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Gracie Philosophy   

Gi or No-gi?
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Q. We train almost 100% with gi which I think is a big mistake. When sparring I generally refuse to play the gi game against my partner as I think that will serve me better if and when I encounter a street situation. Furthermore training with the gi slows the game down to a snails pace and I do not think this progresses the advancement of technique or movement. So often a five minute rolling session is comprised of two guys fighting for gi control. I can't see how this would serve a purpose in the evolution of self improvement for either person. I think that far too many schools are philosophically slanted toward the sport of the art rather than the original purpose of it which of course defnding yourself in a potential life or death situation on the street.
A. Understand the benefits of each and train according to your needs.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. Doesn't training with a gi reinforce the ritual and tradition that is a part of Ju- Jitsu? I generally feel more motivated to train with a gi.
A. You can train no-gi techniques while wearing a gi. We wear gi's in Gracie Combatives classes at the Headquarters and CTCS even though none of the techniques uses the gi.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. Why not train in hoodies and jackets? At least in addition. The gi is washable and tough but it always opens up even when a sweatshirt or coat wouldn't and the belt falling off is annoying and doesn't simulate anything we wear.
A. Hoodies and jackets are much hotter, and jackets are more difficult to clean. Many people wear belts with their street attire.
Q. I am in law enforcement and feel as if sometimes uniform items could be used in the same way as a gi against me. For that reason I feel that the best training, for me, is often me in a gi and bad guy no gi. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something that would make me want to have each of us either with or without gi.
A. Perfect!
Q. is the blue gi available from Gracie Academy?
A. Nope, only white!
Q. Is it okay that the only gi's I have are from a different school and say "gracie barra" all over them?
PJ Matlock
A. No problem.
Q. Should I aim to train 50/50 gi/no-gi or some other proportion?
A. That's a good ratio. Here at the Academy, and at our CTC's, the Master Cycles students generally train around 70% gi, and 30% no-gi.
Q. diverse experience makes the learning process much more challeging, gi, no gi, doesnt really matter, if you go back to first principles and learn to learn aspects of the art that bring you out of your comfort zone.
A. Yep.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. Thanks for posting this. Too many people argue about which is better gi or nogi when both styles are very useful and make your jiu-jitsu better. Train both!
A. For sure.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. The school I train at is 90% of the time No-Gi. Would I have trouble adjusting to the gi if I go into a school where a Gi is required?
A. Not after you learned to protect your neck from lapel chokes.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. The last few minutes of this video was perfect. Thanks
A. You're welcome!
Gracie Academy 1
Q. I'm a 2nd degree black belt in Karate. I also own a school. Any martial artist who is high enough in any form should realize that no matter how much you know, there is always room for more and there is always someone bigger or better. Martial arts is a co
A. Agreed.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. I just got into an argument with a karate black belt about which martial art is the most effective, ignoring the possibility of one knowing more than one martial art. I pointed to Helio Gracie and the early UFCs to argue for BJJ, but he said real karate g
A. 1) The better question is which is more effective against a larger, stronger, more athletic attacker. GJJ is the only martial art that consistently enables the smaller, weaker person to survive an attack when physically outmatched by the aggressor. 2) We have many, many karate black belts who practice GJJ who will support your argument. 3) UFC. 4) The most successful "karate" guys in the ring today are ALSO GJJ black belts. 5) Challenge match. :)
Gracie Academy 1
Q. Would a blue-belt exam video with no-gi ever be accepted? I know Rashad Evans has a black belt from Rolles with no-gi.
A. We have many students who shoot their Blue Belt test videos with no gi.
Q. Do u guys have any gracie garages in laredo texas?
A. Check the "students and schools" tab at the top of the page. All CTCs and GGs are listed.
Gracie Academy 1
Q. I like your points on this subject. As a martial artist, I really appreciate the fact that you guys talked about this. I think people don't think about the pros and cons of training with gi and with out it. Thank you!
A. You're welcome, that why we're here!
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