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CTC Family Membership   

There are Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Centers (CTCs) on six different continents, and with new schools joining the family every year, world-class jiu-jitsu instruction has never been so widely accessible. In our quest to provide our students with the most complete learning experience, we offer all active CTC students (aka “CTC Family Members”) certain privileges not available through any other jiu-jitsu schools/organizations.

Free Gracie University Access
Upon enrolling at any Certified Training Center, you will receive a free subscription to You will have unlimited access to the online video course that mirrors the live training program you are participating in. With this subscription, you can log in to your Gracie University account from anywhere in the world to learn new techniques or to brush up on previously learned techniques from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! In addition to free access to your specific curriculum of study, you will also receive 25% off any of the new subscription programs. To get access to the new Gracie-Narrated Sparring Videos and the Bonus Gracie Breakdowns libraries (new videos added every week!), simply select the subscription program that best suits you, and as an active CTC Family Member, you'll automatically get 25% off when you sign up! Click here to learn more about the new subscription programs.

Free Satellite CTC Training Privileges
As a CTC Family Member you are authorized to drop-in and train at any Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Centers, including headquarters, free of charge. With established CTCs all over the world, training doesn’t have to stop when you leave your hometown. Anytime you need to travel for business or pleasure, simply log on and check to see if there are any accredited schools in your destination city. If so, simply give them a call and let them know when you will be stopping by.  When you arrive, they will verify your identity and they log on to Gracie University to double check that you are an active CTC Family Member, and once that’s done, you’ll be allowed to jump into any class free of charge. The best part is that since the curriculum is the same at all Certified Training Centers, anytime you complete a class at a satellite school, you will receive attendance credit for that class on your attendance card back home! (Please note that there is a limit of 30 days of free training per CTC, per year)

The bottom line is, we have created a learning experience that is comparable to that of any institution of higher learning, where the student can take control of his/her progress with a combination of live training, remote learning, and online study. In our continuous effort to refine this learning experience, we welcome all comments, questions, and feedback.  Here are some of the most common questions we’ve received so far:

What if I am a student at a CTC and my name doesn’t appear on the CTC Family Members list?
The CTC Family Membership lists are managed by the head instructors at each CTC. If you’re an active student, but your name is not listed under your CTC, speak to your instructor about adding your name to the list and unlocking these special privileges to you.

Am I allowed to share my Gracie University online access with other people?
No. If you are granted free access to the Gracie University curriculum as a CTC Family Member, the subscription is not to be shared with anyone else. There are systems in place to help us identify any suspicious activity from Gracie University accounts. If we notice that the same user profile is being logged into from multiple IP addresses simultaneously, the account will be flagged and is at risk of being terminated.

When I’m traveling, what’s the procedure I should follow if I want to visit a CTC?
Call or email the CTC in advance and to let them know you are coming. Bring a gi and a valid government issued photo ID when you check in. Let them know you are a CTC Family Member and the primary CTC at which you train. They’ll verify your CTC Family Membership status online, and once that’s clear, you’re good to go!

What is the best way to take advantage of my free online curriculum access?
Since the online curriculum mirrors exactly what is at all CTCs, and vice versa, it is any invaluable tool for any student who wants to progress more rapidly. From what we’ve gathered, the online viewing method used with the greatest success is the “sandwich method.” Let’s say you’re going to be learning the Triangle Choke on Tuesday night at the CTC. Sometime during the day on Tuesday, you would watch the Triangle Choke lesson online so you could familiarize yourself with most of the details before you get to practice the technique with a partner in classroom setting. The day after the class, you would re-watch the lesson online once again, only this time you would focus on internalizing details that you missed during the live class. From what we’ve seen, students who leverage their Gracie University access this way retain the information two or three times more effectively than those who just goes to class and don’t take advantage of the online lessons.

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