GST Medical & Legal Reviews

It’s vital that law enforcement agencies do their due diligence and thoroughly vet those whom they trust to train their personnel. This is especially true when it comes to defensive tactics and use-of-force training.

We understand maintaining the trust, that communities place in their police agencies, is of utmost importance. Loss of this trust can negatively impact both the agency and community, resulting in a loss of safety for its officers and citizens. Central to this trust, citizens rightfully demand that their agencies’ training ensures that their officers use-of-force is legal and prioritizes safety for both citizens and officers.

Over the years, GST has endeavored to help agencies maintain and augment this sacred trust. Therefore, to ensure that the GST system exceeds best practices as they relate to legal standards, liability, and safety pertaining to law enforcement, we have had the course reviewed by medical professionals and attorneys who attended the actual course.

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