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Rolling With The Opposite Sex

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Q. I don't recall much discussion about the stencher. Did I miss something in the video? As a female, I don't want to be the one to tell a male that he should wash his gi EVERY time he rolls, and take a shower before class. But on the other hand, I don't want to talk behind his back. He's a nice guy. How do I approach him (if I have to) - what do I say? Or if I shouldn't, do CTC instructors care about this? I feel very strongly about it, mostly from a health perspective - but also comfort. The odor of old sweat and the sour mildew smell from a laundry pile where the gi might have lain for a week Disgusting. No telling what's on that gi or how long since its last washing. What's a lady to do?
JessiH (11/16/2019 12:19 PM)
A. Absolutely bring it to the attention of an instructor. A dirty uniform violates the CTC standards for cleanliness. Sometimes, however, a student will wear a freshly laundered uniform and the "sour" smell will only activate once they start to sweat it's clean, but it smells. Several remedies exist - vinegar soak, special sports detergents, and OxyClean are commonly cited for solving the problem but often it means the student has to retire the gi.
Gracie University 1
Q. Happy to have this found this video. I was at my gym last week talking to another white belt that is a woman. We were getting along and talking about our experiences at the gym so far. I was really hesitant to ask her to train for the exact same reasons Rener spoke of at the beginning of the video. To my surprise, she asked me, and it was a very productive roll. She got me with a really nice Americana. Showed me a nice hip escape too. Thank you guys for helping demystify this tough subject.
WhiteBeltMachado (10/12/2019 6:15 AM)
A. Awesome! Thank you for the feedback!!
Q. This video has helped me tremendously, thank you.
Katiee (1/29/2019 7:51 PM)
A. Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!
Q. I dont think it was covered in the video, but some tips from the newly weds about being sensitive to you LIFE partner would be interesting. I know if I go home and start excitedly yabbering to my wife about how I did this great move on a female, she isnt going to hear the bit about the technique, she's going to hear about the excitement, the female, the position I was in with her, the closeness, the 'buddy'. Do you have any suggestions here?
Ssbird (1/23/2019 7:05 PM)
A. Don't go into so much detail. You don't need to specify the gender of your training partners it's irrelevant.
Q. We all need to accept that ladies generally progress faster, they can't rely on strength so in order to not lose, they perfect the technique, they're strength is the absence of strength so to speak, they can't rely on size/strength/speed so rely solely on technical ability, reminds me of someone else. This is just my opinion, obviously it doesn't apply to all woman but a vast majority. Plus at the beginning it helps woman to have the opportunity to roll with guys, as in a street situation there attacker will most likely be male.
Edoyle18 (11/14/2018 6:23 PM)
A. Thanks for the feedback!
Q. Best advice about having to train with an "undesirable sensei"?
SkrockiJ (8/11/2018 1:45 AM)
A. Find a new school.
Q. So, emotional issues. I get excited when I get a technique right. I roll with my husband and when I do a good job I'm ecstatic. Should I not be outwardly uh..giddy, when I get to the blue belt level? When I roll with men should I keep my excitement to myself? Would that be disrespectful? Also, I dont know why, but i giggle when I wrestle. It's fun. So, would other men feel disrespected by that? I'm in the empowerment course with the intent on joining regular classes when I'm done. Thanks for having created that class. I would never have thought this was something I would enjoy with out it.
