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Q. Dear GU, Can you please recommend best BJJ academy in Belgrade, Serbia (Europe) There is merely Gracie Barra school over here, nevertheless I would like to have your opinion on this so please advise. Thank you so much, appreciate the 30 free intro classes. Best regards, Damjan, Belgrade, Serbia (the land of Nikola Tesla)
damjan.josipovic (4/1/2020 2:05 PM)
A. The only schools that we recommend are our Certified Training Centers. However, watch this video of Ryron and Rener discussing "how to find the perfect jiu-jitsu school (for you) so you can learn how to evaluate your options:
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Q. How much is a class for an out of state person. Or does it not matter I am in Michigan and would like to learn in class when it reopens
Carloswey (3/28/2020 6:08 PM)
A. Each Certified Training Center has it's own tuition structure based on the local market.
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Q. Hi, my name is Royce Champion I am a police officer in Missouri and I would like to continue training. Is there a course for law enforcement I can take and be tested on the skills learned?
rcag (3/26/2020 1:06 AM)
A. Check out our Gracie Survival Tactics course at
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Q. I've been a GU student for 11 years now, so I think I can claim to have been pretty patient, and everything on this site is really fantastic. With that said, is there any chance we could get an update on when (or at this point IF) you will be releasing Purple belt and Brown belt curriculums? Thanks!
Stymie (3/16/2020 11:39 AM)
A. We've prioritized updates to our core courses, but they're still in the works. You have best of the techniques already. If you only worked the BBS1-4 moves, you would have more than enough in your arsenal to carry you to black belt.
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Q. Hello, I want to train in the Gracie Survival Tactics programme and want to follow the five day program. Can you tell me if this program will be given in Europe for the near future? With kind regards.
KurtVV (3/2/2020 2:13 PM)
A. Not this year, but we're working on it.
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Q. Can I cast these videos to my tv like you tube and use my chrome cast? I can’t seem to figure it out.
plap (3/2/2020 12:26 PM)
A. It may be possible. Please repost your question in the Help/Tech Support forum.
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Q. Hello. Where can i study in Buenos Aires Argentina?
Lgoldsman (2/28/2020 2:09 PM)
A. If you're looking for a CTC, check the "Locations" tab in the menu bar.
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Q. I am one belt away from qualifying for the high belt lessons involving judo and bjj in my mma school in Tacoma Wa. I am very very flexible and my tolerance for pain is extremely high. My background in martial arts is tai chi, taekwondo, hapkido, aikido and few shorts lesson in bjj and mui tai kickboxing. When I took hapkido and aikido and bjj no one could make me tap out, not the instructors or students. I hear in bjj being small and flexible is beneficial. But what about being tall, muscular and flexible like me who is around 5’ll with an arm length that is matched only by athletes who are 6 foot 5 and up. My arms are super long, I am over 200 lbs with a lot of muscle, I have been able to pull my torso and head forward and down behind my legs, I can twist my arms, legs, fingers, wrists in ways that make others cringe. My tolerance for pain is just unmatched. Joint locks don’t work, eating ghost peppers by themselves that set ones mouth on fire doesn’t sway me. Do you feel these characteristics about me will give me a great advantage in bjj? I am one belt away from earning my red belt in taekwondo and will allow me to take bjj and judo classes at my mixed martial arts school. I am very confident that when my instructors and students perform grappling on me that their minds will be blown at what I can resist and wiggle out of. I have had people who take bjj mention to me that I would excell at bjj so I am happy to give it a go and see. :) So to reiterate, does it sound like I have an advantage in bjj by being super flexible, super resistant to pain, an arm reach that far exceeds others my height and size and an unmatched willpower and determination to excell and succeed in all I do?
bizmanlance83 (2/26/2020 8:40 AM)
A. Try it and let us know how it goes.
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Q. I recently started BJJ at a local run school. The nearest Gracie CTC is 120 miles away I’m 55 no previous training. The school seems good ( run by a brown belt)but the training is random. The exercise is excellent like learning forward backward rolls shrimping etc. but they use a municipal building and classes get cancelled often. So I’m looking for consistency and I want to learn self defense! I need a recommendation as to how I should proceed. I love the combatives course but don’t have a training partner. Help!
plap (2/21/2020 10:34 AM)
A. You've found the answer. Now, you need to find a training partner. You can do it!
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Q. Is there a specific location from which to download the Blue Belt Qualification Handbook? I've looked and searched through out the university site but cannot find a pdf for it to download. Thank you.
normanmair (2/7/2020 9:30 PM)
A. Once you've purchased the Gracie Combatives course, go to My Dashboard:My Content:My Files. You should be able to download the PDF from there.
