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Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) is Gracie University’s specialized Defensive Tactics (DT) program for military and law enforcement professionals. While countless federal, state, and local agencies have sent instructors to get certified in our 5-day live GST instructor certification course, some departments have been unable to access the program. As a result, we decided to make the complete 23-lesson GST course available via online streaming video format through Gracie University to meet this critical training requirement. GST is the fastest growing DT program in the industry because it is the only “jiu-jitsu based” program that is 100% law enforcement applicable. We built this highly successful program over the last two decades on the three “truths:” 1) The bad guy always has the ambush advantage, 2) The soldier/officer should never grapple with the suspect/enemy by choice, and 3) In a street fight, there is no "tap-out." What makes the program unique is that the techniques do not rely on the strength, speed, or athleticism of the user and all the techniques have been tested and proven effective in tactical gear (Note: The tactical gear demo is included in the online course). The GST course also features a 4-hour Training Module for the many agencies and organizations that only provide their officers with 4-8 hours of Defensive Tactics training annually. To see a GST orientation video and to learn more about the online GST course, please click on the button below.