von Flue choke, a leg lock against bigger stronger opponents etc etc
Steks (7/25/2021 9:05 AM)
A. We've thought about this, but have many more urgent priorities. The Combatives techniques are tried and true for most people defending themselves against the most likely aggressors. The improvements we'd make would only be on the margins and our time is better spent on other projects for now.
Gracie University 1
Q. Do you guys have a recommended amount of time I should spend on the drills? Should I just do each drill 2-3 times and move on?, or spend a certain amount of time? like 5 min on it?
alexor (7/19/2021 4:45 PM)
A. The objective is to drill until the move becomes a reflex. The time and reps will vary from person to person.
Gracie University 1
Q. Does mastery of the 36 combative lessons equal Blue Belt? Also, does the blue belt book cover the 36 combative techniques?
Oneman (7/13/2021 4:46 PM)
A. It equals a Gracie Combatives belt. We require an additional 6-8 months of sparring until the student can demonstrate comfort in difficult positions against a more skilled opponent for award of a blue belt. This is a change we implement several years ago based on feedback from our uncles.
Gracie University 1
Q. HOW DO I get your book with all the 36 techniques for me to track my progress? is it mailed to me? do I need to buy it?
M2 (6/15/2021 8:07 AM)
A. It's available under My Dashboard/My Files once you have the course.
Gracie University 1
Q. Can I do this course without a partner, and then twice a week or so, practice the techniques in a bjj gym?
mikebeary (5/16/2021 11:37 PM)
A. It's possible, but not ideal. As long as you're getting some live practice, you should be OK.
Gracie University 1
Q. One thing I would like to say is that I started with the Combatives course years ago and that led me to eventually join bjj schools and spend a lot of hours on the mats. I took a break because of covid but I hope to go back once I get some other health issues straightened out. I wasn't able to find a Gracie school I really liked but I did find other schools, and your philosophy has helped me a lot, especially because it helped me avoid the mentality of ego-based rolling, and I know that helped my training partners too (not because I didn't hurt them but because it is a much more positive way to roll) so thank you for that.
Badruddin (5/3/2021 10:18 AM)
A. Thanks for the feedback!
Gracie University 1
Q. HelloI want to download these videos so I can put them on a usb stick and watch them on my tv like my other judo and bjj instructional videos. Is that possible somehow? If not could you please make it possible? Thank you /P
Badruddin (5/3/2021 10:04 AM)
A. It's not possible at this time, but we acknowledge that it's often requested.
Gracie University 1
Q. Ive trained MMA off and on since I was 14 years old. I am currently 30 years old. Going over the curriculum I can see my self adapting and remembering my training when I was youth. This is an awesome program, breaking it down in such a simple way that it feels like a long lost friend. 2 questions I have. First is since I just purchased the yearly for the 36 Combatives, What will I need to do to become an Instructor once completed since I jupmed the gun and did not purchase Instructer program. Second question, my wife will be my training partner, will she be able to test for her belt when we are finished? As I understand we can share same course, but could find no clarification of us both being able to belt under my purchased course.
Ray.Marqu3z (5/1/2021 11:35 AM)
A. The first step toward becoming an instructor is to pass the Gracie Combatives test with a 95 or higher. Focus on that, then shift to the instructor certification requirements. You can share the course with your wife, but both must register and pay for the Gracie Combatives test evaluation.
Gracie University 1
Q. Most street fights begin standing up dealing with an opponent who is a striker. Is there any Gracie Combative Lessons that teaches how to defend against a stand up striker and getting the fight to the ground to apply the techniques?
onedog (4/18/2021 1:25 PM)
A. Most of the clinch entries and takedowns are for use against a striker. We have a few that are specific to grappling situations, however.
Gracie University 1
Q. When do you recommend to start rolling with a partner while beginning the combative program? Should I start right away and dedicate like 10-20 minutes after each lesson or wait until I get through all of them before rolling or something along those lines? Thanks
Jkb1024 (4/17/2021 9:52 PM)
A. We recommend that you not 50-50 spar until you've mastered all of the lessons. Focus on drilling techniques. You can ramp up the intensity of the resistance, but don't try to counter them using jiu-jitsu techniques. The BG should be feeding you the target behaviors. Once you can reflexively combine all of the techniques and prove your street readiness, then you can introduce some 50-50 sparring.
