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Q. Blue belt can defeat Level 1 opponents Purple belt can defeat level 2 " Brown belt can defeat Level 3 " Black belts can defeat Level 4 " ...
VPK (5/1/2020 9:56 PM)
A. That's a way to look at it.
Gracie University 1
Q. The Gracie Combatives belt is essentially an advanced white belt, yes? And then the next test is blue belt, one stripe. Is there a way to get a blue belt with no stripe through GU?
Anthony McWilliams (4/22/2020 3:23 PM)
A. The Gracie Combatives belt signifies that you're capable of surviving a street fight against an untrained aggressor. That's much more than an advanced white belt. The blue belt (with no stripes) is awarded after a student demonstrates some survival skills and comfort when confronted with a more skilled opponent. This usually takes at least six months of training to include exposure to Master Cycle techniques and cooperative sparring.
Gracie University 1
Q. I'm white belt. Does this 36 techniques will help me to have my Jiu Jitsu career(tournaments, rolling,etc), or are most focus to street fight?
Tawil (3/13/2020 1:36 PM)
A. The Gracie Combatives course is all about street safety, but it will give you a solid foundation from which to explore the sport side of jiu-jitsu.
Gracie University 1
Q. How does Master Cycle lead to black belt? I only see BBS1-BBS4. Is purple-black belt material only taught in person?
ballaw (10/24/2019 1:26 PM)
A. The purple through black courses are still in development. They will likely focus more on tactics and mindset and less on additional techniques. You'll already have learned all of the most important moves by the time you complete BBS4.
Gracie University 1
Q. is there a time limit on the holding of the gracie garage certification before testing for certification please
rossy (10/5/2019 7:44 AM)
A. Please re-post your question in the "Gracie Garages" forum, so we may help you more efficiently, thank you!
Q. Just discovered Gracie great job guys! I was reading up on the Gracie combatives course and it says 6-12 months to get the Gracie combatives belt then another 6-12 months to get blue belt. The only other lessons I can find are blue belt strip courses. Could you please what is needed to progress to blue belt after Gracie belt? Many thanks
GDPR_20220415_258290_DC (5/22/2019 7:51 PM)
A. After you pass your Gracie Combatives test and earn your Combatives belt, you will begin working on BBS1 material. At the same time you will begin sparring, gi and no gi, with your partners. It's mostly a time thing, we want you to become a safe training partner and to develop a certain level of comfort and understanding, in all positions.
Q. When will there be purple belt online material?
Combat kid (10/22/2018 8:26 AM)
A. Soon enough, patience.
Q. Bubba Gracie really seems to embody the GJJ premise of Energy Efficiency. How long did it take Bubba Gracie to receive his Black Belt? #JogoGJJ
Paredão  (7/16/2018 10:56 PM)
A. A really, really long time. Look how patient he is.
Q. Who is Rener Gracie's biggest enemy when he wrestles in his seminars?
Jezza g (4/17/2018 1:11 AM)
A. It's always been his older brother, Ryron! :-)
Q. Hi, Looking at the forum there seems to be two answers given to this question - how long does it take to achieve a black belt? The answers I've read are 7-15 years and at least 10 years. It's more a curiosity thing than an immediate concern. I'm also interested to know if the combatives belt will add time to this or not? Thanks and thanks for the knowledge, I train in the UK and an absolutely addicted to GJJ
Barry2344 (1/21/2017 10:09 PM)
A. The Combatives belt is just another marker on the journey, it doesn't change anything! Chase the knowledge, not the belt.
Q. I was reading about the belt system on your website and it said that the belts you can earn online are different then ones you would earn at a Gracie school. How much different is the blue test at a live school? Would you need to know more techniques?
Jiwanski01 (12/4/2014 11:49 PM)
A. It's the same test and the same techniques. The only difference is that a live evaluation is more thorough.
go305 (12/15/2013 12:55 AM)
A. As long as you don't misrepresent yourself or your qualifications, you are good to go. Keep in mind possible liability issues, especially teaching children. Keep us posted.
Q. How simple does my Jiu Jitsu need to be? I on e heard "Jiu Jitsu should fit in the palm of your hand", this seems to suggest that you should have a simple "defensive machine", not a complex game were you know all 1000 techniques of GJJ. When I watch Ryron and Rener spar, I see them emphasize a core set of moves, Ryron does a ton of straight armlocks from on-top and Rener loves the triple threat. Should lowly blue belts like me be focused on a "handful" of techniques or is this the time to have a totally fluid game and be as experimental as possible? Or is that a question only I can answer?
Loewen (11/4/2013 4:13 PM)
A. You will always have your "Bread & Butter" techniques. Flow and experiment for sure! Keep It Playful!
Q. I see that there are higher belts (purple, brown, black, etc.) are verified through GJJA and/or GJJU. Since BB series are coming out, how do others get verified in the higher belts? How does one get tested and/or evaluated if the Blue Belt series are coming out and available?
BuDD@H (5/15/2013 12:19 AM)
A. This topic has already been addressed. Please use the "search forum" feature above to locate the answer.
Q. Is there an ETA on purple, brown, black levels? I know that I read fewer than 50 people had taken the bbs1 so it seems the linear progression is slower, and seemingly a better way to gain mastery. So you guys seem ahead of demand, just wanted to see if there was an estimation. Also I wanted to get an idea about how the belt change test will be. Will the test from bbs4 to purple simply be a cumulation of bbs1-bbs4 techniques or will it have its own set of techniques?
