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Top 5 Jiu-Jitsu Injuries (& How to Roll With Them)

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Q. Tips on rolling white belt vs white belt? I find that it hurts more to roll with other white belts, when I roll with blue or higher they seem to be more gentle. I still want to roll with players on my level but I want to be safe.
WhiteBeltMachado (9/18/2019 9:22 PM)
A. That's EXACTLY why we don't let white belts roll, they are the most dangerous people on the mat.
Q. Any tips for training an older student with osteoporosis who keeps breaking his ribs when pressure is applied to them?
Oded (10/1/2017 8:38 AM)
A. Find smaller, lighter or more gentle training partners.
Q. HI, I was waiting for a hyper-extended elbow to come up, cause arm bars are quite common. How do you treat it & any training modifications?
Jairus A (2/26/2017 11:11 AM)
A. Of course, prevention is the best remedy...and that takes having a partner who is looking out for you and knows how to cooperatively spar for maximum learning. Once it's injured, you have to protect it until it heals. It's a good opportunity for one-armed sparring!
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Q. Hi, I attended my first class at a UFC training facility and I fractured my ankle. I know it comes with the territory, but how do I stay patient and rehab this ankle so I am confident in the ring?
KNewton (2/12/2017 7:55 PM)
A. Sorry to hear. Talk with your doctor.
Q. thanks for making the video, really appreciate it. Is there any training modifications you would suggest for training with a knee injury other then completely removing them from the equation?
Dare123 (1/10/2016 11:29 AM)
A. It all depends on the severity of your injury. Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do!
Q. how do you encourage injured students to stay with it?
MJL (9/15/2015 3:04 PM)
A. Remind them to stay focused on the big picture it's a long term proposition. Injuries are part of the journey, they come with the territory. Keep watching the videos here on GU, and keep the Jiu-Jitsu gears turning!
Q. What is the injury rate of certified Gracie Jiu Jitsu centers injuries compared to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu affiliate school?
JakeJitsu (5/23/2015 8:50 AM)
A. We couldn't say for sure because we don't know the rate at other schools. Our injury rate is nearly zero, so it's highly unlikely that they would be lower than at a CTC. At best, they would be equal.
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