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The Multiple Attacker Myth

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Q. What if you can't run from multiple attackers? For example, what if you are with your two five-year-old daughters? I agree that no martial art can honestly guarantee an effective system against multiple attackers, but there may be situations where you then at least need a system that gives you the best chance possible.
Mike Forsy (4/25/2024 8:22 AM)
A. We haven't addressed this yet in the Master Cycle. Some thoughts for multiple attackers are to try to move yourself or one of the attackers so that you only face one at a time, stay on your feet, and some recommend attempting to take out the largest of the attackers, but you may not have that option.
Gracie University 1
Q. Which is more effective, the guard getup technique from this video (around 7:00) or the ones from Defense 10?
Markus07 (12/29/2023 4:43 AM)
A. It depends on the circumstances (environment, BG behavior, relative body sizes) to determine relative effectiveness. But, they're all good.
Gracie University 1
Q. why is this get up not part of the Combatives course? seems to me one of the most important (and easiest!) techniques there is (even against a single attacker)
frhib (11/26/2022 1:54 PM)
A. We could only pack so much into the course, so we chose the easiest to learn for most people. We had to draw the line somewhere as you'll find many great techniques throughout the curriculum that fit our criteria for effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of learning.
Gracie University 1
Q. I'm from the Philippines and there's no CTC here based on the Locations>>CTC page. I couldn't even find a Kevin Gamboa in the list of Members in this site. Any clue where that CTC Makati Philippines or where Kevin may be found? Thank you! My whole family's getting to love GJJ already.
Lyon Carullo (5/25/2022 10:57 AM)
A. If the school isn't listed in the online directory under the Locations tab, then it's likely the CTC has closed.
Gracie University 1
Q. 00:35 Maybe other martial artists are just tired of constantly being degraded by BJJ people. Also: if you guys get a chance please search ''Jesse Enkamp Gracie UFC Conspiracy video'' Bill Wallace just might be on to you guys.
Elisha (7/21/2020 9:44 PM)
A. We've always believed that the mat doesn't lie. We let our actions speak for us. Show us something that works for people of all sizes against larger opponents that doesn't require superior speed or strength, and we'll embrace it.
Gracie University 1
Q. Great video. If you don't have a chance to run and end up on ground with 3 guys on top of you, it seems like it would be hard to get up and run. What would you recommend as a survival skill to minimize the punches and kicks until BG finally leave?
Vista (5/2/2020 8:14 AM)
A. There are so many variables in a situation like this (numbers, environment, escape options, and intent, for example), and we don't have a lot of experience fighting multiple attackers (nobody does). Common sense says to protect your head at all costs, protect other vital areas, and look for an opportunity to escape.
Gracie University 1
Q. Many attack other Martial Arts trying to point out perceived weaknesses. I prefer to focus on the strengths of an Art. There, for sure will be "Martial Artists" who try to sell people on their method and talk bad about others. You are doing something similar in this video. I have a lot of respect for Jiu Jitsu and what your family does. A lot of good but I don't think we need Martial Artist need to combat each other. Running or avoiding fights when possible is always the best strategy but as you know there are times when avoiding or running away is not possible. At the point when you know you have to defend/fight it will be best to have many weapons in your arsenal. Having a ground game, standing game, striking and grappling experience will benefit you. I understand why you spoke ill of other Martial Arts, saying no one has effective strategy for multiple attackers but it wasn't accurate. There are strategies that are effective. I have studied Jiu Jitsu and teach some Jiu Jitsu in the Karate program I teach. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.
MKnowles (4/21/2020 11:07 AM)
A. We've found no martial art that is consistently effective against multiple attackers. While some martial arts are better for moving, evading, and using preemptive strikes when facing multiple attackers, the chances of surviving are very low as long as you remain in the fight.
Gracie University 1
Q. Chopping the base > this works if you kick the knee to the side? If a guy has a large leg and is facing you more, then it's hard to move it by kicking the front of the thigh?
xuming (4/3/2020 6:09 PM)
A. If the BG is sitting back, then you have other options. The base chop requires the BG to lean forward a little unless you have a very powerful kick...even then you're relying on relative strength and that's not in keeping with our fight philosophy and tactics.
Gracie University 1
Q. First I'd to say that I've been following your Combative course for quite some time and it's AWESOME. I actually like it 10 times more than my actual Jujitsu classes that I take. I've also taken 3 of your workshops which I also thought was well worth the money. Both of you are outstanding instructors. With that being said I'm really disappointed in this video. I understand you have to market your product but to put misinformation like this out there is dishonorable. I'm sure that a Highly Skill Martial Artist who has also trained with some of the best Strikers in world like yourself is aware that not only is it possible to win against multiple attackers is very likely if your a skilled striker and there not. I know this from MANY personal experience. Now of course this depends on how many attackers we're referring to. The fewer the better. I've favored quite well against 2 attackers. I've had my ass handed to me by 10. Are the odds in your favor, definitely not but the odds are never in your favor in a sudden violent attack and you don't know your attacker. Further more running should ALWAYS be your option over fighting. Even if your a black belt in Jujitju . He who runs away lives to fight other day, If a young Mike Tyson or you for that matter were standing in front of the average blue brown or black belt in any art it would be better to run than to fight. Especially when losing could mean your life. The reason why we teach our students to how to fight is because they have no other option. This video is telling people that if running is not an option then you should just lay there and get beat up, raped or even killed. I say bullshit. YOU FIGHT! And since your gonna fight you might as well know how to do it. I would have more respect for you had you had said Jujitsu doesn't have and answer for this problem but we also promote getting other training as well. Lastly i've seen countless videos with you doing defenses against attackers with knives. All of which are also good but are you trying to tell me that if a man has a knife its better to use your Jujitsu than to run. Lastly i'd like to quote Roy Miller. It's better to avoid than to run. It's better to run than to deescalate. It's better to deescalate than to fight. It's better to fight than to die. Whether there one or more bad guys ALWAYS CHOOSE RUNNING FIRST. If thats not an option give yourself a chance and learn how to throw a god dam punch. It might save your life. I can go on and on about just subject but you get the point and I hope your viewers see this as well. Sir your product is good enough by itself. You don't have add to it. Its Legit.. But no one art has all the answers. Im sure you know that. With that being said keep up the good work and if i've misunderstood your point I Apologize.