Mhartman (3/7/2013 2:13 PM)
A. Not yet. But, we'll keep you busy with a steady flow of lessons.
Gracie University 1
Q. Best online course I've ever seen.
Stone93 (9/15/2012 2:43 PM)
A. Respect!
Q. thank you. I didn't want to sound "dumb" but I just wanted to make sure I understood everything correctly. I love your videos and instruction
GumbyNinja (8/24/2012 7:18 PM)
A. No such thing as a dumb question. Thanks for the support!
Q. Where level would you place an opponent who still doesnt know jiu jitsu but is skilled in other martial arts / striking arts like karate, muay thai, kajukenbo, etc? would that be levels 1 and 2 still? or 3 and 4? thansk for the great videos!
GumbyNinja (8/22/2012 11:34 PM)
A. Level 1 or 2.
Q. i was wondering how do i find out all 36 techniques i need to work on to get blue belt
Jay Badass (7/15/2012 8:44 AM)
A. They are listed in the Gracie Combatives curriculum. You can also check the "testing center" page for additional info.
Q. how much are gradings? how much do gradings cost?
swka (5/8/2012 12:16 PM)
A. It depends on the test taken.
Q. how much time take to go from white to black belt?
magus (4/19/2012 8:52 PM)
A. At least 10 years.
Q. Can I start learning at the age of 15 and then test for the blue belt when I am 16?
Jogabonito (4/6/2012 5:51 PM)
A. Yes.
Gracie University 1
Q. What will you do if 2 big guys attack you?
Andre Magno (12/26/2011 10:28 AM)
A. Defeat them in succession, run away, or make them friends.
Gracie University 1
Q. Very True. You guys definately keep it real. I just got my confirmation of passing my blue belt. Thsnk you Gracie Brothers
kenpo4 (11/21/2011 7:00 AM)
A. Congratulations, great job!
Q. As a girl, is there a possibility of practicing GJJ with the boys instead of w/ girls?
Valérie (8/29/2011 5:43 PM)
A. Yes, we encourage it!
Q. Level 1 & 2 opponents don't have any knowledge or training in "martial arts"? or in any form of submission grappling such as "GJJ"?? - Level 3 & 4 opponents have some knowledge & training in "GJJ".?
mhmjr (8/18/2011 11:48 AM)
A. Level 1 - Someone your size or smaller who has no knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu. Level 2 - Someone bigger than you with no knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu. Level 3 - Someone your size or smaller who knows Jiu-Jitsu. Level 4 - Someone bigger than you who knows Jiu-Jitsu.
Q. I would love to see a Gracie Certified School come to Northern Delaware. We need you guys here!!!
BrianDE (3/16/2011 1:28 PM)
A. Start a Gracie Garage!
Q. when will the other video's be available to get belts past the blue belt? Thx.. and great job b/t/w.. excellent. An honor !!
LocitoRios (3/7/2011 2:13 PM)
A. ASAP. Thanks for the feedback!
Q. Dea Ryron and Rener, I have my black belt in traditional ju -jutsu, what is the difference between your art and mine? Website is fab as live in Scotland where I believe your family has ties. Your grandfather devised a beautiful martial art.
Sandy27 (9/30/2010 3:19 PM)
A. There are many differences! Too many to list here! Gracie Jiu-Jitsu doesn't rely on strength, size or athletisism!
Q. thankyou soo much for the uni site this has made it possible for those previously not able to train to do so! thanks again
uk george (7/7/2010 3:23 AM)
A. You are welcome!
Q. Hello. I was wondering, is it true that there are more fundamental techniques in GJJ for self defense than GJJ for sport/mma?
Jus Roc (7/2/2010 7:20 PM)
A. ALL 36 techniques in the Combatives program are 100% self defense!
Q. Um I guess I was just wondering what you learn after having reached the level of black belt? Do the ten degrees afterward come from just obtaining experience?
Joseph R.E. (5/21/2010 1:09 AM)
A. Mostly from experience and teaching!
Q. If you are 15 years old.But you know you can pass the blue belt test. Can you still take it or do you have to wait till you are 16
BrandonABattle (3/9/2010 1:51 AM)
A. You must be 16!
Q. im starting at gracie barra, can i work both and not have any conflicts with curriculum
VITO (2/24/2010 4:24 PM)
A. Theoretically yes, but only you will be able to answer that! In the long term, they will compliment each other.
Q. How do we get the training on dvd. I don't see an option to receive the training by dvd
Lightning2 (2/4/2010 2:04 PM)
A. Click on the "store" button above to purchase the DVD set!
Q. when wil the purple belt master cycle be available?
RyanJaycock (1/21/2010 12:00 PM)
A. Very soon!
Q. I was wondering how belt promotions work based on age. For example, if a child receives a belt in GJJ, and then turns 16, how does that transfer over?
Josh79 (1/20/2010 11:36 PM)
A. As soon as they turn 16 and have learned all 36 techniques in the Combatives program, they will be eligible to test for their Blue Belt!
Q. If you look at the uploaded vid. and dont like something will you specify what we did wrong or no feed back at all
KBstf (1/14/2010 7:57 PM)
A. Yes! You will get a very detailed and comprehensive evaluation of all your videos!
Q. So can you get a blue belt just by taking classes on line? how do you take a test
Grumpy (1/11/2010 10:51 PM)
A. This has already been addressed. Please use the "search forum" function above.
Q. well i am trying to get my belts agian and i remember alot of what i know but forgot some along the way what is the best school i could go to so i can get my belts agian?
eddien1324 (1/11/2010 4:27 AM)
A. Either one of the many Certified Training Centers listed in the "Students & Schools" section above, or through this website!
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