Ebony Bordelon (8/8/2018 8:56 AM)
A. That's amazing, don't change a thing! Thank you for the feedback!
Q. Its been a long time since I was in a school but One other thing I know its bothered me but Its also helped. Its being very careful with my hands. Grabbing a handful an pulling yourself into this position isn't going to be a good thing or enjoyable for a woman. We had 1 guy in class that got in trouble. We didn't here the full conversation between them an the instructor but he wound up coming to a different class That she wasn't in. I dont know if he was doing it on purpose or what. An i know its part of it, your going to be kinda all over the place when transitioning. Like take the back, your hands are just going to be in that area. But I've always been careful of my hands w whenever I'm rolling with a woman. Witch helped in the beginning cause it made me slow down, Think about how i was going to move and checking my position. I couldn't just go all out. I was really good at getting the arm bar. But I couldn't tell you how I got there. So from a womans perspective is this something you even think about. Or what
Skidd (5/10/2018 6:55 AM)
A. Perfect, thank you for sharing!
Q. And I have been training a lot of guys who taught me see me more sexual but I just want to train with at random training partner
cheche (9/14/2017 10:25 AM)
A. There's not much you can do other than choose your partners carefully and directly address your discomfort with your partner and the instructor. Sometimes, one partner (of either gender) will perceive inappropriate pressure or touching when the other partner is oblivious to it. Either way, the best option is to change partners.
Gracie University 1
Q. Every time roll no one wants to roll with me what can I do
cheche (9/13/2017 4:16 PM)
A. Every situation is unique. If other students don't want to train with you, maybe look for a different school.
Q. What does "Agro" mean? Am I hearing this right? (Agro Ego???) Just not sure what this word means, never heard it before.
Thornhill (3/8/2017 9:23 PM)
A. Being too crazy and out of control!
Q. Hi. I have been training at a CTC for some months and in nearly every way it has been the best training experience I have had. HOWEVER, there is one student whose behaviour is no less than stalking me on the mat. Despite a ring on my finger, this guy is not relenting, and throughout all my months there he puts himself in my field of vision, or, comes almost over to say hi and then scarpers off before I have a chance to reply, or challenge him about his behaviour. Because all he has mainly done is hovering around me in some way and not really e.g. attacked me physically in any way, the instructor's hands are tied from taking any active action to rein in the behaviour of this person. I accept that jiu-jitsu is a contact, combat sport, but what policies are there to protect those who attend classes only to train, and what controls are there towards those who wish not to respect another student's boundaries? Thank you.
The Scrapper (10/24/2016 5:14 PM)
A. We address this as part of instructor training, but every case is unique. Discuss this with the CTC instructor as they are on the scene and will have the best perspective on how to proceed.
Gracie University 1
Q. Great video, but you missed a couple of things. 1) I'm always being told "keep your head against his chest" and women have these things on their chests called breasts and you're not supposed to touch them. I always worry that women will get upset about certain positions/transitions. 2) You watch this video, tell yourself she's just a training partner, start rolling with this beautiful training partner and you get excited. Hasn't happened, but it is a huge fear. Maybe you could post a part 2 video because I am sure millions of guys hace these two concerns.
T-Dawg83 (8/9/2016 11:14 AM)
A. The bottom line is that you must keep yourself totally focused on the technique and the training. If you can't do it, then you should find another partner for the sake of both participants.
Gracie University 1
Q. Thank you for this video. Do you have any recommendations on how to become comfortable with a training partner of the opposite sex? I feel like even though I am now more comfortable asking a woman to be my training partner, there may still be some techniques that she would be uncomfortable with me doing. Am I wrong?
Jeremyewright (1/30/2016 11:58 AM)
A. Just stay focused on the Jiu-Jitsu and it's all good!
Q. I've surched the site high and low for a warm up/stretching routines. Am I missing something?
Bobbi (1/14/2015 7:48 PM)
A. We like to review previously learned techniques, nice and slow, as a warm up.
Q. How much time does one have to train I am a personal trainer nutrition expert thanks
mickie mouse (9/24/2014 11:12 PM)
A. That's up to the individual. Train as much as you like.
Q. i believe women do need this more then us men! this video should be shared on every jiu jitsu related website. my wife loved it. thank you.
osh-u-jala (9/23/2014 12:46 AM)
A. Agreed, thanks!
Q. Very relevant video, Mr. & Mrs. Gracie. Thanks, and congratulations to you both!
Stymie (6/4/2014 12:56 PM)
A. Thanks for the support!
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