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New Interactive Lesson Player Features   
  Thank you for exploring the new Interactive Lesson Player!  

In our ongoing efforts to give our students the most powerful online learning experience available, we continually strive to add valuable features and capabilities to the site. The Interactive Lesson Player is one of the core components to the user experience within the University. Up to this point the Player has been based on Flash Technology which allowed for a unified interface and strong interactive tools but became limited when some mobile device manufacturers stopped supporting Flash. The new player is a major overhaul that we believe will give the in-depth learning experience our students expect while utilizing a more universally accessible online technology.

The following are some of the new features to take note of:

  1. Start Where You Left Off: after you watch a lesson for more than 10 seconds, the next time you return to that lesson you'll be prompted to choose whether to start where you left off or back at the beginning.

  2. Video Window: the video player now has its own hover controls where it can be individually expanded, have the bandwidth increased or decreased, and other integrated features.

  3. Drills Feature Tab: now you can pop up a Silent Demo without having to try to find it on the timeline.

  4. Slides Feature Tab: you can now jump directly to a particular slide. Please note that the slides for the existing lessons still use Flash and won't play on some mobile devices. Future lessons will be fully compatible. In addition, the slide names for current lessons default to non-descriptive titles in the list but future lessons will utilize the full descriptive slide title.

  5. Chat Rooms: The chat system is completely brand new. Please note that in this beta version the chat is not fully functional. Within the chat you can now choose between rooms at different levels - lesson, course, or university. This allows you to participate in a chat with a narrower or broader group of fellow students.

  6. Timeline Scrubber: you can click anywhere on the timeline to jump directly to that time.

  7. Chapter Back/Forward Buttons: these are more consistent than the old version in jumping you back and forward through the segments of the lesson.

  8. 30 Second Back / 30 Second Forward Buttons: you can now jump back or forward in 30 second intervals for quick review of any essential details.

  9. Bookmarks / History Button: you can easily set bookmarks and jump to existing ones. The history will display all past viewings of more than 2 minutes (note: it takes 24 hours for history listings to appear).

  10. Notes Button: you can now take notes and manage your progress from within the lesson interface.

  11. Full Screen Button (only in non-Internet Explorer browsers): use this to expand the video to full screen. In Internet Explorer you can still expand to full screen but in this case it needs to be done from the video hover tools.

  12. Help Button (still being populated): a quick jump to dynamic help listings by category.

  13. Video Formats and Resolution: All of the videos now are dynamically converted into multiple desktop and mobile formats and will automatically try to deliver the optimal version for your network and system. Going forward all of the videos will have a higher resolution version than they’ve had in the past.

Many of the new features were suggested by you, the students, and we thank you for helping us improve the system.

Enjoy the new player and be sure to let us know what you think.

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