Program: Exclusive Seminars

Jiu-jitsu is what we make of it, and anyone who has spent several decades on the mat, can make it something very special. The objective of the Gracie University Seminar Series is to expose dedicated jiu-jitsu students everywhere to specialized mastery seminars from the most respected and experienced jiu-jitsu instructors in the world. Enjoy!

Course: Trap & Roll Escape Mastery

Lead InstructorRyron Gracie
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $85.00
The bottom of the mount is one of the most avoided positions in a street fight, competition and even in our everyday grappling with friends. This 12-part lesson will give you some great tools and techniques to help you escape the mount.
Lessons in this Course:

Course: The Business of Jiu-jitsu

Lead InstructorRener Gracie
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active    
The Gracie Academy went from a single school with 200 students to a global enterprise with 250,000 members in 196 countries. In this course, Rener teaches you exactly how they did it. If your dream is to make a living teaching jiu-jitsu, this course is for you!
Lessons in this Course:

Course: Street Choke Mastery Seminar

Lead InstructorsRener GracieRyron Gracie
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $85.00
This might be the most important video seminar you ever watch in your life! Captured live in front of an audience of over 250 eager students, Ryron and Rener teach 16 simple and highly effective chokes that are exclusively designed to be applied using regular articles of clothing. Whether you’re just getting started in jiu-jitsu, or you are a seasoned practitioner, when it comes to maximizing your choke seizing potential in a street fight, this is the first and last seminar you’ll need!
Lessons in this Course:

Course: Master Sauer Seminar Series

Lead InstructorPedro Sauer
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $200.00
For the first-ever Gracie University Seminar Series, Ryron and Rener partner with none other than Master Pedro Sauer, one of the most respected and sought after jiu-jitsu instructors in the world. With over 40 years of experience, Master Sauer teaches some of the most spectacular principle-driven seminars in the industry. To kick off the Seminar Series, he travels to California to allow the GU production team to capture his three most popular mastery seminars up close and personal. With Rener Gracie as his teaching partner and the big green mat all to themselves, Master Sauer had no restrictions on time, so he was able to delve further into the details than he ever does during his live seminars.
Lessons in this Course:

Course: Defense 10

Lead InstructorsRyron GracieRener Gracie
 Access:  Public   Status:  Active   Full Course Price:  $99.00
Whether you have experience with martial arts or are brand new, whether you are young or old, coordinated or not, you will learn how to safely diffuse or escape from dangerous situations. At the same time, you will develop newfound confidence to assert yourself, set boundaries, and de-escalate potential conflicts.
Lessons in this Course: