Topic: Gracie Instructor


The Gracie Instructor Certification Program give qualified instructors the tools and knowledge to excel in both the educational and business aspects of running a Certified Training Center.

Gracie University is a global organization comprised of a network of Certified Training Centers (CTCs). Unlike other BJJ affiliation programs which present little if any structure and no quality control mechanisms, Gracie University is the only organization that offers students a universal curriculum and standardized belt promotion requirements at all Certified Training Centers. Regardless of whether you're training at a CTC in Southern California, Singapore, South Africa, or anywhere else, Lesson #7 is taught EXACTLY the same at all locations. The reason for this unparalleled structure is because of the rigorous Instructor Certification Program that all Gracie University representatives must graduate from in order to ensure that their Certified Training Centers will provide students with a learning experience identical to that of the Gracie University HQ in Torrance, California. The Instructor Certification Program consists of four phases, the first of which requires you to perfect the Gracie Combatives techniques and score a 95 or greater on the Gracie Combatives Belt Qualification Test. If you are passionate about sharing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and you live in a territory that doesn't already have a Certified Training Center, click on the button below to learn more about the Gracie University Instructor Certification Program.