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Before you submit your free Territory Availability Inquiry, please watch Rener's LIVE Business Mastery Webinar in which he goes into great detail on several topics that you will find very helpful:

  • Why the Gracie University system is so effective
  • How Ryron and Rener "Scaled the Unscalable Martial Art"
  • The Territory Reservation Program - How it works
  • The Instructor Certification Program - The Four Phases
  • The Benefits of Establishing a CTC
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Although the "Renergy" is high the entire time, the webinar is over two hours long, so it may be easier to watch in a few sittings.

Once you've completed the webinar, you'll be super motivated, but you'll have at least two questions you'll need answers to: 1) Is your territory available, and 2) What are the monthly fees associated with establishing a CTC?

By submitting the Territory Availability Inquiry, as an individual or as an existing martial arts school, we will have the information we need to confirm that your territory is available. If it is available, you will have the opportunity to reserve the territory for 12 months while you complete the Gracie University Instructor Certification Program (ICP).

Before you submit your Territory Availability Inquiry, please review the existing CTC locations to identify how close the nearest CTC is located to your prospective location.

  • The red pin represents Gracie University Headquarters.
  • The green pins represent official Certified Training Centers.
  • The yellow pins represent reserved territories by prospective CTCs.

Typically we do not open CTCs within five (5) miles of one another (although rare exceptions are made within densely populated areas). If you are located more than five (5) miles from an exisiting CTC, but under ten (10) miles, there is a good chance you will get approved once the CTC Support Team reviews your application.

To verify the availability of your territory, please submit the free Territory Reservation Inquiry. Once it's confirmed that your territory is available, we will send you detailed information regarding the monthly fees associated with establishing a CTC. With this information in hand, you can make sure the Gracie University CTC program is exactly what you’re looking for before you commit to the next steps.

Find CTC by:
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CaliforniaUnited StatesHeadquarters
KansasUnited StatesLevel 4
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 4
HawaiiUnited StatesLevel 4
West Midlands-EnglandUnited KingdomLevel 4
AlbertaCanadaLevel 4
West Yorkshire-EnglandUnited KingdomLevel 4
IllinoisUnited StatesLevel 4
British ColumbiaCanadaLevel 4
WisconsinUnited StatesLevel 4
ColoradoUnited StatesLevel 4
GeorgiaUnited StatesLevel 4
MarylandUnited StatesLevel 4
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 4
MontanaUnited StatesLevel 4
VictoriaAustraliaLevel 4
Western CapeSouth AfricaLevel 4
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 4
North CarolinaUnited StatesLevel 4
IndianaUnited StatesLevel 4
Seoul South KoreaLevel 4
GuatemalaGuatemalaLevel 4
Jeollanam-doSouth KoreaLevel 4
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 4
IllinoisUnited StatesLevel 4
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 4
FloridaUnited StatesLevel 4
South CarolinaUnited StatesLevel 4
KentuckyUnited StatesLevel 4
NorrbottenSwedenLevel 4
MississippiUnited StatesLevel 4
Cheshire-EnglandUnited KingdomLevel 4
WisconsinUnited StatesLevel 4
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 4
VirginiaUnited StatesLevel 4
TexasUnited StatesLevel 4
FloridaUnited StatesLevel 4
KansasUnited StatesLevel 4
MississippiUnited StatesLevel 4
CaliforniaUnited StatesLevel 4

We encourage you to submit the CTC Territory Availability Inquiry if you are interested in confirming the availability of your territory and learning more about the fees associated with establishing a CTC in your community. Once you do, here is what will happen:

  1. Once we review your inquiry and confirm that your territory is available, you will be granted access to a detailed information page with the terms and conditions of becoming a CTC as well as the monthly CTC fees.
  2. Once you’ve reviewed the details, you will have the option to officially reserve your territory for 12 months by pre-paying the Instructor Certification Program (ICP) tuition of $2400 (Updated June 2022).
  3. Upon reserving your territory, you will be granted free online access to the two mandatory curriculums of study, Gracie Combatives and Gracie Bullyproof. Normally, these programs must be purchased separate from the ICP tuition.
  4. Once you're familiar with the programs and have demonstrated extreme proficiency in the Gracie Combatives program by passing the Gracie Combatives video evaluation (additional testing fee will apply) with a score of 95 or higher (Phase 1), we will unlock the 60-day Online Instructor Course (Phase 2).
  5. If you have not already earned a rank of blue belt or higher by a verifiable BJJ school, you must earn your blue belt before being invited to the ICP Live Evaluation. If you are not an active student at a CTC, you may test for your blue belt at a CTC by scheduling a Live Verification Test once you've met the requirements outlined in the Testing Center. As a Gracie Combatives graduate you will need to dedicate a minimum of six months and at least 60-100 hours to Master Cycle BBS1 drilling and sparring in order to take the blue belt test.
  6. After you complete the Online Instructor Course and your rank of blue belt or higher earned or verified, you will be invited to California for Phase 3: The Live Evaluation at Headquarters (or the Zoom Live Evaluation process for International Candidates) and upon successful completion, you will be certified to teach Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and you will be authorized to establish your CTC in the reserved territory (Phase 4). To learn more about the Four Phases of the ICP, click here.