Blue Belt Stripe 3: Chapter 5: Back Mount

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Chapter 5 of the Blue Belt Stripe 3 Course features six lessons which are broken down into three sections: Back Mount Controls, Back Mount Submissions and Back Mount Submission Counters. It is essential that you complete the lessons in the prescribed sequence or else you will have difficulty executing the Rapid Mastery Drills and the Focus Sparring Exercises featured at the end of each lesson. Once you complete all six lessons, it is highly recommended that you start over and cycle through them at least two more times before moving on to the next chapter. To get total access to this chapter and all other Gracie University courses, including bonus Gracie Breakdowns and Narrated Sparring Videos, click here to start your 5-day Free Trial!

Chapter Lessons (6)

Lesson 33: Double Weak Side (Ch5.1: Back Mount Controls)

In this lesson, we will teach you how to prevent the strong side crossover, and, if your opponent succeeds, how to transform the strong side into the weak side to frustrate them beyond measure. “Do...

Lesson 34: Belly Down Back Mount (Ch5.1: Back Mount Controls)

In this lesson, we will delve into the details of some of the most effective yet unorthodox methods of acquiring the position. We will also discuss the essential positional control and submission ...

Lesson 35: No-gi Turtle Chokes (Ch5.2: Back Mount Submissions)

We begin with the anaconda choke and then add the most effective variations of the D’arce and the Peruvian Neck Tie. Learn them so you’ll know what to watch out for next time you’re turtled up!

Lesson 36: The Twister (Ch5.2: Back Mount Submissions)

In this lesson, we will cover the primary setups and the leg lock connections commonly associated with it. Even if you never “twist” anyone, learn the technique so you know when to tap.

Lesson 37: Triple Threat Counters (Ch5.3: Back Mount Submission Counters)

Only someone who masters the triple threat system can effectively defend against it. After many years of practicing the triple threat, it’s time to exploit its weaknesses and neutralize the system....

Lesson 38: Belly Down Escape (Ch5.3: Back Mount Submission Counters)

If trapped in the belly down back mount position, your chances of escape are slim. However, if your opponent makes even the slightest mistake in their control, you might be able to finesse your way...