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Q. Hello im 51 years old and currently on training 2x a week.We do techniques,drills for first hour and sparring for the 2nd hour. I do 2 sparring each class just enough to physically manage my injury sustained during my periodic special training (im in the uniformed armed services). And also to manage my recovery time in between trainings.The program in our local academy is unstructured,we just do technique collection,not so much of concepts. The lessons are random,Its not well managed,the training is always on the RED or hard. That being said, do u even give merit,weight,or consider such training in your evaluation method? it has some value after all. If so, how do u incorporate it i your system of evaluation ?
Rdums (2/7/2020 6:20 AM)
A. We would consider it high risk and low reward. You can achieve nearly the same level of technical and physical challenge with focused sparring. That's not to say that we don't spar uncooperatively on occasion, but it's the exception not the rule. Every training session should have a purpose and desired outcome to maximize your training efficiency and progress.
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Q. I have been teaching basic self defense to a couple of students at our local college, but i want to expand to a store front building with just learning from Gracie University and and simply charging to help pay for the coverage of the building as I grow, I know alot of the basics and earned my blue belt, I want to know is there anything i need to know about this method, i basically live in a apartment. I've loved the teaching on Gracie University! i"m currently learning and practicing myself with my boys.
Curt Johnson (1/28/2020 11:15 PM)
A. If you're charging, you can't use the Gracie trademarks. Give our CTC Support Team a call to talk details about your options.
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Q. hola, como podría obtener este curso en español Hi, how could I get this course in Spanish?
pilo gracie (1/28/2020 6:13 PM)
A. We're working on it.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hey! I recently started a class at a local Jiu Jitsu studio. While they are great and have inspired me to take on this sport. I am a 49yr old woman who wants to learn it for self defense and possibly teach the woman empowered program to other women. I just discovered on your program when searching for women in jiu jitsu because I was feeling inadequate at the gym:). My local studio is tournament focused & doesn't want to teach self defense. I want to know, after learning the program for my self, how long does it generally take to teach the women empowered program to others? Thanks.
lotusp (1/22/2020 5:02 AM)
A. Consider starting your own Gracie Garage and focus on training with women. You don't have to be certified to teach the techniques, you just can't advertise using the trademarked course names. For now, that might be your best option. In the longer term, earn your Gracie Combatives belt through the online curriculum and consider starting your own CTC or finding a school that will accept the program as a subelement. We've have many karate and taekwondo schools that also are CTCs.
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Q. I agree with @KendrickFaudoa about bringing a camp to Wyoming! What would finding a sponsor look like?
smwhelchel (1/21/2020 8:11 PM)
A. A sponsor coordinates the location, dates, and guarantees a minimum number of attendees to meet the cost of the seminar. The best way to do this is to work with a martial arts school or another institution that can provide a large group to meet the minimum requirements, then use social media and other forms of outreach to bring in other attendees. Once you have the minimum, we will also promote the event through GU.
Gracie University 1
Q. Hey! I absolutely love the videos. How about a possible camp in Wyoming?!?
KendrickFaudoa (1/13/2020 11:48 PM)
A. Find us a sponsor and we'll look at our options.
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Q. How many years should it take on average to get a blue belt?
Maribelm (1/11/2020 10:23 PM)
A. A minimum of 14 months - 8 months minimum to Gracie Combatives belt and then six months to blue belt. 18-24 months or more is probably more realistic based on most students' training schedules.
Gracie University 1
Q. Do you guys graduate the students from participating from Gracie jujitsu university as much as the mat training ???
Sergio R (1/10/2020 11:03 PM)
A. Can you clarify the question? Are you referring to the mat at Gracie University or all of the mats in our CTC network?
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Q. is gracie university the same academy as gracie barra?
Amart24 (12/23/2019 8:17 PM)
A. No. Gracie University traces its roots through the Gracie Academy in Torrance.
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Q. what if I can't find someone that wants to train with me
Igouspopurt (12/22/2019 1:48 PM)
A. Where there's will, there's a way.
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Q. Just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome videos, you guys are amazing instructors! I'm glad I finally found Jiu Jitsu at the age of 44, I'm having the time of my life! What makes it really fun is I'm hyper mobile, which makes me slippery even for some of the higher belted guys :) The only negative thing to me is the video quality. I'd love to have HD video!
thundstuen (12/17/2019 2:38 PM)
A. Thanks!
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Q. If I am enrolled in Gracie University and I introduce my two teenage sons (16 & 17) to BJJ, can they also view the lessons and participate in the belt testing?