DJKrav (1/16/2020 10:32 PM)
A. All good points and worth sharing.
Gracie University 1
Q. Well. To be fair, I trained Kung-Fu briefly as a kid. Our instructor had the same advice against multiple attackers: If you are surrounded, punch the weakest one and run.
MattBogglewitch (10/5/2019 7:14 PM)
A. Shaolin wisdom.
Gracie University 1
Q. I think lesson 3 discusses light strikes against a training partner to build awareness and improve distance management. I think awareness is key here as well, the second guy will probably come from behind and we can't manage distance we're not aware of. A game I play during training/sparing (in my head) is to stay aware of other groups training/sparing avoid contact, to bump into them is to lose awareness or not manage the distance. It's friendly, and builds awareness of multiple "opponents". But cannot agree more: be smart, run for it and leave the ego behind.
paaat (2/22/2019 12:56 PM)
A. Thanks for the feedback.
Q. I will way in with this. I've been jumped on a few occasions. And there is nothing you can do to stop what's coming. I'd get up an run only to get taken down or nocked down within a few feet. I was lucky that others intervened or was able to get over a fence an out of view an hide. Ive studied Krav maga. An even people like David Kahn or Eyal Yanilov will tell you to get out of the situation as fast as possible. David Kahn is the head honcho of the IKMA here in the US. Amazing guy. I had the privilege of talking to him threw some emails an he is an awesome guy. An even hill say get out of the situation as fast as you can. Now You may have to get through someone to do it or other things. Now if they do have to they try to maneuver the 1 person to be in front of the others opening the way for you, an again run. Its kinda the funnel idea. If you can get into a door an keep them from using the mass group against you an take them 1 on 1. But your chances of being run over is to great. An I've seen some of these type of martial arts that have this mind set that they can fight off multiple an Im here to tell you theres no way if they can get around you. Now theres videos out there where, like the 1 i think in the middle east, guy in traffic knocked out 3 4 guys in a row but he was trying to get away. Funneled them into the traffic an took them 1 at a time while running backwards. An I can almost guarantee he couldn't do that again. His hits where 1 in a million. If you look at Krav its allot like Mauy Thai they use everything. An each art form has strikes ment to be more dangerous than others just for the bad bad situation. Throat strikes, knee smashes. An so on. The one thing I do give Krav is that it really focuses on awareness. Being aware of whats going on at all times. This alone will keep you from being attacked most likely. Because criminal look for the week people that aren't aware they can take by surprise and use fear to control them. If they think someone will fight then they dont want to deal with them cause the chances of them getting caught goes way up. Dna. Popped ear drums, things that can be used for positive I'D. And the second thing I Give krav is there ability to get people to consider anything a weapon for improvised weapons if they have to use them an not be afraid or having to use extreme force IF NEEDED. At the beginning of each of Davids movies he always says to use the amount of force needed an stop when the threat ends. If you keep beating them you will face the consequences an Jail time. That's not verbatim but that's the just of it. Now in saying this. I've used Jujitsu and Mauy Thai far more than Krav. Gracie jujitsu from what I've seen is amazing. I studied BJJ an never learned half of the combatives. I mean i learned arm bars, chokes, an so on. But now how to control like this system does. And I'm only a few lessons in. But when i was younger being able to take someone down hold them an use Knees an elbows ended allot of fights without having to use much. And the fact that Gracie employs these when needed. Like getting someone to put there hands up to protect there face so you can use the Americana it really is a complete system. And am extremely happy I found this. Not just for me. But for my wife and my unborn child. I really had to think about is this what I want my kid learning. Would I be ok if he went to school when he was older and possibly using it because he seen daddy practicing an he kicked the knee or punched the throat. An this is no joke. Kids pick up allot. And I found bully proof and the videos on it. And the one kid who got beat up an you guys got to train him for just a week an that was enough. It completely changed his life. That alone was enough to bring me back to Jujitsu. Thats what I want my kid learning. So thank you for everything you guys have done an how much thought you put into these an all you do. Not a question I know but I wanted to share
Skidd (5/11/2018 7:01 AM)
A. Thanks for the feedback!
Q. Great Video guys, very informative!! Two questions : 1- How many stripes on Kevin's belt? 2-Is the guard get-up available in the master cycle? ( or will it be available ? ) Many thanks
y2_sub (7/28/2017 9:23 AM)
A. He was a 4 stripe Blue Belt here, but has since earned his Purple Belt. Yes, the Guard get-up is coming in BBS4!
Q. So, you can be an instructor as a blue belt, as per Kevin?
Tam Duff (2/20/2017 6:04 AM)
A. Most of our instructors started as blue belts.
Gracie University 1
Q. What a way to get your purple belt! Congratulations! Great video.
JakNoLa (9/5/2016 7:45 PM)
A. We agree, thanks!
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