Course: The Business of Jiu-jitsu

Lead Instructor:  Rener Gracie
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The Gracie Academy went from a single school with 200 students to a global enterprise with 250,000 members in 196 countries. In this course, Rener teaches you exactly how they did it. Whether you're a BJJ school owner who's not getting the results you want, a TMA instructor who wants to add jiu-jitsu to your school's offerings, or a BJJ student who dreams about making a living teaching jiu-jitsu, this course is for you!
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Course Lessons (10)

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Lesson 1: Structured for Success

In 2002, the Gracie Academy went from a single school with 200 students to a global enterprise with over 250,000 members. In this lesson, I'll teach you exactly how we did it!

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Lesson 2: Systematic Scaling

To go global, we had to go digital. Once our programs and administrative processes proved successful at our school in Torrance, we cataloged everything and put it online for the world to access.

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Lesson 3: 125 Million Views

With our proven systems in place at CTCs all over the world, it was time to share it with the world, and no better way to accomplish this than to "translate" MMA for everyday people!

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Lesson 4: Territory Reservation Program

For the first time ever, you can reserve a territory for up to 12 months before you begin the learning process. This will ensure your territory is safe while you invest the time and energy to get certified.

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Lesson 5: The Instructor Certification Program

Once you reserve a territory, you’ll have 12 months to complete Gracie Combatives and qualify for the Instructor Certification Program. It’s going to take real dedication, but based on the success of over five hundred instructors that have come through before you, it’s totally possible.

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Lesson 6: The Business Mastery Course

The Business Mastery Course brings together over 100 of the most successful CTC owners from all over the world to discuss all aspects of owning and operating a martial arts business.

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Lesson 7: 10 Times the Value

CTCs are not "affiliate schools," they are extensions of the Gracie Family. We proudly offer several unique benefits exclusively to CTCs, many of which have never existed in the martial arts industry.

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Lesson 8: CTC Fees and a Phone Call

The cost for the Instructor Certification Program (ICP) is $1600 per person. This covers Gracie Combatives and Gracie Bullyproof online course access, the Online Instructor Course, and the Live Evaluation at Headquarters.

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Lesson 9: Your Questions Answered

In this lesson, I answer the top six questions of all time, and then I answer questions from the live viewers. Once you verify that your territory is available (by submitting the free inquiry), you’ll have a chance to get on a call with a GU team member and they can answer any additional questions you might have.

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Lesson 10: Action Over Everything

The difference between the hundreds of successful CTC owners around the world and everyone else is that they took action. If your dream is to run a successful and scalable jiu-jitsu business, nothing will happen by itself, you must take action.

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Course Goals

  1. Learn how to make a living teaching jiu-jitsu.
  2. Learn how to spend the rest of your life empowering people.
  3. Learn how to reserve your territory.

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Lead Instructor

Rener Gracie

Gracie University Chief Instructor

Ryron and Rener Gracie are the eldest grandsons of Grand Master Helio Gracie, the creator of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Their father is Rorion Gracie, one of the world’s foremost experts in self-defense. In 1993, Rorion created the Ultimate Fighting Championship to showcase the supremacy of the family’s self-defense system in a realistic “no holds barred” confrontation against all comers. Rorion’s younger brother, Royce, won 3 of the first 4 UFC tournaments proving that the leverage-based techniques of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu provided the most reliable way to defeat a larger, more athletic opponent. Ryron and Rener were born into this family tradition of testing the art against all challengers.

Rorion introduced his sons to the art as soon as they could walk. As children, they watched him teach private classes in their garage in Southern California. But, it wasn’t until they observed their father and uncles – Royce, Rickson, and Royler – easily winning challenge matches that they began to comprehend fully the effectiveness of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Even more important, Ryron and Rener recognized the profound impact the family’s art had on all who studied it. The life changing transformations of Gracie University students motivated the brothers to teach the art. While constantly perfecting their physical techniques, they worked equally hard to master the powerfully effective instruction methods developed by their forbearers. In 2003, Grand Master Helio Gracie awarded Ryron and Rener black belts in recognition of their mastery of his unique techniques and teaching methodologies.