Gracie University 1
Q. Is it possible to download the videos so I can save them to another device and watch later? I'm in a country without stable internet and it's nearly impossible to watch this while in a place I can follow along with the movements.
Joe Fink (4/6/2021 4:29 AM)
A. We don't have that capability yet.
Gracie University 1
Q. Boa noite Esse curso seria um curso de faixa branca? Eu preciso fazer esse curso antes de fazer o curso de faixa azul ? Não achei nenhum curso aqui aode ensinam rolamentos, etc. Pra fazer o testé da faixa azul eu preciso primeiro terminar esse curso aqui? Obrigado pela atencåo
Alemão 571982 (3/14/2021 5:14 PM)
A. Sim, é um curso de faixa-branca. Recomendamos fortemente que você conclua este curso antes de iniciar o curso da faixa azul.
Gracie University 1
Q. It's kind of odd to me that you call the combatives course "The beginner program" as I've heard Rener mention in multiple videos how purple and brown (I THINK he said brown, don't quote me on that) belts lost or had trouble in street fights because they didn't take the combatives courses. Just an observation. But my question is, I am only interested in learning street applicable bjj and I was happy to see that for the blue belt stripe courses I noticed you place "Sport" next to those lessons which are really only used in sport bjj (at least I think that's what you mean) i.e. De La Riva Guard, Spider Guard, etc... So are we to assume that all lessons not marked as " sport" can be used in a street setting? If not, would you ever consider labeling all other applicable lessons as street? Last question, I heard Rener mention that the purple belt courses were done but they're still not on the site - are they going to be anytime soon?...........Just curious. Please note too that you need a tad bit more quality control on your dvd sets. I bought the combatives disk set and it came to me with a bunch of damage case pieces and badly scratched disks (thankfully I think they all still work) I would have exchanged it but I know I'll just receive another damage set. Sometimes you can blame shipping obviously but a lot of the times it's the very shoddy cases that are used (which the combatives set uses). I know the business sense is to always deliver the cheapest product for the most profit but often times you need to spend just a bit more to keep your customers at least a little happy. Thanks for your time.
msmeal (3/13/2021 12:25 PM)
A. Nearly every technique we teach is for self-defense. We clearly identify the limitation of techniques that could leave you vulnerable in a street fight. Essentially, any technique that leaves you vulnerable to a strike is not a street technique. The Purple Belt Course will be released soon. It's in final production. If you received damaged goods from the Gracie Store, contact us. We stand by the product to include the quality of the packaging.
Gracie University 1
Q. Is there any difference between Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Rener Gracie Jiu Jitsu?
Khanh9 (3/13/2021 1:24 AM)
A. The roots are the same, but you can see differences in the advanced level applications. Jiu-jitsu masters commonly evolve fundamental techniques to fit their personal styles.
Gracie University 1
Q. how would u defend if any of your fam is hurt or being hurt by a bad guy how would u protect them and your self
patticrawford (3/9/2021 2:12 PM)
A. There are too many variables to address, but we have an answer for each one.
Gracie University 1
Q. What if you're cornered by multiple attackers and some of them have edged or blunt weapons? What would be the best approach to that?
Jules79 (3/8/2021 3:51 AM)
A. Run.
Gracie University 1
Q. Can I also apply this type of martial art with MMA?
Edy10113 (3/3/2021 7:36 PM)
A. Yes.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi, i am training alone, is it possible to train in bjj with two ropes and a bolster?
Rumah (2/24/2021 1:48 AM)
A. You can advance with solo training and various partner substitutes, but eventually you'll need a partner to master the techniques.
