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First NameLast NameRankCTCCityStateCountryTraining Partner?Contact?
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RankName : Red Belt, 10th Degree
  Rio de Janeiro Brazilnono
  Rio de Janeiro Brazilnono
RankName : Red Belt, 9th Degree
  HONOLULU  nono
  TORRANCECaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  Miami BeachFloridaUnited Statesnono
RankName : Red/Black Belt, 8th Degree
  Rio de Janeiro Brazilnono
  STERLINGVirginiaUnited Statesnono
RankName : Red/Black Belt, 7th Degree
  rio de janeiro Brazilnoyes
  SAN DIEGO  nono
RankName : Black Belt, 6th Degree
RankName : Black Belt, 5th Degree
  TorranceCaliforniaUnited Statesnoyes
  TorranceCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  MIAMI BEACHFloridaUnited Statesnoyes
  RoswellGeorgiaUnited Statesnoyes
  KOUNTZETexasUnited Statesnoyes
RankName : Black Belt, 4th Degree
  TorranceCaliforniaUnited Statesyesno
  TORRANCECaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  MIAMI BEACHFloridaUnited Statesnoyes
  Peachtree CityGeorgiaUnited Statesnoyes
  Crystal LakeIllinoisUnited Statesnoyes
  LOUISVILLEKentuckyUnited Statesnoyes
  CINCINNATIOhioUnited Statesnono
  Virginia BeachVirginiaUnited Statesnono
RankName : Black Belt, 3rd Degree
  Houston  United Statesyesyes
  Bangkok Thailandyesyes
  LONG BEACH United Statesnoyes
  CARSONCaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  BakersfieldCaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  torranceCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  ONTARIOCaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  Tallahassee FloridaUnited Statesyesyes
  MIRAMAR BEACHFloridaUnited Statesnoyes
  MIAMI BEACHFloridaUnited Statesnoyes
  WatkinsvilleGeorgiaUnited Statesnono
  HAMPSHIREIllinoisUnited Statesnoyes
  FREMONTIndianaUnited Statesyesyes
  HavelockNorth CarolinaUnited Statesyesyes
  HerndonVirginiaUnited Statesyesyes
RankName : Black Belt, 2nd Degree
  TORRANCE  nono
  Cape Town South Africanoyes
  Madrid Spainyesyes
  HuntsvilleAlabamaUnited Statesyesyes
  VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadanoyes
  VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanadayesyes
  TorranceCaliforniaUnited Statesnoyes
  TORRANCECaliforniaUnited Statesnoyes
  DoverDelawareUnited Statesyesyes
  DAVENPORTFloridaUnited Statesyesyes
  Palm CityFloridaUnited Statesyesyes
  RoswellGeorgiaUnited Statesyesyes
  HONOLULUHawaiiUnited Statesnoyes
  AuroraIllinoisUnited Statesnono
  PIKEVILLEKentuckyUnited Statesyesyes
  Cherry HillNew JerseyUnited Statesyesyes
  WildwoodNew JerseyUnited Statesnono
  SydneyNew South WalesAustraliayesyes
  WilloughbyOhioUnited Statesnoyes
  Corpus ChristiTexasUnited Statesnoyes
  HoustonTexasUnited Statesnoyes
  SteilacoomWashingtonUnited Statesnoyes
RankName : Black Belt, 1st Degree (Showing 36 of 54 items. Group continues on the next page.)
  London United Kingdomnono
  London United Kingdomyesyes
  Guernsey Guernsey and Alderneyyesyes
  Bern Switzerlandnoyes
    United Kingdomnono
  Tehran Iran, Islamic Republic ofnono
  Distrito Federal Mexicoyesyes
  Hermosillo Mexicoyesyes
  EnterpriseAlabamaUnited Statesyesyes
  BentonArkansasUnited Statesnoyes
  Redondo BeachCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  Long BeachCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  Fort IrwinCaliforniaUnited Statesnoyes
  MontereyCaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  EL SEGUNDOCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  TORRANCECaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  El SegundoCaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  El SegundoCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  TorranceCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  BurbankCaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  Torrance CaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  RANCHO PALOS VERDESCaliforniaUnited Statesnoyes
  HAWTHORNECaliforniaUnited Statesyesyes
  TORRANCECaliforniaUnited Statesnoyes
  San DiegoCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  REDONDO BEACHCaliforniaUnited Statesnono
  AuroraColoradoUnited Statesyesyes
  SmyrnaDelawareUnited Statesnoyes
  NORTH MIAMI BEACHFloridaUnited Statesnono
  AthensGeorgiaUnited Statesnoyes
  HawiHawaiiUnited Statesnono
  ELGINIllinoisUnited Statesnono
  MortonIllinoisUnited Statesnoyes
  ROME CITYIndianaUnited Statesyesyes
  LigonierIndianaUnited Statesnono

There are four levels of certification at which a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructor can be recognized. Listed below are all the actively certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructors from around the world. To learn more about the Gracie University Instructor Certification Program, click here.

