Topic: Seminar Series


Jiu-jitsu is what we make of it, and anyone who has spent several decades on the mat, can make it something very special. The objective of the Gracie University Seminar Series is to expose dedicated jiu-jitsu students everywhere to specialized mastery seminars from the most respected and experienced jiu-jitsu instructors in the world. Enjoy!

If jiu-jitsu were a tree, the trunk would represent the fundamental techniques that you would need in a street fight against an untrained opponent. The branches represent the advanced techniques that you would use to overcome an opponent who is also trained in jiu-jitsu. The entire tree, however, is made possible by the roots which represent the 32 “Micro Principles” that make all of jiu-jitsu work the way it does. Although The 32 Principles curriculum was originally produced exclusively for the official Gracie University Purple to Brown Belt curriculum, the content exceeded our expectations so significantly that we decided it had to be made available to students or all ranks and all BJJ affiliations. Once you learn The 32 Principles, you will see jiu-jitsu through an entirely different “lens.” You will learn techniques more easily, apply techniques more naturally, and improvise more effectively than you ever thought possible.