Gracie University 1
Q. Curious, how well would two students from the same school do against each other - one doing Gracie combatives only and one doing sport BJJ moves (and what they think works in the streets). Let's say the sport bjj guy was a brown belt and the combatives guy was a blue belt. Keep in mind, the brown belt never took the combatives course.....and we're not talking about two students from a Gracie CTC either. I've been doing the combatives course for about 2 months now, VERY valuable - never had training this well at my gym either - what's great here is how each course blends into the next one - especially with the reflex drills and fight sims - great work guys.
msmeal (2/23/2021 10:40 PM)
A. The situation has too many variables for us to give you a good answer.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hi all, was wondering what is the average period (how many training days a week & for how long) to cover the entire Combative curriculum and be ready for the test?
jd1022 (1/29/2021 12:20 AM)
A. At our Certified Training Centers, we've found it takes at least eight months to develop the precision and reflexes needed to earn a Gracie Combatives belt.
Gracie University 1
Q. I don't have a question. In 1988, The Gracies were invited to the Chuck Norris UFAF convention, and their techniques were integrated into Mr. Norris' system. I began training in 1992 and am familiar with but not a master of these 36 techniques. While some people may think that 36 techniques is minimal, let me say that Bill "Superfoot" Wallace used 3 kicks and 2 punches and was a world champion. These fundamental techniques in the Combatives course, once mastered, are priceless. While true mastery is never possible, our aim as students should be to become just a little bit better at something each day and tangentially approach mastery. Thank you to the Gracies and much love and respect.
pm1978 (1/13/2021 7:53 PM)
A. Thank you for the kind words.
Gracie University 1
Q. Can you add me back to the gracie email list
AdamSyv (1/8/2021 9:04 PM)
A. Please repost in the Help/Tech Support forum.
Gracie University 1
Q. Olá, me chamo André Branco, falo do Brasil. Vocês tem a disponibilidade do curso Gracie Combatives em Português? Porque todos os vídeos que vejo são em Inglês! Desde já Obrigado. E-mail:
André Branco (1/6/2021 12:52 PM)
A. Ainda não.
Gracie University 1
Q. how should i conduct a typical training session when i am practising with my partner? e.g. what to do for warmups, for how long, what's after warmups? technique drilling? sparring?
Jereminchar (12/29/2020 6:21 PM)
A. Any calisthenics that exercise the core will work, but we've found simply drilling at slow pace suffices for a warmup. For example, we jump straight into technique review for the warmup in all of our classes at Certified Training Centers.
Gracie University 1
Q. hello friends, I do not speak the English language, is this an impediment to perform the blue belt tests?
Arthur P (12/26/2020 9:25 PM)
A. We are only presenting in English at this time, so it would be difficult to learn the fine points of the technique without listening to the lesson.
Gracie University 1
Q. i don’t have internet connection allot is it possible to download these videos that I could be able to watch them offline? . Thanks
Sol-F (12/19/2020 7:35 PM)
A. The videos need to stream from the Internet similar to YouTube. They cannot be downloaded.
Gracie University Support
Q. Can you explain the difference between a Course and a Subscription? I'm at a loss what the benefit is to spend $200 for a prepaid year subscription to Gracie Combatives, when the Gracie Combatives Course is $115. What is the difference? Do you lose access to the course after the year is up with the Subscription? If so, that makes it even harder to understand the value and benefit of purchasing a Subscription over a Course.
Rossphile (12/1/2020 7:54 PM)
A. With the subscription option you also get access to the large library of Narrated Sparring Videos, the Bonus Breakdowns, and the live Solo Lessons. Some people prefer to pay over time and get access to those additional features as opposed to pay in one lump sum for the core course. You can find out more on the subscription options and what they include at
Gracie University Support
Q. Can I get Blue Belt with out a partner? I am asking because in the demo vedio of the test, I saw a partner.
VPK (11/27/2020 3:54 PM)
A. You need a live partner to demonstrate the techniques.
Gracie University 1
Q. How can we watch the Gracie University videos on our smart TVs? Do you offer actual video file downloads (such as mp4, avi, mkv, etc?)
mercera10 (11/23/2020 9:43 AM)
A. You can Chromecast or Airplay the videos onto any compatible smart TV. The option is located in the bottom right of the video player. All of the content is only available through online streaming (no downloads available). If you have any other questions feel free to email
Gracie University Support
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