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First NameLast NameRankCTCCityStateCountry
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MIAMI BEACHFloridaUnited States
RoswellGeorgiaUnited States
MIAMI BEACHFloridaUnited States
LOUISVILLEKentuckyUnited States
LawrencevilleGeorgiaUnited States
TORRANCECaliforniaUnited States
Virginia BeachVirginiaUnited States
MIAMI BEACHFloridaUnited States
torranceCaliforniaUnited States
FREMONTIndianaUnited States
Bangkok Thailand
HerndonVirginiaUnited States
Houston TexasUnited States
MIRAMAR BEACHFloridaUnited States
CARSONCaliforniaUnited States
Palm CityFloridaUnited States
HONOLULUHawaiiUnited States
Cape Town South Africa
VancouverBritish ColumbiaCanada
TORRANCECaliforniaUnited States
TorranceCaliforniaUnited States
TORRANCECaliforniaUnited States
SmyrnaDelawareUnited States
BeltonMissouriUnited States
Fort WayneIndianaUnited States
Seoul South Korea
GlendoraCaliforniaUnited States
TorranceCaliforniaUnited States
ELGINIllinoisUnited States
LeuraNew South WalesAustralia
AuroraColoradoUnited States
MontereyCaliforniaUnited States
TampaFloridaUnited States
CLEARWATERFloridaUnited States
Gwangyang-siJeollanam-doSouth Korea
BillingsMontanaUnited States
WhittierCaliforniaUnited States
PhoenixArizonaUnited States
warwickPennsylvaniaUnited States
AustinTexasUnited States
BaltimoreMarylandUnited States
Virginia BeachVirginiaUnited States
Leeds United Kingdom
Huntington BeachCaliforniaUnited States
LOS ANGELESCaliforniaUnited States
JUPITERFloridaUnited States
DaytonOhioUnited States
AshburnVirginiaUnited States
Bradford United Kingdom
Port Saint LucieFloridaUnited States
BrookfieldWisconsinUnited States
BURBANKCaliforniaUnited States
ChesapeakeVirginiaUnited States
GibsonsBritish ColumbiaCanada
HoustonTexasUnited States
Anzenberg Austria
TORRANCECaliforniaUnited States
incheonIncheonSouth Korea
TORRANCE United States
Virginia BeachVirginiaUnited States
ChesapeakeVirginiaUnited States
NORFOLKVirginiaUnited States
WoodburyMinnesotaUnited States
Glen AllenVirginiaUnited States
LeesburgVirginiaUnited States
New YorkNew YorkUnited States
MilwaukeeWisconsinUnited States
CurrituckNorth CarolinaUnited States
SOUTH BENDIndianaUnited States
South BendIndianaUnited States
São Paulo - SP Brazil
CarsonCaliforniaUnited States
EulessTexasUnited States
Grand JunctionColoradoUnited States
Seoul South Korea
TorranceCaliforniaUnited States
WahiawaHawaiiUnited States
Saint GeorgeUtahUnited States
AldieVirginiaUnited States
MILLERSBURGIndianaUnited States
Fort GratiotMichiganUnited States
DeltonaFloridaUnited States
NORFOLKVirginiaUnited States
ChicagoIllinoisUnited States
Fribourg Switzerland
TORRANCECaliforniaUnited States
JACKSONVILLEIllinoisUnited States
TulsaOklahomaUnited States
San PedroCaliforniaUnited States
guatemala Guatemala
Guatemala Guatemala
Las VegasNevadaUnited States

Listed below are the active students of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Centers (CTCs) around the world. As "CTC Family Members" these students enjoy special privileges such as free Gracie University online curriculum access and free satellite CTC training privileges. To learn more about CTC Family Membership, click here.

Below are 500 of 15,195 students. Use the search and sort tools to get additional results.
Find CTC Family Member By:
First NameLast Name RankMember SinceCTCCTC CityStateCountry
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 500 items in 5 pages
CTC: * Gracie Survival Tactics
CTC: Adkins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  10/13/2021AdkinsTexasUnited States
  5/31/2021AdkinsTexasUnited States
  4/28/2021AdkinsTexasUnited States
  4/12/2022AdkinsTexasUnited States
  6/19/2021AdkinsTexasUnited States
  4/26/2021AdkinsTexasUnited States
  4/14/2016AdkinsTexasUnited States
  4/12/2016AdkinsTexasUnited States
  5/18/2020AdkinsTexasUnited States
  6/14/2020AdkinsTexasUnited States
CTC: Adventure Jiu-jitsu
  3/15/2021St. George KansasUnited States
  3/15/2020St. George KansasUnited States
  6/9/2016St. George KansasUnited States
  10/26/2021St. George KansasUnited States
  4/22/2021St. George KansasUnited States
  11/9/2017St. George KansasUnited States
  12/18/2013St. George KansasUnited States
  11/20/2016St. George KansasUnited States
  4/9/2022St. George KansasUnited States
  8/13/2013St. George KansasUnited States
  5/8/2011St. George KansasUnited States
  5/26/2022St. George KansasUnited States
  12/21/2021St. George KansasUnited States
  9/13/2021St. George KansasUnited States
  8/25/2021St. George KansasUnited States
  10/5/2021St. George KansasUnited States
  12/11/2020St. George KansasUnited States
  2/12/2019St. George KansasUnited States
CTC: Atomic Jiu-Jitsu (Showing 33 of 112 items. Group continues on the next page.)
  5/8/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  10/12/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  9/24/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  2/2/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  7/28/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  7/28/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  5/3/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  8/29/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  3/26/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  11/22/2020BudaTexasUnited States
  4/13/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  4/5/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  1/17/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  3/26/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  5/23/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  10/12/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  7/20/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  5/12/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  5/12/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  10/12/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  1/12/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  7/20/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  12/5/2020BudaTexasUnited States
  12/5/2020BudaTexasUnited States
  11/22/2020BudaTexasUnited States
  3/3/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  8/30/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  3/26/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  2/23/2021BudaTexasUnited States
  5/21/2020BudaTexasUnited States
  4/22/2022BudaTexasUnited States
  5/7/2018BudaTexasUnited States
  11/10/2021BudaTexasUnited States

You can learn a lot from watching videos, but you will need to practice with another person to develop your muscle memory. Indicate your search preferences below and let's see how many motivated training partners we can find in your community!

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