Course: Women Empowered - Pink Belt Qualification Course

Lead Instructor:  Eve Torres Gracie
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Women Empowered is the Gracie Self-defense Program for Women. Originally, this 15-lesson program could only be accessed at Gracie University HQ in Torrance, CA, but now, the entire program is available online, so you can complete the course from the comfort of your own home under the direct guidance of Ryron and Rener Gracie, along with special guest instructors Sage Gracie and Eve Gracie! The Women Empowered program consists of 15 lessons – 10 Core Lessons and 5 Advanced Lessons. To ensure that your at-home learning experience emulates the live training students receive at Gracie University HQ in Torrance, CA, we present the Women Empowered lessons online in precisely the same format that you would experience if you were to receive private lessons from a Gracie University instructor. Each lesson features a series of simplified drills or “Slices,” along with a Reflex Development Drill designed to help you achieve muscle memory. We also spend time in each lesson discussing the guiding principles of the techniques so you can modify and adapt them to the specific circumstances of any situation you find yourself in. Once you are 100% confident in your execution of all the Women Empowered techniques we invite you to take the Pink Belt Qualification Test via our Video Evaluation Process. Digitally record your performance of all variations of the featured techniques, and then upload the video in the 'Women Empowered' section of the online Testing Center. Once uploaded, a Gracie University instructor will evaluate your test, and if your performance meets Gracie University standards, we will mail you a Women Empowered graduation certification and an official pink belt to symbolize your accomplishment! All the published Women Empowered lessons can be accessed instantly for as low as $20/month with one of our convenient subscription plans, or you can purchase any individual lessons for a one-time premium fee of $14 (or $105 for the complete Women Empowered course). To explore the content of each lesson, scroll down on this page, and to learn more about our most popular subscription programs, as well as watch sample videos from each, click here.

Course Lessons (17)

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Women Empowered Intro Class

In the Women Empowered Intro Class your instructors, Ryron and Rener Gracie, welcome you to the program and then introduce you to their assistant instructor's, Sage Gracie and Eve Gracie. Then, the...

Lesson 1: Combat Base

A sexual predator usually attempts to separate his target from the crowd prior to carrying out the assault. In this lesson, we teach you how to establish a rock-solid base so the attacker can neith...

Lesson 2: Wrist Releases

A man will grab a woman by the wrists to detain, neutralize, or demean her. In this lesson, we teach wrist releases guaranteed to free you from any wrist grab, regardless of your attacker’s strength.

Lesson 3: Trap and Roll Escapes

Being trapped beneath a sexual predator is a nightmarish experience potentially leading to panic, suffocation, exhaustion, and eventual submission. In this lesson, we teach you two highly effective...

Lesson 4: Front Choke Defenses

Assailants often attempt to strangle their victims during a sexual assault. In this lesson, we teach you how to apply leverage to escape the two most commonly used Front Chokes. These techniques ep...

Lesson 5: Super Slap

Striking a larger, stronger assailant in the face with punches has limited effectiveness and may cause you to break your hand. In this lesson, we teach you how to use a Super Slap to disrupt the at...

Lesson 6: Guard Get-up

The Guard Get-up is the most important physical technique in the course. The ultimate goal for most sexual predators is to get inside their targets’ legs. Should you find yourself in this worst-cas...

Lesson 7: Stop-Block-Frame

Sexual predators often test their targets’ spatial boundaries. In this lesson, we teach you how to use verbal assertiveness to establish your personal space and what to do if the attacker crosses t...

Lesson 8: Trap and Roll Extras

In Lesson 3, you learned two variations of the Trap and Roll Escape. In this lesson, we teach you two more variations, including what to do if a man achieves the most terrifying position: mounted o...

Lesson 9: Guard Get-up Extras

The greatest challenge when trapped beneath an attacker is to avoid panic and exhaustion. In Lesson 6, we introduced you to the basic Guard Get-up principles. In this lesson, we teach you additiona...

Lesson 10: Triangle Choke

If you are in a confined space with a sexual predator, escape may not be an option. In this lesson, we teach you the Triangle Choke, an incredibly powerful Gracie Jiu- Jitsu technique that uses you...

Lesson 11: Hair Grab Defenses

An assailant will often attempt to control his target by grabbing her hair. In this lesson, we teach you how to defend against the most common hair grabs, whether standing or on the ground.

Lesson 12: Guillotine Choke

When your attacker lowers his head to tackle you, he unknowingly creates a perfect opportunity for a Guillotine Choke. In this lesson, we teach you three variations of this powerful choke, as well ...

Lesson 13: Elbow Escape

If none of the Trap and Roll Escapes work, you can use this “emergency escape” to put the attacker in your guard. From there, you can use your Guard Get-up techniques to escape when the time is right.

Lesson 14: Rear Attack Defenses

A surprise attack from behind is one of the most challenging attacks to overcome. In this lesson, we teach you how to escape when someone attempts to choke you or bear hug you from behind. You’ll a...

Lesson 15: Weapon Defenses

Some sexual predators will use weapons to intimidate and control their victims. In this lesson, we address the psychological aspects of dealing with an assailant armed with a gun or knife, and then...

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Total Empowerment Talks

Total empowerment begins with total awareness. In this lesson, you will join the instructors: Ryron, Rener, Ralek, Sage, and Eve for critical discussions covering the most important awareness princ...

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Course Goals

  1. Understand the Course Topic
  2. Refine your ability to execute the techniques presented in the Course
  3. Become familiar with the drills that can be used to develop your skills
  4. Achieve significant proficiency in the material

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Lead Instructor

Eve Torres Gracie

Women Empowered Chief Instructor

Eve Torres Gracie is the head instructor of the Women Empowered self-defense program at Gracie University Headquarters. Many know her from her successful career in WWE where she was 3-time champion and performed weekly on Raw and SmackDown. After transitioning into film and television, Eve worked on some amazing projects, including Skiptrace with Jackie Chan, and CW’s Supergirl. Realizing that her truest passion is sharing jiu-jitsu, she committed herself fully to refining and developing the Women Empowered program. Through her efforts, the program is now empowering women all over the world. When Eve isn't teaching or training, she is spending fun time with her husband Rener, her sons Raeven & Renson, and her Australian Sheppard, Tioki.