MTanner (12/12/2019 1:02 PM)
A. You can share the lessons, but each student must have an account to submit a test video.
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Q. Hey Guys, In the uk here . Already been training for a couple of years on and off due to life changes couldn’t consistently attend the same classes and also I found the instructors all wanted me to compete- and I just want to learn and do BJJ and get better at it. Too old to start competing! Hold no belt as recently started training regularly at home with some like minded friends and they love it- saw this and it’s perfect for us - so thanks! Question is- if I have previous experience- can I pick which lessons to purchase based on what I already know to drill and then take a test? Or do I have to buy whole course? Thanks again. Excited to get going 🤓
Dean C (12/8/2019 2:30 AM)
A. You can, but you should strongly consider buying the entire course as a package to ensure you have the details for all techniques. The test is exacting.
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Q. Is there a difference between your GJJ and Relson Gracie GJJ? Theres a guy in my hometown who is a black belt under Relson the closes CTC to is over an hour away I'm curious to know if its relatively the same thing I'm aware the curriculum is different but is just as effective?
Braxton94 (12/7/2019 11:47 AM)
A. Without knowing the school's training objectives or curriculum, it's hard to answer the question. Take the time to check out both and then decide.
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Q. This is a general question about more the philosophy/strategy behind applying jiu jitsu after soaking in many of these facinating lessons. How/what should a person get out of these lessons for specific body types considering myself and my opponent/BG body types in any given situation? For example, I am 6ft tall, a lean 260 lbs, and i have thick muscular legs and shoulders. Is there anything i should do different if my opponent or BG is smaller than me? Would certain techniques be more difficult or be tailored in some way? Im grateful for any feedback . Thank you
Russell Sharp (12/6/2019 8:40 AM)
A. You're blessed with the ability to use both mass and leverage. Our only concern for you is that you learn to adjust your pressure so that you don't run off your partners!
Gracie University 1
Q. What are the indicators for the techniques?
Bristolbud (12/5/2019 9:33 PM)
A. Bad guy actions to which you will respond.
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Q. Hoping a download option on the lessons are in the works. I live in a remote location, and where I can go use the mats (the school), has no wifi. Cell data in town is too slow to run the videos. Would be great to be able to down load lessons and bring them, rather than having to watch them, take notes and then go to practice.
Gibsorz (12/5/2019 12:46 AM)
A. Consider buying the DVD.
Gracie University 1
Q. Can i do combatives course with my wife as my training partner and earn a real blue belt by testing in person? Or am i required to find somone that already trained in bjj with higher rank as a training partner. My job and location would limit me to only h ing my wife or brother in law as a partner, who happens to he a wrestling coach.
Russell Sharp (11/29/2019 7:40 PM)
A. You can certainly train with your wife and earn the Gracie Combatives belt. Promotion to blue belt requires a live evaluation with a certified tester.
Gracie University 1
Q. I’m currently stationed in Nagasaki Japan, do you know any instructors in Japan? Or do you have any recommendations on finding a partner to execute this training efficiently? Thank you and I’m glad to apart of the team.
JGAINES85 (11/29/2019 12:50 AM)
A. We have on CTC in Japan in Osaka. The link to the site is If you can't make it to the CTC, then use GU to train on your own and find a partner by simply asking friends if they're interested in training with you.
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Q. Im from Philippines..😉
JPU (11/25/2019 8:00 PM)
A. Welcome to the family!
Q. My son and I just started Gracie Combatives at a CTC/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Sayville ,NY . I'm a 70 year old male and my son is 28....we're hooked! We have a great instructor in Bruce Porcelli/Purple Belt. The online access to the lessons is so helpful. Keep up the great work.
FrankJ132 (11/9/2019 1:47 PM)
A. Welcome to the family! Bruce is the man, you are in good hands!
Q. Is there an updated intro class? I remember just rener doing an updated intro since the changes were made. Where is it?
Hopeman20 (11/6/2019 11:52 PM)
A. Not yet...
Q. Hello GC, Just started the course but I am in dire need of mats do you ship to FPO/AE? Thank you
Jmillen1893 (11/3/2019 11:09 AM)
A. We are sorry, we are unable to ship our mats FPO/AE.
Q. Is it possible to get s as warmup routine that you recommend?
KeithBushaw (10/26/2019 10:11 AM)
A. Start with some general stretching and reviewing previously learned moves, in a nice and relaxed manner. Modify from there.
Q. Who did the analysis to pick the 36 techniques out of over 1000, and how did they, and when did they? Where did they get that data?
RollingVegas (10/16/2019 7:11 PM)
A. Great question! These 36 techniques have been used in real street fights more often, and more effectively, than all the other techniques combined! This knowledge was accumulated from the over 300 challenge matches involving Gracie family members, covering a span of nearly 90 years, in the US and Brazil.
Q. or should anything thats comfortable work?
Jack2002 (10/3/2019 5:44 PM)
A. Yes.
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Q. would it be ok to train in shorts?
Jack2002 (10/3/2019 5:35 PM)
A. Yes.
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